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Custom Cabinet Design Trends for Kitchen and Bath Renovations in 2023

In 2023 design trends have shifted into earthy tones, looking to add a warm feeling into your home with special touch of the things you like by using handmade wooden furniture and neutral color palettes. The key to a complete kitchen or bath remodel that will fulfill your needs and wants is The Luna Village Cabinetry. MCC is the exclusive distributor of The Luna Village Cabinetry. Offering Kitchen cabinets, vanities and storage solutions, an important part of the interior decor selection of your home. 

Being able to use the handcrafted custom cabinetry from The Luna Village is one of the advantages of being a homeowner, because you are able to add a touch of your personality to the remodeling of your home by selecting design and materials that you like as you will do with the decor of your interiors. MCC Kitchen, Bath and Closet Renovations, Minneapolis Contractors Choice can solve issues with any unused space in your home while adding value to your home by using The Luna Village Cabinets; providing you all the special things you need for your daily routine. Do you have special diet and follow recipes and need space for your cookbooks? Are you aiming to eat healthy this year? Having the right tools to accomplish your goals is step number one and we will help you to keep all those tools organized!

Homeowners planing a kitchen renovation should think about all their goals; each space of your kitchen count. Think in all the small appliances in need of real state. Do you have a dessert maker for healthier treats?  Do you want to cook with oil or the air fryer? What about the speedy soup machine?  Maybe, if you are experimenting with vegan cuisine, do you need a wok?  There are many tools to help you have fun and follow your diet and The Luna Village Cabinetry can create space for each of your cooking equipment tools.  

MCC Kitchen, Bath and Closet Renovation, Minneapolis Contractors Choice will create a design using all the different products available with The Luna Village Cabinetry, because we know the importance of a functional kitchen. The Luna Village Cabinetry do not focus only on the looks of your kitchen cabinets and or the looks of the other cabinetry in your home. The Luna Village Cabinetry gives importance to function just as much as it gives to beauty.  Having a beautiful kitchen, bath, closet or laundry space that doesn't meet the needs of your family is not an smart investment. Functionality should be a priority in any remodeling. Invest in customized storage solutions for your kitchen cabinets and in general for all the cabinetry in your home. We know how important is for you the look of your kitchen cabinetry, therefore we have many choices available for you to choose the door panel, color and style of your dreams.

Organization is one of the most important things to consider when you have your complimentary remodeling in house consultation with us. Let our team member know how much space you need for your spices, Do you need shelves for your cookbooks?  Do you want a dedicated space for your special coffee machine or your ultimate matcha tea set? The best thing about having a fully custom kitchen is to be able to organize your kitchen according to your needs and wants; making the best use of the space. Custom organization is essential for a fully functional kitchen.  Smart storage solutions for additional work space and to create room for your daily routines.

Some organization ideas for your kitchen cabinets:

Cabinet color's trend in 2023 are greens, charcoal gray and  blues; these colors are competing with off white cabinets; giving the kitchen a more modern look and kind of a retro feel. Keep in mind that natural color kitchen cabinets and vanities are more versatile and forever in style!

Black cabinets are trendy. However, most of our customers prefer to have off white kitchen cabinets or natural cabinetry colors as they feel it is a safer choice to stay with colors that will not be so dominant when the trend change. 

Planning to Remodel Your Basement?

One area in your home that can offer you unlimited possibilities and outcomes and increase the value of your property is remodeling or renovating your basement. Besides the increase in the value of the property, remodeling your basement will add new functionality to your home; more bedrooms, efficient storage, another kitchen, kitchenette or coffee bar and in general more space for entertaining. 

Proper planning is essential when remodeling your basement.  Check all beams, columns, to make sure you have the support you need for your new construction, framing walls, installing insulation, hanging drywall, plumbing and wiring electrical. Hiring the professional per each trade is essential for the success of your project. MCC has a network of subcontractors that can help you with any roofing, plumbing, electrical, framing, insulation, HVAC and any other remodeling or construction needs. 

Are you in need of another kitchen, or maybe add a bedroom, bathroom, movie room  or coffee bar to you home?  The basement can be a perfect space for any of them or all of them. 

Evaluate Your Space. The first step you need to do when you want to remodel your basement is to check and evaluate your space. Think about the elements that you want in your basement, and assess how you or others would like to use this space.

If you want to get the most of the space in your basement, it is best to contact your designer, architect or contractor to help you maximize the area that you have.

It is essential to let your contractor look over these areas to ensure that your basement is safe for remodeling, or if not, they can help you repair it. Choose a contractor that values safety and never work without proper permits. Getting permits from the city where your home is located will secure that the contractors working at your home are building with safety standards and the job is up t0 code.

Floor Plan. Creating a floor plan for your new remodeling project should be a priority after you and the professionals that you are working with have inspected your basement.

Waterproofing Your Basement. The basement is known for being damp and prone to molds. Therefore, it is expected when remodeling your basement that you will have to do some waterproofing job, since ventilation and natural light can't get quickly into these areas. A good contractor will suggest that you waterproof your basement. But before you can start to waterproof your basement, if you had any issues with water, mold or humidity in your basement start by locating the cause of why your basement floods or why has mold or is humid. The problem will be self-evident if your basement floods after heavy rain. Then you should direct the water away from your basement with the help of gutters. Another way is to ensure the drainage system is working correctly and doesn't have any issues.

Once you have determined the factors and fixed them, you can waterproof your basement. When you waterproof your basement, make sure you hit the cracks and holes inside and outside the walls and put enough waterproof substance so that the pores on the floor and walls can thoroughly absorb it. You are securing your basement from water problems in the future. 

Budget. Determine the cost of the materials and labor you will spend on your basement remodeling project. Notify your contractor about how much budget you allotted for that project before starting your basement remodeling and ask for adjustments of expenses.

MCC, provides free consultation and estimates before proceeding with your remodeling project. 

Lighting. Your basement is not an exception to getting the proper lighting it deserves. When you can achieve that right amount of light for your basement, it can accentuate your interiors' beautiful features and make any room livelier and happier instantly.

Typically, basements do not get sufficient sunlight, but they don't always have to be dark and dreary. Adding windows to a basement is important to have abundance of natural light. Installing an egress window can help provide your basement with natural light; and it can also serve as an exit door in case of emergencies. The best light to install for your basement is recessed lighting, achieving that ambient vibe and designed to spread light throughout the entire space.

Ventilation. Proper ventilation of your basement prevents molds from growing and saves you from any respiratory issues. When you properly ventilate your basement, it gives you better air quality and comfort. The economic and best solution for ventilating your basement is with portable ventilation- this is your answer if your basement doesn't have any windows. Portable ventilation, all you need to do is place an air purifier in your basement. An air purifier works by drawing air into the unit and moving it through a series of filters. These layers trap various microscopic particles, including mold and mildew spores, allergens, bacteria, and dust. After the air purifier has purified the air of contaminants, it then pushes the clean air back into your basement. This method keeps the air moving through space.

Now that you know what to consider when remodeling your basement, finding

the perfect contractor is your next step. MCC- Minneapolis Contractors Choice can help you with your basement remodeling needs!

We have partnered with top-of-the-line manufacturers who provide materials that fit your budget and lifestyle. We will make sure that your project fits your budget and achieves the ideal purpose of your remodeling.

We  offer free design consultations and free estimates. 

Schedule a time to meet with us. We'll be waiting to help you with all of your design needs.  Call 952-564-9118. 

Bathroom Vanity Trends for 2022

The master bathroom has become a sanctuary as homeowner's use it as a personal space where they can relax and grab a moment for themselves.

If you’re thinking of a great remodeling project for your bathrooms, then having a bathroom vanity

can make a big difference, both in decor and functionality.

Bathroom vanities provide the added benefit of making the upkeep of your

vanity and entire bathroom space much easier. With the extra storage and free

space, and more importantly, less clutter to pick up after regularly, This can

make caring for your bathroom less stressful and accommodate busy lifestyles.

What benefit do we get if we choose to have a customized bathroom vanity? One

benefit that a custom bathroom vanity can achieve is added space, and it can be

done in a variety of ways. For instance, this accessory can be customized with

extra cabinets for storage purposes to keep your space clean. It can also be

installed just above the bathroom floor, providing extra space underneath for

storage or simply making your space feel more open. This is especially

appealing for homeowners with less space to work with or for those who have

bathrooms with a more constrained layout. MCC-Minnesota Contractors

Choice has years of experience in providing our clients with affordable and

luxurious vanities that fit their bathrooms.

Here is the bathroom vanity design that is on trend today:

1. Vanities in white, ebony, and gray

These are the most popular colors for 2022. They can go with virtually all

bathroom styles and colors as they are neutral. One color that will make the

space appear larger is white, which is an important consideration if your space

is limited. The white color will stand the test of time and can also be repainted

in the next few years for a change of style. Gray and ebony are also stylish,

especially with gold hardware and proper lighting, and mirrors that work

harmoniously will make a big difference in your bathroom.

2. Vessel Sinks

These types of bathroom vanities have been popular for several years up until

now. They can give your bathroom a unique look. It’s exciting to have this kind

of vanity for powder rooms and full-size bathrooms because it can achieve a

sleek and luxurious look and make it the focal point of your bathroom.

3. Floating Vanities

Floating vanities have become very popular in restaurants and are now starting

to be used in our homes. One of the benefits of floating vanities is that their

height can be adjusted, giving you more open space, which is especially useful if

you have a small bathroom.These can look very stylish and like a piece of

artwork for your bathroom.

4. Minimalism

Minimalist vanities are a growing vanity design that is a great choice for

homeowners that like the "less is more" theme. This theme emphasizes its

benefit as a storage vanity for your everyday uses, especially in the bathroom,

where there is a small space. It keeps the area decluttered and neat.

5. Open Shelving

This kind of style has been a growing trend for years and is continuously

becoming bigger this year. Open shelving embodies a spa-like and luxurious

atmosphere while also being friendly and inviting.It makes the space look larger.

Custom open shelving is perfect for both large and small spaces as well as


Ready for your bathroom renovation projects? Contact the experts. You can

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Kitchen Design Ideas 2022

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022

Silver Gray Greens. Earthy, gray greens with a silvery tone are among the most

popular kitchen cabinet color choices for 2022. These silvery gray-green tones

have climbed to the top for brand after brand as paint manufacturers chose

their colors of the year, establishing this hue as one of the top kitchen cabinet

color trends we'll see this year.  It's easy to see why: heavier shades of this color

may help anchor a kitchen, while lighter tones can make it feel airy and light.

Timeless Black & White Kitchen Cabinetry

Black and white are great competitors for kitchen cabinet trends in 2022 that will never go out of style. 

The all-white kitchen style has been around for a while, but it's one of those cabinet color fads that will last.

Because white is such a bright, clean color, it gives the kitchen a feeling of airiness and brightness. Better still, white is an effortless color to complement, and it will go well with whatever other color you choose to use in your kitchen. As a result, white kitchen cabinets become a blank canvas for practically any color scheme, but they also allow you to switch up the colors at any time. 

Black is a popular trendy kitchen cabinet color for a more minimalist and futuristic design. Black cabinets give the room depth and weight, and they may even make mismatched cabinets appear more deliberate and coherent. Black may also assist ground tones that are too exuberant on their own by lending a seriousness to brighter hues. Use both black and white to create a timeless kitchen color scheme for a particularly traditional and strong effect. Black and white two-toned cabinets may be extremely stunning.

