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Remodel and Renovate are words often used interchangeably in real estate, interior design and contracting. Professionals working in these industries use these terms in two different things. Renovation is the task to Restore something to a previous state, while Remodeling refers to Remake by altering the structure of the subject property.

Remodeling a space means to alter the structure, Renovating a space is a “revival” of a precious state, Remodeling is like a complete remake.

We offer:

Kitchen & Bath Renovations; kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and bathroom cabinets in solid wood; custom, and semi-custom cabinetry. Flooring, countertops, appliances, plumbing, lighting, hardware and many more products from the best manufactures.

We do NOT use particle board in our cabinets.

Furthermore, our custom cabinetry is made with Pure Bond hardwood plywood from Columbia Forest Products. We manufacture kitchen cabinets, vanities, floor to ceiling cabinetry, benches, cabinetry for mudrooms; entertainment centers, and furniture made in America with the best quality materials, latest techniques, designs and strong commitment to product excellence and environmental stewardship.

We also support Local and National Manufactures to help them grow their business.

When shopping for Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry make sure you are buying real hardwood cabinets like the kitchen cabinets, Minneapolis Contractors Choice-MCC, offers, because to reduce cost some manufactures will use veneers over a substrate such as plywood or even worse, particle board.

There are many different types of wood available to make kitchen cabinets and vanities, we prefer maple wood, a popular choice for custom and semi-custom cabinets; maple wood, is a fine grain, light color wood, more expensive than oak, hickory and birch wood. We also like cherry wood, because it gives an elegant, contemporary look to vanities and kitchen cabinetry products. Cherry wood, has a smooth grain, red to reddish-brown wood color that darkens with time. Hence, cherry wood cabinets are often stained to give a uniform color. Red oak, is strong and inexpensive and is available in a wide range of finishes and styles. White oak, is stronger than red oak, and it has more golden tones. Hickory, is a creamy, yellow wood, lighter than oak, but similar in strength, grain and patterns. Hickory, is great for a rustic style cabinetry. Birch is darker than maple wood; Birch is durable, and easy to finish, making it look as a more expensive wood, when stained. Birch can achieve a good fake maple or cherry  look. Birch is an inexpensive wood choice for custom and semi custom cabinets. Ash is similar to oak in durability, but has a light color with a contemporary look. Pine is the only soft wood commonly used for Cabinetry; Pine is a pale yellow wood and bents more easily than hardwood.

Kitchen and Bath Renovations

Luxury Custom Cabinetry

Affordable Semi Custom Cabinets

Storage and Organization

 Design and Installation

Custom Countertop

Laundry Rooms

We carry the best brands of quartz, engineered stone counter-tops, a trendy option for kitchen, bath remodelers and custom home builder’s, because, quartz countertops are not only a durable option for kitchens, and bathrooms, but the fact that quartz is non-porous, makes it easy to keep germ free. Quartz countertops are also stain resistant and scratch resistant, and the price of quartz countertops can be comparable to granite.

We offer a large selection of Granite, and Marble, both having The Beauty of a Natural Stone, however, because Granite and Marble are porous, sealing the surface every six to twelve months is important to prevent damaging it, hence granite and marble can become a high-maintenance surface, because they are vulnerable to stains, and can scratch easy.

Corian, Solid Surfaces with Resilience Technology is an Advance Composite Product used by architects and designers in commercial and residential applications, because Corian offers seamless integration, is nonporous, hence resist the growth of mold and mildew, Corian is stain resistant, impact resistant, offering design versatility, durability and functionality.  Corian is used as material for countertops, vanity-tops, tub shower walls, kitchen sinks, and laboratory bench tops in different markets including lodging, restaurants, healthcare, banks and boutiques.

If you are looking for affordable countertops, Laminate Countertops are the right choice for you! laminate countertops are non porous, and like quartz countertops or Corian solid surfaces, laminate countertops do not build up bacteria. Laminate countertops are also easy to maintain and keep germ free.

We offer Wilsonart HD dramatic designs and textures with Antimicrobial Protection and Enhanced Scratch & Scuff- Resistant AEON Technology. Wilsonart is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative engineered surfaces with over 500 designs to complement any kitchen or bath surface at an affordable price.

Formica Laminate Countertops are used not only for Kitchen and Bathroom Counters; there are many other opportunities to use formica and make creative statements in your home or office: from desks, coffee tables, sliding doors to headboards and backsplashes. The new formica, writable surfaces, offers a smooth finish, is practical, durable and easy to maintain.

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Flooring Products

Hardwood Floors, Engineered-wood, Ceramic – Tile, Laminate, Carpet, Resilient Flooring – Resistant to Impacts, Waterproof Flooring – Vinyl, Rubber, Stone, Bamboo.

Furnishings for Every Lifestyle, Every Room, Every Business, and Every Budget.

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We guarantee the lowest price on the best brands to remodel or build your home. We carry products from different manufactures to meet your needs.

Products and Services for Home Improvement, Custom Home Builders, Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare and Residential Remodeling for the Public and Private Sector.



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