Are you a builder, building homes with higher standards, using premium building materials? 

Do you want to save time and money in the product selection for your next project?

Are you looking for a team of experts to provide and install cabinetry, countertops, flooring, backsplash, wall tile, carpet, vinyl flooring and  decking materials? We can provide you with full service at a competitive rate. 

MCC is ready and able to provide homebuilders with assistance in selecting and purchasing materials at a negotiated rate (best price) as a purchasing agent or procurement agent (a procurement agent offers the best overall value.) a long term approach to help home builders acquire goods and services negotiating with vendors the best prices to improve buider's profitablility. 

Contact Us at Builder  or call to make an appointment Call:952-564-9118

MCC represent the best home improvement manufactures; leaders in style and design. Therefore, MCC can assist you with the selection of the latest colors, designs and interior fashion trends, a key to energizing communities by playing with the colors, materials and styles that bring joy.  We can assist with selection and provide you with tile, cabinetry, vanities, closets and countertops for the communities you build.  MCC can help with selections using your floor plans and schedule of materials or provide you with kitchen design, bathroom and closet design.