Periwinkle Blues. 

Periwinkle blue is a brilliant, grayish blue with a tinge of

purple undertone that has become a hot new color trend in walls, furnishing and kitchen cabinets.

Lavender might be difficult to incorporate into a design scheme, but periwinkle blue provides the same freshness in a tone that is a bit more adaptable. It may be a terrific way to revitalize and brighten a dreary area of your home by bringing a sense of relaxed vitality to the area. Periwinkle paint on walls or kitchen cabinets goes well with neutral tones, adding joy to an otherwise all-white kitchen or a dynamic sense of warmth to a kitchen or living-room with a gray color foundation.

Custom closet, walk-in-closet, reach-in-custom closet, wardrobe system, storage solutions.

Closet and Storage Trends for 2022

Firstly let’s talk about the different styles of closets that you can create for your home. We listed some designs and ideas that are surely in trend this 2022:

Walk-In-Closet. Starting off the list with the best option for those with the most storage space for shoes, clothes, accessories, and other belongings. A walk-in closet is a room that distinguishes itself from different types of cabinets, but it doesn't mean that it should be as big as your room is. Its size can range from square feet, has special lighting, and is a separate changing room. Advanced pull-out mechanisms are included in modernized walk-in closets. Belt carousels, pant pull-outs, and more are included! Because it's such ample space, the center of the room typically features seats where you may wear your shoes and socks and a small selection of bags. Most walk-in closet owners will also install a specialized HVAC system in the area to control the humidity and temperature of the room, as it is a premium type of closet.

Reach-In. If having a walk-in closet is a pipe dream because you don't have a separate space for your clothes, then a reach-in closet is the way to go. This is a smaller version of a walk-in closet in which you dedicate a small section of your bedroom to storing your clothes, accessories, and shoes. Reach-in closets are the most common style of closet seen in most homes since they provide plenty of storage space. They have a set of shelves, hanger bars, and bottom drawers, and they usually include a door that allows you to reach in and get your clothing, hence the name. These closets are excellent for using vertical and horizontal space in your bedroom. You can utilize the drawers to store various goods, including jewelry and lingerie, like in a walk-in closet. While they may not have fancy pull-out mechanics, you may still add some backlighting to the closest to offer a touch of elegance.

Wardrobe. Your room might not have enough space to accommodate a closet. In that situation, you may wish to choose a wardrobe-styled cabinet. A wardrobe's internal design varies widely. Some may feature hanging bars and drawers, while others may have many shelves that run the length of one side. Some contemporary wardrobes are now designed to contain gadgets rather than clothing. They do, however, share the same notion of two big doors that swing out anytime you want to open the closet. Because these aren't built into the house, they're typically purchased from a furniture store. The most excellent part about having a wardrobe is moving it about the room to suit your home's decor, saving space, and cleaning around it.

Italian Closet. If you want to experiment with unusual and elegant concepts in your home, an Italian closet is good. Italian closets are not a specific sort of closet but rather a form of tailor-made closet that fits well in your room. Like the preceding closets, they are primarily used to store clothes, accessories, shoes, and luggage. The Italian style closet is distinct in that it may mix parts of reach-in and wardrobe style closets to create a one-of-a-kind closet for your bedroom. This involves adding as many shelves, drawers, hanging bars, and other storage compartments as you require, depending on the number of clothing items you have.

Armoire Cabinet. Because armoires and wardrobes are so similar, some people use the two phrases interchangeably. However, there are some minor changes in the construction and intended function of the two cabinets. While both can be described as tall rectangular storage cabinets with numerous shelves, armoires are more commonly utilized for cosmetic purposes than serious storage. One of the most noticeable distinctions is that armoires is frequently mirrored. An armoire, like a wardrobe, can feature a long bar to hang garments and dresses on. It's an excellent solution for someone running out of storage space and who wants some extra space.

As you can see, closets are more than just a location to store your belongings; they're also a fantastic way to make the most of the available space in the house while keeping the rooms well-organized and leaving plenty of space!

Now that you have a diverse idea of what closets you can put in your room. Let’s talk about the different kinds of storages that you can design to store the different items that you have for your home:

Style-Forward Storage. Style-forward storage shifts standard storage into stylish storage while simultaneously serving its purpose as a place where you store your stocks or items. These storages can be located behind doors that most house entryways have. They can be transformed into fashionable and appropriate to your preferences, like colors and design. The upper part of the storage will be your place for items with design baskets. On the lower part of the storage, you can have a little nook where you can sit, designing it with pillows and decorative materials like plants.

Outdoor Inspiration. Biophilia is a prominent trend for 2022, and this renewed emphasis on nature is also beginning to affect storage and organization. Colors and materials drawn from nature will be in great demand throughout the home as people seek out nature's calming characteristics. Neutrals and woodsy tones, such as creams, beiges, blues, and greens, are expected to be some of the most popular colors for organizing goods this year. Similarly, baskets made of natural materials and organizers made of wood or bamboo will outnumber those made of synthetic materials.

Entertaining-Ready Organization. As many of us holed down at home in 2020 and 2021, most of our organizing efforts concentrated on private spaces like home offices and bedrooms. As we begin to open our homes to guests, priorities will move toward areas used for entertaining and daily necessities. In addition to living and dining rooms, Kitchens will receive some extra attention this year. Because an entire family heavily uses this room and there is always movement of tools, food, and gadgetry, it is a high-focus place in almost every home. Adding storage to these areas will help you to reach your items used for entertainment. 

Easy- Access Storage. Storage and organizing solutions must keep up with our hectic schedules, which means that ease of access is essential. This movement is all about add-ons that make our existing environments work harder than against us. In the kitchen, people are adding soda can storage units to their refrigerators, stacking rack organizers for spices in the pantry, parts that slide in and out under the sink to hold cleaning supplies, and pot and pan organizing racks.  Clear containers will be a top organizing trend in 2022 because they create a simplified look and make it easy to find what you're searching for.

What's the Best Material for Closets and Storage?

After choosing the design for your closet and storages, choose the best material that will suit your home and lifestyle. You may feel overwhelmed with many choices, such as the designs and finishes. It is crucial to be thoroughly thought out before the installation process can begin. Here are the trend materials that most contractors and homeowners that are using because of their benefits:

Solid Wood. By far, the most frequent material used for closets and storages is wood. It is a non-hazardous, renewable resource. The surface can then be stained, varnished, or painted in the color of your choice. Wood comes in a variety of grains, colors, and textures. Natural variety within the material adds to its unique attractiveness. It easily adapts to both traditional and modern design styles. It is not difficult to clean glossy wood. Commercial cleaners and other highly acidic solutions should be avoided.

Laminates. Laminates are frequently preferred because solid wood is prone to deterioration and infestation. Laminates are thin sheets sandwiched together consisting of layers of plastic resin, paper with a printed coating of various patterns or designs, and an overlay of a durable plastic film. These compacted sheets are both long-lasting and inexpensive. With laminates, you may get the look of practically any material, such as wood, metal, or leather, because the printed layer is on a paper base. Its skin does not quickly wear off, scratch, or fade, and it does not require frequent polishing. Because laminates are coated with a thin transparent plastic layer, they are pretty resistant to moisture, and cleaning their surface is considerably more manageable.

Veneers. Veneers, like laminates, are slices or sheets of solid wood that are placed over a composite substrate. After that, the sheets are dyed and polished to produce the appropriate color and texture. Veneers faithfully replicate the glossy textures and natural beauty of wood. Wood veneers are more sustainable and cost-effective than solid wood since only thin slices of solid wood are utilized to cover substantial surface areas. Veneers can soften the appearance of closets. Veneers can be finished in matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finishes.

PVC. Poly-vinyl chloride sheets are composite plastic sheets with durable surfaces. As a result, they can be mounted without using a substrate. This cabinet material is low-cost and straightforward to install. PVC sheets are typically sold in lighter colors. Some manufacturers also provide imitation wood textures and moldings. This material is termite-resistant, anticorrosive, and simple to maintain. PVC sheets, like laminates, are simple to obtain and replace. Compared to laminates and wood-based products, PVC is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

When you replace your closets and storages or build a new one, you're investing in your home, so choosing the best possible closet or storage materials makes sense. For this reason, it's best to seek professional help coming from MCC. We provide free consultations with quotations. MCC will provide all the materials and services you need within a reasonable timeframe.

Types of Sink for 2022

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink. A farmhouse-style kitchen sink is a type of sink that is both utilitarian and visually beautiful. It has two huge basins and provides a lot of storage space in your kitchen. A farmhouse sink, unlike conventional sinks, will

never run out of room for dishware or silverware. You may have one with two

distinct bowls or one huge bowl divided in half that is self-rimming or


Glass Undermount Kitchen Sink. A glass under-mount kitchen sink adds a

contemporary touch to otherwise conventional space. A glass under-mount

kitchen sink looks sleek and unusual when matched with a ceramic countertop

without distracting from other aspects of your kitchen. Despite its

contemporary appearance, a glass under-mount kitchen sink is reasonably easy

to clean and gives all the benefits that any other form of metal or ceramic sink

does. It's no surprise that they're one of today's top home design ideas.

Above Counter Bathroom Sink. An above-counter bathroom sink is installed on top of an

existing counter. This means you may have a smaller storage area beneath while

still having a complete sink with flowing water. To have an over the counter

bathroom sink, the bathroom will most likely need to be remodeled, but it's worth

it if you want to free up more space in your bathroom! Above-counter bathroom

sinks are becoming increasingly popular among today's homes.

Drop IN/DOWN Sink. These are most commonly seen in big kitchens, such as

in restaurants. They're called drop-in sinks because they fit into a pre-cut hole.

If you're hosting a large gathering, you can easily install one of these sinks on

top of your counters to make more room for guests.

These sinks have several drawbacks, such as difficulty emptying dirty dishes,

but they look lovely and are extremely useful.

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Lightings Set-up 2022

Eco- Friendly Lighting. Eco-friendly, green, sustainable, whatever term you

choose to describe bettering the environment, it's a trend that no industry can

avoid. You should not only select energy-efficient lights, but you should also

consider fixtures manufactured from natural resources such as wood and

bamboo. This tendency may be seen in the design of your fixtures as well. Lamp

designs with natural leaf patterns, as well as enormous wood texture

chandeliers, are popular.

Minimalism and simplicity. Sensible use of space combined with a clean and

minimalist design is functional and pleasing to the eye. This long-standing

trend not only helps to eliminate extraneous features in your lighting system

but it can also be accomplished on a budget without losing appearance. Stick to

primary colors to produce a minimalist style that supports an ultra-modern

finish, such as black, white, and gray. Combine this with basic, symmetrically

designed fixtures, and repeat this across your decor for uniformity.

Finishes in black and brass. Brass is a popular finish in many parts of interior

design, including kitchen appliances, home décor, dressing tables, and, of

course, lighting fixtures. Brass is a terrific way to add a sense of luxury to your

house while complementing an Empire or Scandinavian aesthetic. When used

with black for contrast, you'll add a touch of comfort and warmth to your area.

Lighting fixtures in black and brass are a terrific alternative to silver and gold,

letting your home stand out as a fashionable, on-trend area.

Smart Lighting Technology. You can customize how your area appears, feels,

and works with lighting by using smart lighting technologies. Consider the

Lutron Homeworks system. This system may be installed to allow you complete

control over your lights, blinds, and house speakers using only your voice,

smartphone, and wall-mounted keypads. Intelligent lighting technology has so

much more to offer, and with the convenience it provides to homes all over the

world, it's a trend that's here to stay. We believe it will only grow in popularity.

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Top Color of Walls & Tiles 2022

Classy-Plain Looking Tiles. Plain-looking tiles are the most adaptable and best

choice for your flooring for a highly minimalist decor. This traditional tile is

excellent for broad area flooring solutions that allow you to customize your

house while making it appear larger. It emanates elegance like no other while

creating a bright and clean ambiance in your space.

Wooden Finish. Wood-look tiles are among the most popular selections since

they are modest but may offer much aesthetic value to your home. You may give

your area an attractive design that is homier and more organic in appearance.

It's also ideal for a nature-inspired décor scheme in your house. These

wood-look tiles will provide a traditional touch to your decor.

Earth-toned Neutrals. For a long time, earth tones have been the new neutral

hue. That's because they're adaptable enough to transition from last year's

oatmeal-colored trend to something warm and inviting in peachy hues and

comfortable neutrals. The 70s-inspired style is still pushing significant design

improvements, with these sun-kissed desert colors at the forefront.

Warm Neutral. Neutral white, ivory and beige are classic living room colors that

blend seamlessly with more dramatic shades in adjacent rooms, allow for easy

furniture changes, and highlight your favorite fabrics and textures, whether

you're using the room for cocktails before dinner or a semester of hybrid

learning. Living rooms are increasingly the focal points of our houses, serving as

offices, schools, art areas, and meeting places for family and friends during the

last two years. People have always gravitated toward neutrals because they are,

almost by definition, ageless. Warm whites and beige make a neutral backdrop

that is also comforting.

Whatever inspires you, let it guide you to create an interior that is bold and one

of a kind to you. This year is all about establishing an atmosphere that you want

to live in. The beauty of it all is that there is no right or wrong method to build

the design of your dreams. Remember to draw inspiration from various walks of

life and to be daring while creating a bold, vibrant atmosphere in your house!

MCC is here to help you every step of the way by providing fascinating and

fashionable items to inspire you. We are enthusiastic about assisting you in

creating a space that is bold and one-of-a-kind to you!

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles

What is LVT ( Luxury Vinyl Tiles)?

If resilience, durability, and water-resistance are important factors in your flooring decision, you might be considering vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring has been around for more than 100 years, and one of the most popular options available in the market today is Luxury Vinyl Tiles. An LVT floor may be made to seem like genuine wood or stone, and any pattern can be put on it, but it also has a number of functional advantages. It comes in the form of tiles or planks. Luxury vinyl flooring is still a relatively new product in the flooring industry, but it is one of the fastest-growing flooring options. It is frequently preferred over laminate flooring or tiles, particularly in rooms prone to get wet. 

How is LVT Flooring Made?

Multiple layers of PVC vinyl are routinely used to create luxury vinyl tiles. To change the hardness of the PVC, it is combined with different chemicals. A rolling procedure delicately compresses these many sheets of PVC vinyl, which are floating in a liquid. After that, heat and air are used to dry the material, resulting in durable vinyl sheets. Manufacturers can enhance realism to the top layer by adding a layer of depth to assist simulate the grooves seen in stone or wood, and the top layer can also have an embossed finish.

A transparent vinyl and urethane coating is then added to LVT flooring at the conclusion of the production process to provide additional protection and comfort. To increase comfort and warmth, they are crushed together and a beautiful printed vinyl coating is glued to the surface.

Why Choose Vinyl Tiles?

When it comes to picking flooring for a project, whether you're a homeowner, designer, builder, or architect, there's no shortage of possibilities. Traditional flooring alternatives such as hardwood, carpet, and tile are still popular, but because of considerable breakthroughs in manufacturing technology, vinyl flooring has witnessed a comeback in popularity. Today's vinyl flooring is available in a wide range of contemporary designs that mirror current design trends.

Here are six reasons why vinyl flooring is the best option for your next project:

Affordability. Vinyl floors, like all other flooring materials, come in a variety of pricing points. When looking at flooring alternatives, bear in mind that vinyl floors have a higher lifetime value due to their water resistance and durability.

Sheet vinyl is usually the cheapest vinyl choice, but your design and aesthetic possibilities are usually restricted. You'll have a broader selection of possibilities with LVT, but at a fraction of the cost of wood or stone flooring. 

When considering how flooring fits into your budget, you'll need to decide whether to hire someone to install it or arrange time in your calendar to do it yourself. Floating floors are a more DIY choice than glue down flooring, however most consumers prefer to hire someone for this type of job due to the extensive floor prep necessary by glue down floors.

Easy Installation. Vinyl flooring is available in tiles and planks, providing you the option of selecting the one that would be the most convenient to install in your area.

Glue down solutions include luxury vinyl planks (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Stone polymer composite (SPC) or floating floors are also available in tile and plank style, but they must be clipped together to be placed.

Both glue down and floating floors are quick to install, but a floating floor takes less time. Both alternatives are cost-effective, so you must decide which one best suits your needs and preferences.Keep in mind that a good installation starts from the ground up. Because floating floors float over irregularities, they are a fantastic alternative for uneven flooring. Because any defects in the floor can telegraph through and cause the flooring to adapt to the substrate, gluing down floors requires a flat surface. Floating floors adapt to the subfloor as well as glue down LVP and LVT, but not as much.

Versatility and Options. You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to picking a vinyl floor. You may pick from a wide range of colors and patterns for the format, so you can obtain the look of stone or wood while still reaping the benefits of a vinyl floor. In an area where wood isn't normally used, you may choose flooring that offers you a certain aesthetic, such as the look of a hardwood floor.

Vinyl flooring may now be made in natural-looking textures with plenty of visual depth thanks to cutting-edge technology and digital design. Plus, vinyl floors can provide the endurance and durability you need without losing your design's beauty.

Moisture Resistance. Moisture is the fastest way to destroy a brand-new hardwood floor. With an increasing number of consumers desiring the look of wood in areas prone to spills and water damage, such as the kitchen, vinyl provides a great alternative.

Vinyl flooring is completely waterproof, making it an excellent choice for any area. Because the PVC backing is made of waterproof materials, the flooring is resistant to spills and other moisture.

Durability and Low Maintenance. When it comes to flooring, vinyl is one of the most long-lasting solutions. It may last up to 20 years if installed and maintained correctly. However, like with any purchase, quality counts, and the higher the quality of vinyl flooring, the longer it will last. Because vinyl flooring can expand and contract, they're a great choice for high-traffic areas and regions that get a lot of sun. It is extremely resistant to dents and scratches, so the look of a nearly-new floor may be maintained for many years.

One of the most appealing features of vinyl flooring is how low-maintenance it is. It will never need to be re-sanded, unlike hardwood. To keep your vinyl floor in good shape, take simple procedures like utilizing floor mats and sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping it on a regular basis.

Comfort. If you have any chilly spots in your house, especially during the winter, vinyl is an excellent option to wood or tile since it doesn't become as cold as other materials. Furthermore, due to its texture and manufacturing method, vinyl flooring is more pleasant to stand on for lengthy periods of time.

MCC has grown to become one of the Minneapolis’ leading flooring firms, offering high-quality flooring materials and expert installation to individuals, homebuilders, property managers, wholesalers, and business owners. There are several places in Minneapolis. We provide a wide range of hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate, and tile materials to choose from. You can reach out to us at 952-564-9118. Or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Email: 

Gas vs. Electric; Which stove is best for you?

You could be weighing the upsides and downsides of gas vs. electric stoves if you're remodeling your kitchen or buying a new home. They differ not only in looks but also in functionality. Skilled cooks swear by some, while mothers of prominent families may choose a different type of kitchen stove. To be sure you pick the appropriate one, keep reading. We'll go over all of the primary advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as the cost of gas vs. electricity. After you've acquired all of the data, you can move on to the next step to determine what best suits your kitchen's layout and design.

Gas Stove

A gas stove uses flammable gas such as syngas, natural gas, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas, or another combustible gas to power it. Cooking stoves used solid fuels like coal or wood before the invention of gas.

The Pros

Cooking is the primary advantage of using a gas stove. When you turn on a gas stove, you get an instant, steady flame that you can manage visibly — no more wondering if the stove is on or off, hot or cold, or if the temperature is set correctly. Because the flames spread out over the bottom and edges of the pan, food cooks more rapidly and evenly when cooked on a natural gas stove. These are significant advantages for homeowners who like cooking. In addition, your running and energy expenditures will be cheaper with a gas stove than with an electric stove if your home currently uses natural gas, which offsets set-up costs.

The Cons

The most apparent disadvantage of utilizing a gas stove is the cost. Gas stoves are often more expensive to buy and install, especially if you don't already have a gas line running to your kitchen. Therefore, another significant disadvantage of utilizing a gas stove is the cost of gas. In addition, the stove is still spewing gas into the air if a burner isn't turned on right away — this is a significant concern if a burner is left on but unlit.

Electric Stove

An electric stove, often known as an electric range, is a cooking and baking stove with an integrated electrical heating component. Solid-fuel wood or coal stoves required more effort to run and maintain; therefore, electric stoves became famous as an alternative. Some contemporary stoves include extractor hoods incorporated into the unit.

The Pros

The majority of electric stoves available nowadays have a sleek, glass cooktop that complements the stove's overall design. There's no need to remove a burner ring or wipe up a solidified spill from on top of a gas nozzle since this glass top is easy to wipe clean of most spills. Electric stoves are simple to use and less expensive to buy and install, so they're a fantastic alternative for folks who don't spend much time in the kitchen. An electric burner also provides the most solid work surface for pots and pans, which is another significant benefit for novice chefs to consider. They also offer additional storage space behind the oven, unavailable with gas stoves.

The Cons

An electric stove use about 3 times more energy than gas, cost more, and an electric stove takes longer to get hot, and you can burn yourself, because you can't tell if it is on. 

Find the Perfect Design!

Whether you want gas or electric, MCC can create the kitchen of your dreams with the appliances you've always wanted. These include the following:

Slide-in ranges where the cooktop rests on top of the countertop to keep food from falling through the cracks.

Modern induction cooktops and ranges that cook faster than conventional electric ovens are featured in The Entertainer and The Chefologist kitchen designs.

Gas cooktops for those who wouldn't think of cooking on anything else.

MCC understands that no two chefs are alike. Therefore, we design kitchens to meet the needs of our customers. Some homeowners need a massive kitchen with plenty of natural light, while others choose a layout that is ideal for entertaining, and we all know that cooks love to show off their culinary skills. We're happy to provide each of our clients with the unique kitchen design they've requested.

Learn more about us and how we create kitchens to meet your needs. Visit our website and social media accounts!

Acrylic vs. Porcelain Tub: Which Is Best For You?

There are many possibilities on the market if you're looking for a new bathtub. Acrylic and porcelain bathtubs are two popular alternatives among consumers. Consequently, it's vital to comprehend the distinctions between the two before making a purchase. By reviewing our acrylic vs. porcelain tub comparison, you can make an informed decision whether to use porcelain or acrylic tub.

MCC- Minneapolis Contractors' Choice bathtub products must meet minimum government standards. This means that you are buying from manufacturers that meet safety requirements. 

How Are Porcelain and Acrylic Constructed? 

Porcelain bathtubs are built of cast iron or pressed steel that has been covered with a porcelain enamel coating. Porcelain is created by heating powdered glass and fusing it with a thin substrate. After the powdered glass melted, it hardened into a durable coating that acts as the tub's finish. Acrylic tubs are made chiefly of vacuum-formed acrylic sheets. To increase durability, these sheets are frequently bonded with fiberglass. Because the material is flexible and pliable, it may be molded into a wide range of tub shapes and sizes.

Main Difference Between Acrylic and Porcelain Bathtub

Weight. Acrylic is often lighter than porcelain when compared to the two. As a result, when it comes to positioning and installation in your bathroom, it provides more freedom than the porcelain alternative because it is easier to install. Additionally, acrylic bathtubs may be made in various sizes and designs because of their reduced weight. Porcelain bathtubs are more limited in shape and size than acrylic bathtubs, and they are also more challenging to install due to their higher weight. As a result, acrylic comes out in the weight war between acrylic and porcelain bathtubs.

Durability. You might imagine that because porcelain bathtubs are constructed of more rigid materials, they are more durable than acrylic bathtubs. Instead, it is the polar opposite. When a heavy item strikes porcelain, it is more prone to cracking and chipping. On the other hand, acrylic can readily tolerate them, although it is more susceptible to scratches.

Heat Retention. The former outperforms the latter in the acrylic bathtub vs. porcelain area for heat retention. The cause for this is due to the manufacturing process of porcelain baths. This tub is made by layering enamel or porcelain covering over a metal or iron foundation, forming a barrier between the coating and the tub, releasing heat more quickly.

Maintenance. To avoid damage, both acrylic and porcelain tubs require the same level of cleaning and maintenance. They do, however, need various sorts of cleansers. Natural and homemade cleaning products should be used on porcelain tubs, while commercially available cleaning products should be used on acrylic tubs.

Cost. The price difference between acrylic and porcelain tubs is another item to consider. Because of its more complex manufacturing, porcelain bathtubs are more expensive than acrylic bathtubs. This pricing comparison includes maintenance and installation fees if the porcelain option is chosen. The size of the tub, however, is not mentioned.

Restoration. There isn't much of a difference in repairing acrylic and porcelain bathtubs. Each employs a separate refinishing kit to eliminate the flaws, then reapplied to the surface. You can restore an acrylic bathtub on your own. On the other hand, a porcelain bathtub must be restored by an expert.

Popularity and Resale ability. These two bathtub materials are both popular and have a good resale value. Acrylic bathtubs are available in various forms and sizes, and they look great in modern bathrooms. Porcelain bathtubs have a more traditional appearance and feel and a better market value.

What Should You Get?

This is dependent on your requirements, preferences, and willingness to compromise. If you're thinking about aging-in-place modifications, for example, you might want to reconsider porcelain baths because of the danger of falling. On the other hand, acrylic tubs may not be the ideal choice if you're going to prioritize durability because they bend. It would be best to consider the expense of a tub and the amount of maintenance required to remain attractive and functioning.

Ready to get a new tub? Minneapolis Contractors Choice is the company to call for all of your bathroom renovation requirements. Have you considered replacing a tub with a shower? We've got you covered. Simply call us at 952-564-9118 or fill out our contact form to discover more about what we can do for you. Please make an appointment with us now for a free consultation!


When your bathroom needs an update but you do not know where to start, perhaps the latest trends can provide inspiration. We suggest collecting bathroom remodel ideas to help you visualize a design you can be happy with for years to come.

Here are the latest bathroom trends that made the top of our list.



Mix up your bathroom design with different materials. There are many combinations that can form a solid design foundation without becoming overbearing. Wood and glass look incredible together, or consider marble and encaustic. (Yes, real wood in the bathroom is not practical. This is where tile that looks like wood is a perfect option.)


Bathroom Tile Ideas

From classic hardwood to rustic weathered planks, our wood look tile portfolio has grown to offer a large variety of choices. Add to that a gorgeous glass, eye-catching encaustic, or elegant natural stone mosaic, and you are set.



Texture on the wall is a hot trend. Tile is the best way to accomplish the look. Whether a raised geometric shape or rustic, split face stone, texture will add richness to the space that is difficult to achieve in other ways. The shower is the number one place to put textured tile as it invokes a luxurious, spa feel.


Bathroom Tile Ideas

Mythology is one the newest textured tile options. It comes in a variety of raised patterns that effortlessly add touchable texture. If heavily textured white is your fav, Aesthetic was made for you. If you just can't find the color you're looking for. Simply provide a sample of the color or give us the Pantone color code, select your size & texture, and we'll make the tile for you. It's just that easy!



Elegant, free-standing tubs are in high demand. From vintage footed to sleek Scandinavian types, these tubs give the bathroom a resort ambiance.  


Bathroom Tile Ideas

Free-standing tubs with wall-mounted faucets are perfect companions to a tiled feature wall. Large-format tile in a stone look or sleek concrete look is on-trend or try a unique mosaic to add a little bling to the space.



Another leading trend is unique lighting. Chandeliers or sconces over the vanity or tub set the tone for a spectacular, upscale bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Ideas

Tile is stunning in any light. If your design incorporates extraordinary lighting, we suggest a neutral-color stone or tile to provide a subdued supporting role so your lighting remains the main focal point.



Patterns are a hit in bathroom design right now and generate a high contrast look that still exudes fresh style, and create patterns like herringbone or checkerboard with your tile for an eye-catching design. 


Bathroom Tile Ideas

Subway tile makes creating your own unique pattern effortless. With a size that is easy to work with and countless colors from which to choose, the only limit is your imagination.


If your budget allows, take it to the next level by choosing opulent natural stone subway tile.


Wood look tile is another gorgeous option for patterning. It adds personality without overwhelming the room.



Richer colors, on the whole, are in vogue. And the darker the color, the more neutral it becomes. Look for dark green, purple, and blue making an appearance in bathroom design-especially the powder room.


Bathroom Tile Ideas

A concrete-inspired tile in a dark color is an alluring option. Darker wood look tones or beautiful fabric-inspired looks in darker colors are other exquisite alternatives. Whether on the walls or floor, dark tile enriches the bathroom space.



Vintage motifs have been mainstream for several years but has been growing in popularity exponentially over the last couple of years. While tile has been around for hundreds of years, many of its original styles - encaustic tile, black and white hex, glossy ceramic, Turkish or Moroccan mosaic shapes are prominent again today. 


Bathroom Tile Ideas

Due to the success of vintage tile, Subway tile has been getting an update. It is now available in multiple colors and materials such as marble and glass.


Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is choosing the picture-perfect home, only to discover the kitchen cabinetry is made of laminate. Choosing the right kind of wood for your cabinetry not only secures your investment long-term but will be detrimental if you decide to sell your home. Homeowners nowadays are more concerned with the quality of the kitchen they are buying, precisely the quality of the cabinetry (wood instead of laminate), kitchen island, and countertop material (you can’t go wrong with granite or quartz). 

 With so many beautiful choices to choose from, where do you start? At Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice, we have partnered with the best cabinetry manufacturers, from Los Angeles to locally sourced here in Minnesota to meet each client’s vision.

Although this list is non-exhaustive, here are some of your best options when it comes to wood: 

Cherry Wood. It gives off a warm and cozy feel. Cherry wood brings warmth to the interior, and it has a smooth, close-grained appearance with a relatively uniform texture and random markings. The refined grains of this type of wood allows finishes to apply with ease. Cherry wood is an excellent choice for kitchens, baths, and many rooms throughout the home. Cherry wood is light-sensitive; they darken with a period, giving them a lustrous patina effect. That’s why this is sought-after wood because of its darkening process.

Fun facts: You can eat the blossom. Yes, you heard it right; in fact, cherry blossoms of varieties you can find in the US are edible. They are pickled and used as sweets, baking, and tea, specifically ornamental cherry trees in Japan. Come springtime, you'll also find sakura-flavored chocolate bars. Don't eat cherry pips, in any case. They're toxic and can be dangerous in large amounts.

Oak Wood. It has been used for cabinetry for quite a long time, making beautiful and long-lasting creations. Oak’s characteristics include random wormholes, knots, and wild, uneven grain patterns that can showcase fine lines, pinstripes, leafy grains, and watery figures, making the distinct graining many consider a desirable quality in oak cabinets. It has a special graining appearance making its earthly appearance a good choice for traditional and farm-house designs. In addition, Oak has been considered to be the most durable wood used for cabinets.

Fun facts: Oak trees appeared on our planet about 65 million years ago. Unlike other trees, oak trees have not gone extinct for such a long time. 

Unlike many other trees, oak trees have not gone extinct during such an extended period. This is mainly because their seeds are cased in hard shells, plus acorns and leaves are coated with tannic acid preventing fungi and insects that could harm them.

Maple Wood. Naturally, maple is considered an excellent choice for kitchen cabinetry. It is a smooth and uniform type of durable and strong wood. Maple wood is typically less expensive than a hardwood like cherry and walnut but more expensive than birch and alder. However, it is one of the most helpful hardwood species that most homes can take a beating and look great for years. Here in MCC- we provide different types of wood for you to choose from. We have a variety of kinds of wood that fits your kitchen and bathroom needs. 

Fun facts: Did you know that there are coins made of maple wood? It was introduced in 2005 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Another fact is, are you one of those people who asked why maple leaves are on Canada's national flag? Because it symbolizes strength and endurance and has been chosen as the national tree of Canada.

Alder Wood. This type of wood is softer and has a moderate lightweight. However, it should be taken with extra care since it can easily be dented or marred. Alder has direct and even-textured wood grain with discreet boundaries between the heartwood and the sapwood, and it has a stable staining surface. Alder wood is best used in kitchen cabinets, and applying dark-brown color gives it a rustic, contemporary look.

Fun facts: Did you also know why the alder flower is called catkin? The alder flower is called catkin because of its appearance, like a kitten's tail. 

Hickory Wood. 

Hickory wood is becoming mainstream in the building industry. It is a cross between sapwood and heartwood type, and it gives off a dramatic effect to your kitchen and bath cabinets. It gives out a timeless appeal and long-lasting durability for your kitchen cabinets. The price range might be pretty expensive, especially if it is custom-designed.

Fun facts:  Hickory wood is often used as BBQ sticks. It is called the 'King of BBQ wood. It produces heavy but sweet-smelling smoke, ideal for cooking beef, pork, poultry, and game meats like a lamb. 

Kitchen Appliance We Are Seeing in 2022

The Fridge Revolution. In 2022, refrigerators will receive a major improvement.

This is most likely the most important overall design and function adjustment in

the entire kitchen. Refrigerators are poised to get a lot more flexible and useful.

In 2022, glass panels for drawers and doors will be the norm. Following that,

there will be a mix of food zones to separate the various food kinds you desire to

keep. Some food zones would be adaptable, while others will be dedicated to a

single component. Refrigerators with revolutionary technologies will include an

auto help option that will streamline kitchen activities.

Air Fryer.  Power air fryers have been increasingly popular in

recent years, making a cook's work more accessible and less stressful. Air fryers

appeal to millennials since they are contemporary appliances. This innovative

equipment is a dream come true for a creative cook. In recent years, people

have grown more health-conscious, and they shun deep-fried dishes. The good

news is that air fryers use very little oil for preparing meals. You'll be relieved to

learn that you may use oil spray or a brush to cover the meal. In addition, as

compared to deep-fried food, food prepared in an air fryer contains fewer


Salad Spinner. Salad is often regarded as one of the healthiest and most tasty

foods you can consume. It's even more suitable at restaurants where cooks are

required to serve salad to every single client. Here's when a professional salad

spinner comes in handy. It may also be a very useful cooking appliance. Salads

are great because they may be prepared in a variety of ways. You may also alter

the classic salad's components to make it more personal. Salads are usually

extremely simple to prepare. You may make your salad with exceptional cooking

skills and a strong sense of taste that is tasty and beneficial for your health. The

greatest salad spinners make it easier to dry wet items in a matter of minutes.

So, if you're seeking a dependable technique to dry your salad items, invest in a

high-quality salad spinner.

Before Spring Arrives, Be Sure Your Home is Prepared 

Now that winter is coming to an end; spring weather is right around the corner. Therefore, this is an excellent time to start planning home improvement ideas to prepare your home for the wonders of spring, including the increase of sunshine and rain. Here are some home improvement ideas you can invest in before the season's change.

Invest in Roof Care. Showing love to your roof is the first step in your home improvement plans. Your roof has to withstand cold temperatures during spring. If you don't take care of your roof, chances are it could leak water, damage your home, or collapse on you in the worst-case scenario. 

It is best to call your contractor and let the professionals handle the changes in shingles and ask them to look for other structural damages that may cause a problem in the future. These problems are expensive to fix if you don’t act out of precaution ahead of time. 

Fix Plumbing System. During winter, water freezes because of the cold temperature, causing pipes to be damaged when spring comes. Take a look at your plumbing system, and check for damages or repairs. If you see any damages, fix it as soon as possible, but if the water is still frozen, then hold on to the repairs until the water melts. The best option for you is to call your trusted contractor to help you repair and clean your plumbing system. 

Clean Fans and HVAC System. The HVAC not only regulates the temperature of your indoor air but also affects the purity of the air you breathe. HVAC systems can clean the dirt and debris out of the air, but during seasons where viruses and bacteria are prevalent, you need a solution that sanitizes and further protects against airborne germs. That’s why intelligent homeowners need to make HVAC cleaning part of their routine maintenance checklist. With the help of MCC professionals, you can avoid serious dilemmas.

Upgrade Windows. When spring comes, it is advisable to open your windows to let that fresh air and sunlight brighten your home. If your windows need repair or have been damaged during the winter, it is wise to upgrade them or have them repaired. When you upgrade your windows, not only does it give you a well-ventilated room, but it also boosts the value of your home.

MCC- Minneapolis Contractors' Choice is here, ready to help you install your windows and beautify your home. We have all the necessary materials to install and upgrade your windows.

Update Interior Walls. Updating your interior walls is a great home improvement project for the spring season, especially for bath and kitchen rooms, as they get the most use. Priming and painting the walls can immediately upgrade the look of your home's interior. Some homeowners also prefer to use wallpapers as they are pretty popular as a significant factor in changing the dull room into something beautiful.

Repaint exterior walls. If you feel like making a more significant change for your home, consider painting your outside walls. Spring is the best time to repaint the exterior walls of your home, and it will give not only a new look but also added protection from the environment and weather elements. You can also change the color of your front door to see better results. I bet you have plenty of colors in your mind right now? Let MCC help you decide what changes you probably want for your home and let our company do the work. That will surely make a difference to the overall look of your home!

We also offer free design consultations and free estimates. Not to mention we have a great assortment of manufacturers and product suppliers around the Twin Cities right for your lifestyle.

Stop in or schedule a time to meet with us. We'll be waiting to help you with all of your design needs!

Why Do You Need an Outdoor Kitchen? 

The ultimate hosting luxury during warm spring and summer days is an outdoor kitchen. This is especially true for homeowners in Minneapolis, who don't take pleasant temperatures for granted after the cold winter months.

If you're contemplating making this addition to your home, it is an excellent investment to make. It will not only increase your enjoyment of the outdoors but the property value. Let's identify the pros and cons of constructing an outdoor kitchen:

The Pros

There are undoubtedly many great reasons for building an outdoor kitchen. They're perfect for parties, barbecues, and everything in between. 

Entertaining. Entertaining is one of the benefits you can get from having outdoor kitchens. How wonderful would it be to spend more time enjoying guests in your kitchen? Guests can gather around a BBQ grill and socialize as dinner is prepared. You can also increase the comfort for your party guest by adding outdoor furnishings, strings of lights, and some mood music.

Odor. You like to make a lot of dishes, and you might be left with a lot of smoke and pungent odor in your home. Outdoor kitchens allow you to manage the odors by making delicious dishes without causing smoke problems. The smell of your cooking activities will remain outside. Few of your guests love the scent of onions or raw fish. The smell outside won't linger long like it would in an inside kitchen. 

Value. Outdoor kitchens are increasing in popularity in areas where it's feasible to dine outdoors. Putting an outdoor kitchen could help your property value climb so that when you decide to sell your home, you command a higher price. It will also help your home stand out if it's a feature not found in most houses in your neighborhood.

Expand your summer menu options. During the summer, you have a lot of menu options. It is easy to cook from burgers and hotdogs to steaks and chops without messing up your indoor kitchen. If you're a true grill master, you know the difference between cooking inside and the tasty advantage of having an outdoor grill. 


The Cons

Like every other construction project, building an outdoor kitchen also comes with drawbacks. Here are some of the disadvantages of building an outdoor kitchen:


Budget/Cost. Like every other renovation project, it will cost you that much time. Aside from that, the equipment you will need like the grill, cabinets, and other kitchen things. So, if you have a certain amount of budget, you can always contact MCC. We will give a quotation for you to know how much it will cost considering what type of outdoor kitchen you prefer.  


Weather Issues. Outdoor kitchens are only usable when the weather is feasible. Therefore, unless your outdoor kitchen is entirely covered, your kitchen's usability will be primarily determined by the weather outside. Even then, thunderstorms, blizzards, and heavy winds can render your outdoor cooking gear unusable. For example, you cannot use them in the winter if you live in a cold area.

Moreover, if you live in a significantly hotter climate, you cannot enjoy your outdoor kitchen in the summer season. Also, heavy rains and blizzards can damage your outdoor kitchen appliances. That is why you should invest in waterproof devices when shopping for your outdoor kitchen. Ensure your appliances are weather-resistant when you purchase them, and always cover them when they're not in use.


Theft. Another significant risk you should be concerned about is the theft of valuable items installed in your outdoor kitchen. If you leave all of your kitchen items outside for more extended periods, they will be more susceptible to theft. So, to avoid any theft-related issues, you will have to spend even more money to add privacy around your outdoor kitchen and to make your premises secure enough to keep the thieves away.


Things to Consider in Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Patience, planning, creativity, knowledge, and research are the requirements if you're planning to enhance your home. Hiring the right contractor will make the planning and execution of your plan a lot easier. When designing, outdoor kitchens greatly expand a home's value and are perfect for outdoor entertaining. It offers a great place to entertain, provides more storage space, and the opportunity to be more adventurous when cooking.

Plan your area wisely. Planning makes perfect! When selecting the proper outdoor kitchen, plan for your needs. It pays to plan nicely to improve and recognize how you'll use this space. Think about what your cooking desires will be. Will you be entertaining family or do you prefer to have massive events outdoors, or do you want to move your cooking from the indoor kitchen outside? This doesn’t consist of the plan of the kitchen but also the plumbing, electrical energy, and other utilities required to carry your new outdoor kitchen to life. Try and make sure your outdoor kitchen enjoys easy access to your indoor one and vice versa to make it convenient to grab elements and equipment when required. A serving window is ideal for this and, in some instances, can double as a bar seating area for your guests.

As for shelter, make sure there's sufficient shade available, such as protection from the wind and rain in the chillier months. Therefore, you can use your new area all year round and defend it from the factors to last for many years to come.

Choose the proper outdoor kitchen design. So, what do you plan to use your outdoor kitchen for? Do you prefer a casual space or an extension of your indoor kitchen, with a dining place to match? It's necessary to decide early on, as then you can plan your kitchen accordingly and not be left attempting to add or change matters in the future. Don't neglect the aspect of the home equipment that goes well with what you prefer to use in your area. Barbeque tends to be a given, but what about pizza ovens, teppanyaki plates, smokers, wok burners, even a drinks fridge are all essential things to assume about.

To assist you out, why not message us on our social media accounts to view our outdoor kitchens ideas to let you know what your space should look like.

Let there be light. Without appropriate lighting, an outdoor kitchen is rendered vain when the sun goes down. So you'll want to add venture lighting above prep and cooking zones. Avoid harsh spotlights when it comes to illuminating the whole area and instead choose landscape lighting fixtures embedded in the flooring or dimmable lights that can be hung on a pergola roof or awning. Candles on the table are usually an excellent touch. Another option is solar-powered tea lights that automatically turn on when dark.

Functional layout. The area where you're working will dictate the sketch of an outdoor kitchen. L-shaped kitchens with a bar are excellent for more extensive patios where you plan to entertain frequently; however, an easy run of one or two cabinets with a grill can be just as purposeful in a smaller space. Plan accurately for utilities like gas, electricity, and water. A standard kitchen has four zones: warm for cooking, dry for prep, moist for the sink, and cold for refrigeration and ice. But if the area is limited, you can forgo the latter two by situating your outdoor cooking space close to your indoor kitchen to make use of its fridge and sink.

Choose suitable materials. Even if you have top-notch shelter in opposition to the elements, there's no doubt your outdoor kitchen will need to be constructed of improved stuff than your indoor one. So, how do you pick the suitable materials for your outdoor kitchen to make sure it stands the test of time? It is the place your trusted contractor comes in! At MCC- Minneapolis Contractors' Choice, we provide a range of long-lasting materials to suit any outdoor kitchen design, from solid acrylic and compact laminate to warmth-rated engineered stone surfaces. All of the merchandise we use in developing your new outdoor kitchen are outdoor-rated decorative materials and heat-rated engineered stone. Please look at our previous blog post here to understand what we offer. Of course, if you'd choose to chat with us in person, we're always glad to reply to your questions!

Quantity of seating. The factor of an outdoor kitchen is to entertain, so ensuring your guests have someplace to sit. A sturdy dining table, massive enough to keep your delicious grilled spread and hungry crowd, is a must. Consider a custom piece designed especially for your area with a top-notch countertop. If the space allows, carve out a more fabulous, comfortable nook with a couple of armchairs or lounges that you can use for morning coffee and after-dinner cocktails.

Well, there you have it. Outdoor kitchens are certainly superb backyard additions, and they make hosting at your home all the more fun. They're a big responsibility, though, and you have to be prepared to shoulder it. And might we make one last suggestion? If you decide to install one, make sure your guests have somewhere to sit. MCC will help you to achieve your planned outdoor kitchen!

Give us a call at Minneapolis Contractor's Choice today and discuss your future project with us! 

How to Design an Accessible Kitchen for Disabled Family, Friends or Guests 

One essential part of building or renovating your kitchen is to increase independent living by making a place accessible to an individual's personal needs. If you have a disability, it's vital to ensure your contractor understands your daily and long-term needs and that your kitchen is designed and built with you in mind. 

In addition, homeowners want to have accessible homes for family members and guests. Inclusivity and visibility will make the kitchen feel like a welcoming space to anyone who enters. For example, according to the research, over 30 million Americans use wheelchairs. Therefore, there needs to be an understanding of how to customize a kitchen to increase accessibility for disabled or aging family members, maybe even yourself. 

MCC curated some of our best expert advice, but you can also contact us now at 952-564-9118 for a complimentary consultation.  

The best handicap kitchen design ideas include accessibility in all the right places. This makes it easy for disabled users and their families to enjoy using the space. Good planning that fits each person's needs is crucial to creating an incredible handicap-accessible kitchen that is practical and enjoyable. 

Plenty of Open Space. Having a spacious area for your project will give you the freedom to choose a layout to decide which part of the area you can put your furniture and appliances. Clever placement of your furniture and appliances will create a cozy and spacious environment. Contact your trusted contractor if you don't know how to maximize your space!

Cooktop design for wheelchair use. A beautiful cooktop is built with an apron that allows wheelchair users to slide under while cooking quickly. As with any procedure, be sure to remodel or construct your kitchen to accommodate the unique needs that you and your family may have. Asking for help from your contractor will ensure that this transitional kitchen is fully accessible for disabled users and the rest of the family.

Electric cooktop lift. This type of technology is excellent for a barrier-free, handicapped kitchen that will make cooking not only safe and accessible but fun. A fantastic high-tech kitchen appliance such as an electronic cooktop lift makes it possible to raise or lower it to just the right height for any user. Technology makes life much easier for those with mobility issues to live comfortably and safely at home. 

Kitchen island with dual heights. Equipping your kitchen with a double-height island makes it easy to entertain and sit together as a family anytime. This transitional accessible kitchen offers a very relaxed island to suit every person who uses the kitchen. Two heights accommodate both wheelchair users and those with no mobility issues, making it possible for everyone to enjoy sitting together.

Dishwasher for Wheelchair Users. Washing dishes isn't necessarily a favorite chore for anyone, but getting the job done while in a wheelchair can be pretty tricky. Conventional dishwasher doors are typically pulled down to open. However, modern accessible dishwashers are designed to easily slide out and back in for loading and unloading dishes. This provides even more independence in the kitchen for those who use a wheelchair; even though it is not a favorite kitchen chore, those with mobility issues will enjoy the freedom to complete kitchen tasks independently.

What good is an accessible kitchen without the proper access to all appliances for all users? For example, suppose you're remodeling or building a new kitchen for handicapped use. In that case, you must place all devices within the acceptable range of access. An easy way to do that is to trust your contractor, considering the options you want for your kitchen!

Give us a call at Minneapolis Contractor's Choice today and discuss your future project with us! 

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Kitchen and How to Solve Them

Home is where the heart is, but it is also where one of your most worthwhile investments will be made. Despite the research and work required, renovating or remodeling this space will always make your house feel like home. Most importantly, if done right, it will attract more buyers down the road if you decide to sell. However, there's a lot to consider, such as cabinetry, countertops, kitchen islands, flooring, appliances, lighting, and backsplash ideas. 

The primary function is to cook and prepare food, so it has to be highly functional and stylish. Therefore, it is essential to always start the design process by looking at how much space you have. 

We compiled a list of tips from our experts to inform you of all the essential information to design the kitchen of your dreams. 

Never underestimate how much storage you need. A kitchen storage space is a beautiful luxury to have. We want a kitchen that is free of clutter and organized. To do that, we need to plan accordingly and allocate space for everything like jars, cutlery, and other items used for cooking and preparing. A customized cabinet for your kitchen will be perfect since it will depend on how much space your kitchen has. Another tip is to use drawer dividers for your cutlery to separate them to avoid jumbling. Labeling is one of the most important things to consider when having a kitchen for easy access to what you need while using the kitchen. Cooking supplies should be near the stove, mugs go above your coffee machine, and food prep items should be stored near a clear stretch of counter space. MCC will help you to customize your kitchen cabinets. You can also suggest having pull-out storage to help efficiently store away items and make them quickly when needed!

Ventilation. Good ventilation is vital for any kitchen where you usually cook food day and out. Preparing and cooking produce smoke, steam, airborne particles, and odors that irritate eyes skin or cause respiratory troubles. In addition, cooking can leave lingering smells that can drift throughout the home if not ventilated. While the smell of home-cooked food is delicious at the moment, you don't want the rest of the house to smell and ruin the atmosphere. Invest in ventilation that has a proper system that is efficient at capturing impurities, circulates air, and, overall, keeps your kitchens clean. 


You were not measuring appliances. Not measuring appliances like microwaves, blenders, and food processors can be an issue. They can end up as clutter in your kitchen if there is a lack of a plan to place these appliances. Select appliances well in advance, checking dimensions and how devices open to ensure that your kitchen layout can accommodate them. To measure a space for ensuring that your new purchase appliances will be suitable for your kitchen, find the narrowest doorway or hallway along the delivery path and measure it to make sure your device will be able to enter your home without any hiccups. In the chance that you find a doorway too small, try finding another way the delivery can be directed through your house. Sometimes there is a back door that could be a good backup plan. If all else fails, you can talk to us, and we'll be happy to figure out a delivery strategy to get your appliance safely nestled in your home as smoothly as possible.


Avoid going over budget. Going over budget is one of the most common mistakes seen in many kitchen renovations. Homeowners who exceeded their budgets did so for a variety of reasons. One of the top causes homeowners cited was finding that products and services cost more than expected. Homeowners can take steps to help keep their projects as close to budget as possible. The easiest way to prevent this is by creating an inventory list, accounting for furniture and contents. It would be best if you had an overview of what you want to happen for your kitchen for you to be able to have a specific budget. Trust the contractor you hire. It's a good idea to lean on your contractor to most effectively achieve cost savings. Contacting your trusted contractor will help you know how much you will need for the whole renovation project. 


Inadequate lighting. Lighting has a tremendous impact on the kitchen. You can design a perfect kitchen, but if it doesn't have adequate lighting, your client won't be able to perform tasks as comfortably as they should be. The ideal lighting can set the mood and tone for all aspects of your home, including the kitchen. It can create an inviting, welcoming space while also providing a valuable and purposeful atmosphere. The right light will ensure safety, cleanliness, and ease of visibility for anything you need to do in the kitchen. Therefore, providing ample lighting in the kitchen is a priority. Pendant lights that function as task lighting above the kitchen island are a great addition to any kitchen. You can also opt for under cabinet lighting and recessed lights for extra visibility. Remember that overhead lighting can be harsh and create unwanted shadows; therefore, task lighting is better.


Plumbing. Kitchen remodeling projects are stressful, and things can get even more stressful when plumbing kitchen mistakes are made. One of the easiest plumbing mistakes to avoid is to make sure you pick your sink first. It may sound simple, but you would be surprised at how many kitchen plumbing mistakes occur because the sink wasn't selected before the project began. When it comes time to install the sink, it can be the wrong size or won't fit the location of the pipes. A new hole will often need to be cut, and even your new cabinets that you just had installed have to be cut to make sure the sink fits. When you pick a sink first instead of focusing on the cabinets, it allows a contractor enough space to ensure that the pipe connections are in the right place. Other than that, to avoid more significant problems for you, the plumbing system gives your pipes a good cleaning every month, trusting it with your trusted contractor. 


Electrical. Electric shock is a frequent cause of kitchen injuries. Electricity can pose a severe hazard in combination with wet floors, wet food preparation surfaces, and dishwashing equipment. Common causes of electric shocks are damaged or worn electrical cords, equipment, and appliances with improper or faulty wiring and using a cloth for cleaning that is dripping wet near sources of electricity. And to prevent electric problems like this, consult your electrician to have you instructed on ways to avoid injuries. For example, always use dry hands when handling cords or plugs, and if the line is wet or you are standing in water, remove the cable from the water and do not plug it in. 


Forgoing the backsplash. Water and grease splatter from cooking are significant problems in a kitchen. The wall behind the stove and sink is one area at risk for damage and staining. Getting a backsplash for your kitchen will be an excellent idea for homeowners who struggle to clean their kitchen after cooking or using the kitchen. The backsplash prevents dripping between the back of the cabinets and the wall below the countertop. This area should be adequately sealed and protected. The backsplash is a functional aspect of the kitchen but can also be accentuated as a design feature. Take advantage of the backsplash to bring the entire kitchen design together. If you would like to speak with a contractor about a potential project, you can contact us at MCC directly.


 A good kitchen should see you through at least ten years, so it's essential to get it right. MCC- Minneapolis Contractors Choice can help you renovate your kitchen by all means. We customize cabinets and provide you with services and products that satisfy your wants and needs! 


Reach out with an expert; contact Minneapolis Contractor's Choice today at 952-564-9118. 

Deck Renovation

Why have a Deck?

Modern home development trends now include adding a deck. It increases living areas and features the beauty of your home; people in Minnesota are known for having an exceptional view of lakes and beautiful forests. Here are some excellent reasons why you ought to consider adding a deck to your home!

A place for entertainment and increased property value. Minnesotans are known for solid family ties and a sense of community exclusive to those with shared beliefs. Building a deck in your home will create space that promotes comfort for most important events like gathering your relatives and friends. In addition, your home will be the center as a vacation site for your relatives who live far from Minnesota, enjoying the complementary view of lakes and greenery forest. Aside from that, Minnesota is a land of 10,000 lakes, making it very popular, and eventually, it will increase your property value as a homeowner in Minnesota. MCC- Minneapolis Contractors' Choice is a Minnesotan company that offers you many choices to improve your home by building a deck! 

Functional Outdoor Living Space and Aesthetic Appeal. You want a living space that can be your usable space in your home. The great thing is the deck can give you enough space to be your extra outdoor space. Since Minnesota has a lot to offer in terms of nature, these areas can be used to relax, read, eat, and exercise. You can also have an outdoor hot tub for cold temperatures depending on the weather. Decks are entirely customizable, which gives you the freedom to choose several different designs, colors, structures, and accessories that blend the nature of Minnesota. The aesthetic appeal that you usually imagine on nature paintings can be possible in reality with the help of MCC- Minneapolis Contractors' Choice. 

Less Landscaping Maintenance and Offers a New Look. Are you one of the millions of homeowners who detest yard work? Well, an outdoor deck addition replaces some of your lawn. This ultimately means you can spend less time mowing the lawn, dealing with weeds, and raking leaves in the fall. It's a small benefit but an efficient one for many. In addition, it creates a new look that your space will look spacious at the same time, stylish.

Why Renovate Your Deck?

One of the main reasons to renovate your deck is to ensure safety. Minnesota is a state which experiences summer, fall, spring, and winter. Therefore, it is only natural that your deck or porch will lose its strength due to temperature changes. Here are some of the signs that we see and feel immediately when your deck needs extra attention as soon as possible:

Your railings shake when you grab onto them. Railings are the fence of your deck that protects your children and elderly from falling. However, due to temperature changes, it loses its credibility to support whoever holds it due to temperature changes due to temperature changes. Also, if your railings are fastened with nails, they will become loose, causing another problem. 

Deck boards wobble. Do you find your deck gives a wobble when you walk on it? It may feel like you are going to fall anytime. When the wood boards become older, they become contorted, loosening themselves and becoming an unsafe deck. 

Rot or water damage. Due to changes in season, you might find wood rot. It is also the one reason why to consider remodeling your deck. You can also find a sponge quality to wooden boards, likely wood rot. It is necessary to let your contractor replace the deck's dangerous area that needs attention.

Obvious Damage. There is evident damage to the wood. Over time, wood was damaged by various elements, termites, and even normal wear and tear. Suppose you see cracks in the wood, holes, or even broken boards. If you see cracks in the wood, holes, or even broken boards, it's time for renovations.

Fixtures and fittings are rusted. If you look underneath your deck, you'll find fixtures and fittings responsible for holding together the various parts of the deck. These fixtures, however, can be weakened by age and elements. If they become rusty, it will weaken the overall structural stability of the entire deck.

Deck has become faded and stained. Over decks, there are usually sealants that protect it from UV exposure. However, the seals wear off over time, leading to faded wood panels.  

Your deck has been around for a while. An average deck will only last from 10-25 years, depending on the quality of materials used, especially wood. It comes from wood, and it will eventually need repairs no matter how well you maintain it. Even if your deck doesn't have any apparent signs of damage, if it's the spring or fall, it's an excellent time to try and get contractors out to your home as summer months are the busiest and most expensive times to do work on your deck.

Minnesota Deck Renovation

With the temperature weather in Minnesota, you plan to renovate or build a deck considering that you experienced all these four seasons. Building and renovating it depends on your budget and what features you want to include.


MCC will help you choose the two enclosed decks customized to their preferences and needs. But, first, let's look at the key differences between a three-season and a four-season deck to help you decide which option will be best for you:


Four Season Decks. These decks extend your home and are weatherproof and climate-controlled since heat and air conditioning systems, plumbing, and insulation are installed. All furniture and other indoor elements will be fully protected also. You can't say that you are stuck because you have the choice to open the window panels and allow the breeze in through the screens regardless of what the weather is like on the outside boards. When it comes to maintenance, it is the same as your other space in your home. 

Three Season Decks. When it always seems too hot, cold, windy, buggy, or otherwise too hard to enjoy your deck, it may be time to convert it to a three-season deck. Across the industry, we define a three-season deck as an enclosed space without insulation, heating, cooling, or plumbing, different from a four-season room. It is typically usable in spring, summer, and fall but not in winter. The purpose of these enclosures is to create a relaxing environment with floor-to-ceiling windows to experience the natural environment surrounding its occupants while keeping them protected from harsh climates and pests. Depending on your area of residence, you can enjoy this most of the year.

Multi-level Decks. It is a deck with multiple layers that can be stacked in various ways to give homeowners like you a creative, elegant outdoor living area for entertaining and relaxing in style. Multi-level decks maximize you in a way that creates distinct spaces. It is visually exciting and appealing because the design is different from a typical deck's expected square or rectangular look. It adds beautiful furnishings, stairs, railings, flower features, curves, and other stunning features.

What to look for when renovating your deck in Minnesota?

When renovating your deck in Minnesota, the best way for you to achieve your dream deck or porch is to look for a contractor!

What characteristics does a Minnesota contractor need to have for you to ensure that they will provide you with your wants and demands?

They are licensed and Insured. When a contractor takes on a job, they either hand off parts to subcontractors or employees. Either way, the contractor is responsible for legal compliance, quality of work, safety, and anything else that happens on the site. So whether there's an injury or shoddy construction that causes the deck to fall apart, the contractor is on the hook. But do you know what happens if the contractor isn't licensed or insured? The liability shifts to you! Suddenly, you become the general contractor and must accept responsibility.

Local Experience. When a deck contractor has years of local experience, you can rest assured that they have a strong reputation. You can ask prospective contractors about their local expertise, request feedback or references, and seek testimonials from previous clients. These will prove that the contractor is who they say they are and give you an idea of how they're perceived in the industry.

Responsive and Trustworthy. Suppose ever you are going to work with a contractor. In that case, you know how important it is to have the value of being responsive and trustworthy. We have instincts when meeting with people, and during those meetings for your renovation project, you can already sense if these contractors are not worth your time. If something seems off, then think twice before proceeding.

Unique and Creative. You should always review a deck contractor's portfolio. Their past work will tell you a lot about their style and creativity. Whether you already have a design drawn up or want your contractor to handle the entire process, their creative input will prove that they are the right contractor for you. Do they work neatly and organize? Ask for details about their past work in which they have total control of the project and see for yourself if you are satisfied with it. Creativity is not only good for the initial design phase, but it also plays out in minor details throughout the process.

At MCC- Minneapolis Contractors' Choice, the listed above are our top priorities to provide our clients with qualified services and products. In addition, we love designing and building beautiful decks and porches for our clients. 

There's no better way to enjoy Minnesota's beautiful outdoors than sitting on your deck. And while we recommend vetting your options to establish our plans on how to make your demands possible, we're confident that you, like so many other homeowners in and around Minnesota, will ultimately choose to work with us.

We also offer free design consultations and free estimates. Not to mention we have a great assortment around the Twin Cities right for your lifestyle.

Please stop in or schedule a time to meet with us. We'll be waiting to help you with all of your design needs!

The Three Most Popular Kitchen BackSplash Materials Among Minnesota Homeowners

The kitchen backsplash not only brings the room together but it enhances aura. Not to mention, functionally, it protects the wall behind the sink from water damage due to accidental splashing. Anyone with children understands that the entire space can become a splash zone. Knowing your plans for the future will help make a more beneficial decision regarding design. Such as, are you planning to live there for the foreseeable future or sell? This should dictate whether you choose a more personal or classic style.

First, the backsplash is above the countertop and below the overhead cabinets. The standard height is 15", but this can vary. Your contractor should be familiar with city regulations. You have several factors to consider when deciding what material, color, and style will complete your vision. 

While the budget will be a concern, material prices vary by material and style. Minneapolis Contractor's Choice rounded up the most popular material options for homeowners. Ask your designer or contractor for feedback. 

You can contact MCC at 952-564-9118 for a complimentary consultation. 

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is the most popular due to its versatility, easy maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. This is a financially beneficial option if you're renovating an ample space. Another perk is how customizable backsplashes are, offering a myriad of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. As Minnesotans spend more time in their home, individuality has become more critical. The backsplash is a safe way to get creative without overpowering the style of the room. MCC is proud to partner with Daltile, offering its entire selection of styles. 

Pro tip: If you're undecided, before committing to a style, tape tile samples to your walls to see what they look like throughout the day, especially in natural light. 

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is considered one of the best when it comes to durability. Due to its increased density, it is less likely to crack the regular ceramic tile. In addition, porcelain tile is made with refined clays and fired at higher temperatures than ceramic tile; therefore, it is more rigid and more resilient. This might make it a better option for large families or individuals who get a lot of use from their kitchen. Porcelain is also a popular outdoor option. 

Pro tip: Because dense porcelain shrugs off wetness, homeowners often use it in bathrooms and laundry rooms as well.

Natural Stone

First, natural stone products carry variations and unpredictable color tones. This is part of the lure of natural stones, their originality, but you need to be careful not to be married to the exact slab you're initially shown. All of the swirls, veins, and shade variations will be uniquely your kitchen's own. They are also a more costly option. However, suppose you have resale in mind. In that case, natural stones like travertine and marble are some of the most sought-after backsplashes among home buyers. Unfortunately, they are not stain-friendly and harder to clean, so they are not ideal for families with kids. 

Pro tip: Be wary of pairing two distinct natural stones as your countertop and backsplash because this can turn into an expensive mistake. 


Kitchen Islands are the foundation of a kitchen and choosing the correct kitchen island design is very important; our team of designers at MCC make sure clients are aware of the importance of designing the kitchen island in a way that is functional and beautiful. Considering all the factors that can affect the correct use of the space. 

Whatever kitchen island design you choose, always take into consideration its functionality. It is wise to select an island that does not take too much space, and instead, it is helpful in your food preparations for your meals or gatherings. Therefore, your space should determine the size of your island. 

There are two kinds of kitchen islands, the permanent or fixed island, fixed on one spot and has electrical outlets, and in contrast, the other type is the portable or mobile island that requires cutting into the slab or running wires from above.

Rolling Cart Island 

These portable prep areas are kept to the side of a kitchen. This kind of island is set on rolling caster wheels and can lock into place to prevent them from moving when you don't want them to. It has two drawers to provide storage for utensils and other kitchenware.

Small Non-Portable Kitchen Island

A straightforward design. They don't have wheels, but they strive to emulate a traditional island. This island is at 38 inches, a perfect height for prepping food.

Kitchen Island Table 

It is hard to classify whether it's a table or an island. It is easy to set up and easy to remove. Often classified as a table placed where an island would be. It has four legs and a flat top. Nothing more than a table used as an island for prepping food. Since it is considered a table acting as a kitchen island, putting a drawer is not advisable.

Basic Cabinet with Countertop 

An island built from pre-existing material, as a cabinet topped with a countertop material. This island is fixed to the floor and has a dimension of 12 inches by 24 inches for electrical receptacle placements. 

Fully Functional Island 

It acts as a double kitchen workspace, adding value to the home. It has all the built-in accessories. 

Double-Tiered Cooking/Eating Kitchen Island 

 It can be a kitchen island for cooking or an island for eating. It can't quite make up its mind, so it decided to have the best of both worlds. It has two functions for eating and cooking. Highly functional and ergonomically correct.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Kitchen Remodeling Company

When looking for contractors for home remodeling, it is essential to search for a company capable of providing you with what you want to achieve. Renovating your home is not a small task. It requires professionals to get the job done perfectly. That's why in choosing a contractor for your home, it is essential to choose someone who specializes in the same field. MCC- Minneapolis Contractors Choice is one of the leading remodeling contractors' that encourage our clients to express their taste and showcase who they are through their ideal designs. With MCC, you can explore and know the advantage of hiring the right remodeling company for your home remodeling project.

We have gathered significant reasons why it is more advantageous to work with professionals rather than trying to complete the work by yourself. MCC- Minneapolis Contractors Choice has partnered with the best manufacturers and provides you with the best outcome! MCC is ready to help you make your dream design come true.

Convenience and Efficiency. Convenience and efficiency are the two main reasons to hire professional home remodeling contractors. It is best to have somebody who will be taking responsibility for providing all the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction or renovation of a house project. MCC- Minneapolis Contractors' Choice will be taking charge of the materials needed for your home remodeling project, which is hassle-free for you and to our other clients. We take the extra mile to provide our clients with efficiency in our work. 

Easy on-site Project Management. When you hire the right contractor for your kitchen remodeling, they must manage the project accordingly. When they can handle the project, everything will run smoothly and give you peace of mind. It is essential to have a contractor that meets your preferences while providing you with services and products that reflect what you want to see in your kitchen remodeling. 

Extensive experience and skills. When you hire seasoned contractors to do your kitchen remodeling, you are not only assured that the quality of work will be top-notch, but you will be confident that the people working on your remodeling know what they are doing. They have been in the business for a long time, guaranteeing that the work they do will surely meet your expectations. MCC- has people who have experience and skills to help your kitchen remodeling go faster, easier, and without a hassle.

Timely quality.  Due to a lack of knowledge and experience, every remodeling project can consume time without assurance that it will meet your expectations. But when you hire the right contractor for your home remodeling, you're assured that the time it takes to finish the renovations is not going to waste. When you hire a well-known contractor to do the job, they will use the agreed time to meet your demands and make your designs into reality. In MCC, we value time as you do; that's why our people are time conscious and don't waste time completing the project.

Safety. Safety is the primary key in any project to be called successful. We make sure to scan everything before starting to work in a workplace for our people's safety and our clients. Your safety is our responsibility during these working days in your home. We carry insurance in case of accidents. MCC-Minneapolis Contractors' Choice specialists won't just do the work quickly but also ensure safety for your home and your loved ones as well.

Now you know some of the benefits of hiring professional contractors. MCC- Minneapolis Contractor's Choice offers its expertise and experience in kitchen remodeling and improvement. As a reliable and trusted construction company, we have highly skilled contractors who are passionate about providing quality services.

We also offer free design consultations and free estimates. Not to mention we have a great assortment around the Twin Cities right for your lifestyle.

Stop in or schedule a time to meet with us. We'll be waiting to help you with all of your design needs!

Kitchen Design for 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where we make our meals, share and connect with our loved ones. Since the kitchen is opted to be the center of our home, it is a requirement to dress and look the part! We have gathered the trends for 2022 to help you with your kitchen decorating ideas.

As the saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." It is important to decorate and design your kitchen according to your taste. But understanding the different trends of the year can offer you vast insights on how to refresh that space in your home.

Color. Let's talk about color! In choosing the color for your kitchen, it is important to note that you should select the color that you like. In 2022, experts have agreed that white is still the most preferred paint color, because it is elegant and classic. The most sought-after color of the year 2022 is back-to-nature color schemes.

This year the colors are an appreciation to Mother Nature and sustainable living.  We will see a wide range of colors from dark greens, blues, and earthy purples. Sage green colors and emerald green are popular in 2022. It creates an airy and open feeling within the kitchen, subtle but robust in appeal. These colors symbolize regality, harmony, and growth, reminding us to find balance in everything we create and do.

Kitchen Renovations in 2022

Let's talk about kitchen cabinets? In 2022, we will see many bold and dramatic kitchen statements. Many customers abandon the traditional look, where hiding the dinnerware was the norm. Instead, they are now choosing open shelves to showcase their finest kitchenware. This year, we will see a mixture of traditional and modern kitchen cabinet door panels.

Here are some inspirational ideas that we have gathered that will help with your kitchen cabinet designs:

Open Shelving- a space-saving minimalist design that is great for small kitchen

Open Frame Kitchen Cabinet- a middle-ground design that takes both modern and traditional look; it features glass panels that display kitchen items inside.

Slab Door Cabinets- are modern and sleek; some are without door knobs or handles. Slab door cabinets have flat and frameless fronts and occasionally come in glossy finishes.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets- are traditional cabinets designed with modern hardware. Transitional design is a mixture of old and new, keeping tradition without being outdated.

Kitchen Door Panels - we should never forget that the kitchen door panels will make a difference in our overall kitchen design.

Mesh cabinet doors- an alternative to the traditional glass door design. They bring in wholly different beauty and texture to the kitchen, and they have an extra level of openness and a different approach to a modern look. 

Raised cabinet doors- the central panel is level or higher than the frame around; are formal in style, and the beadwork is more ornate than other door panels.

Glass Door Style- this style has central glass panels and raised frames around the edges, perfect for showcasing treasures in your kitchen like your fine china or beautiful lined canned goods. 

Now that you have an insight into the latest trends for 2022, we, here in Minneapolis Contractors Choice are ready to help you choose the perfect design according to your lifestyle. There might be other options out there, but no one can top what we have to offer. 

Stop in or schedule a time to meet with us. We’ll be waiting to help you with all of your design needs!

Basement Remodeling Ideas 

One of the most missed opportunities in home renovations, the basement is the part of the building that is wholly or partly below ground level. Homeowners often designate cluttered, dark, and chilly basements for storage; however, they miss the chance to add extra space for a home office, a recreational room, or even a guest bedroom. This also gives you the liberty to make the space your own and try new creative ideas for the design and decor. Not to mention,  increase the value of your home. 

Looking to give your basement or other under-utilized space in your home a makeover but don't know where to start? We’ve curated some transformational ideas for inspiration.

 If you desire a complimentary consultation with an expert, contact Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice today at 952-564-9118. 

Basement Home Theater. If you're ready to take your home to the next level, a home theatre is bound to impress even the most jaded guest. Since the basement has no natural lighting, you can embrace the dark space ideal for the concept theater. For functionality, do not go with light and bright colors; instead, go for dark colors to enhance concentration for the ultimate movie night!

Basement Bar. If you like to entertain your guests, adding a bar is a fantastic idea for entertainment. You can put customized built-in cabinets, a fridge, a countertop beer island, and many snacks for a luxury basement bar. MCC- Minneapolis Contractors' Choice specializes in customizing cabinetry to fit every client's individual needs. 

Home Gym. If you are into fitness, a basement gym is the way to go. You can also carve out space to build that sauna you've always wanted and divide floors for yoga and cool-down stretches. Although you could exercise on bare concrete or a carpeted floor, this isn't ideal for your comfort or safety. Bare concrete or carpet may seem sufficient for your basement gym, but proper flooring will make a massive difference to your basement gym's look, feel, and functionality. MCC- Minneapolis Contractors' Choice will help you to choose what's the best flooring for your gym will be!

Wine Storage. The basement is the ideal place to store their wine. It's usually calm, dark, and damp, but don't take these conditions for granted because it will make your wine tastier over time. In addition, wine connoisseurs can show off their favorite selection of reds with a wine cellar. A personalized space to store your collection takes strategic planning, but you can have your dream wine collection room with the proper air system, shelves or racks, and insulation. MCC- Minneapolis Contractors' Choice can provide you with anything you need for your dream wine storage in your basement.

Indoor Pool. The basement is the perfect setting for indoor pools. Flooding is not much of a concern due to the location. It is also great to have a lounge area beside the pool. Suppose you have an ample amount designated for remodeling your basement. In that case, it will be perfect if you add a spa area or a hot tub. They are safer for young children because you can install a lock in the basement door to avoid entering without your consent. Aside from that, an indoor basement swimming pool will not collect debris, bugs, or dirt and pollen like outdoor pools, and an automatic pool cover can be included to ensure safety at all times.

MCC - Minneapolis Contractors Choice is proud to serve our clients with complete concierge services for their remodeling needs. We ensure that our products and services will make you dream home to life!

Should You Replace or Repaint - Refresh 

Your Kitchen Cabinets?

The kitchen is the space of the house where we spend most of our time, preparing meals and sharing time with family and friends. MCC Kitchen, Bath and Closet Renovations - Minneapolis Contractor's Choice has been helping Minnesotans, specially families in the Twin cities; Edina, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Minnetonka and Wayzata remodel their kitchens, upgrading their storage space, making their kitchen more functional and beautiful and bringing more light into their home.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinetry

If you choose to replace your kitchen cabinetry, you can place the new cabinetry in the same locations as the old ones, or you can request that MCC Kitchen, Bath and Closet Renovations - Minneapolis Contractors Choice, creates a new design making you kitchen more functional, having into account your lifestyle, needs and wants,

If your kitchen's existing flooring goes beneath your current cabinets, reconfiguring may be easy. If it doesn't, your kitchen cabinet remodel  may grow to include rebuilding your kitchen floor to ensure uniformity and levelness for appropriate cabinet installation.

Repainting and Refreshing your kitchen cabinets

If you choose to repaint your cabinets, MCC Kitchen, Bath and Closet Renovations - Minneapolis Contractors Choice can help you. Significant preparation is required to re-paint your kitchen cabinets, including removing hardware, detaching doors, and cleaning the area. Sanding and priming the wooden surfaces is also part of the preparation process before applying several coats of paint and re-attaching hinges and knobs. MCC Kitchen, Bath and Closet Renovations - Minneapolis Contractors Choice offers EMTEK hardware and Sherwin Williams paint to make your cabinetry look beautiful.

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets vs. Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to updating your kitchen cabinets, both replacement and repainting can result in a stunning appearance and long-lasting quality. Replacing and repainting may appear to be the same thing, but they each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Weighing the pros and cons will allow you to confidently choose your renovation approach.

Most of the time, the factors to consider when determining whether to repaint or replace your kitchen cabinets are time, convenience, cost, condition, look, and material. Here are the benefits or advantages that you can achieve by repainting and replacing your old cabinets.

Advantages on Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

Can be completed in a short period of time. Specific durations vary according to the size of your kitchen, but professional repainting often takes three to five days. Some tasks, such as removing the cabinet doors and hardware, may add time to the project, but overall, applying the paint is quick. Even the drying time between coats is brief. The project should take less than a week, especially if you hire an experienced workforce like the team at  MCC Kitchen, Bath and Closet Renovations - Minneapolis Contractor's Choice. 

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets updates the look of your home. Cabinets can dull in appearance over time, but if they were well-built to begin with, they will most likely preserve that feature. Repainting your cabinets can bring them back to life by giving them a new look and restoring their original attractiveness.

Repainting your kitchen cabinets can be more convenient than replacing them totally because it allows you to modernize your kitchen without having to move appliances or worry about damage to your countertops, among other things. Simply cover everything with a protective covering and get to work.

When Is It Not the Best Option to Repaint?

Repainting has numerous advantages. Repainting, on the other hand, is only effective if you have a firm foundation. That is, if your cabinets aren't the strongest and are made of something like thin plywood, repainting them won't provide any reinforcement to their strength.

Similarly, if your cabinets are in disrepair and have a lot of chips, cracks, and other damage, you may be able to cover part of it up with paint, but it won't cure the underlying problems. Repainting is purely cosmetic, but it can also protect the surfaces of your cabinets. It is not a structural improvement.

Advantages of Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

Can repair worn-out cabinets or a sloppy layout. Steam, cooking oil residues, and temperature variations can cause wood warping and other structural issues  in your kitchen cabinets, regardless of their quality. If your cabinets show evidence of structural degradation, just repainting them will not work. Replacing them will ensure that your cabinets are structurally solid and can sustain regular use.

Renovating you kitchen cabinets creates a brand-new appearance. Replacing your cabinets can radically transform the look of your kitchen. If you previously had typical wood cabinets, you can choose a different material, a different type of wood, and other options.

When Is It Not the Best Option to Replace?

In certain cases, upgrading your cabinets may not be the best option for achieving your goals in your kitchen. Here are some examples of those circumstances.

You are not looking to make a significant investment. Replacing your cabinets entails multiple stages, including demolition, new cabinet building, and installation, and the prices are substantially more than repainting. If you're remodeling your kitchen, cabinet replacement can consume a significant chunk of your budget.

You want a Quick Update Option. Replacing kitchen cabinets takes longer than repainting because you're beginning from scratch. The process can take several days from removal to installation while the cabinets are readied and you determine how to integrate them into your kitchen layout.

You Do Not Want Significant Disruption to Your Daily Routines. When you remove all of your cabinets, your everyday habits may be disrupted. You'll need to move everything in your cabinets, as well as possibly other goods such as appliances. To accommodate a new layout, you may also need to reposition your sink and countertops.

Select a Reliable Professional to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

Professional contractors get the greatest results when it comes to repainting or replacing difficult surfaces such as cabinets. MCC-Minneapolis Contractors Choice has been providing outstanding products and services for years. We have successfully completed victorious, high-quality renovation projects for homeowners because we prioritize ethics and skill.

Our skilled team specializes in kitchen cabinet restructure and refinishing to give your kitchen area a beautiful new look. You can rely on us to help you revitalize your kitchen cabinets.

If you are still unsure or have any other questions about your project, contact the experts. Our staff would be delighted to assist you. To obtain a free estimate, please reach us at 952-564-9118, or to make an appointment with us, email us at