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MCC Home Improvement Corporation Represents the best home improvement brands. Custom Cabinetry, Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Vanities, Countertops, Flooring, Hardware, Storage Solutions, Solid Surfaces, Decking Products and Radiant Heating Systems. MCC also represents  Furnishing Brands; Dinnerware, Serverware, Gifts and Decor pieces for any occasion from Lenox Fine China

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Let our representative know if you are a developer, contractor, builder or a designer before we provide you with a quote to make sure that you receive the best price. 

Kitchen Remodeling, Custom Cabinets, Kitchen Design, Luxury Vanities, Custom Closets and Storage Solutions.  MCC Luxury Kitchen, Bath & Closet Renovations - Minneapolis Contractors Choice - MCC partners with Contier, an exclusive design center to offer clients luxury custom and semi custom cabinetry, storage solutions and Contier's Products & Services. We are ready to listen to you and help you create your dream kitchen, bath, closet or storage solution. 

Call for a private consultation at our showroom or for your convenience we offer virtual and complimentary in - home consultation.  

MCC High-end Kitchen, Bath & Closet Renovations offers Luxury Kitchen Cabinetry, Custom Closets, Luxury Custom Vanities, Custom and Semi Custom Cabinetry with contemporary to transitional and traditional design.  MCC has a large selection of Flooring and Solid Surface Products to cover walls and vertical surfaces as MCC does to cover countertops, and tables. 

MCC represents Sherwin Williams and offers high quality painting services for the interior and exterior of your home. MCC Kitchen, Bath and Closet Renovations represents a select group of manufactures of Kitchenware and Tableware, including LENOX, REED&BARTON and ONEIDA.
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Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2023 show that about Twenty percent of homeowners that renovated their kitchen are making their kitchens open to the outdoors. Some homeowner's are adding a single door or double doors; others are adding a pass-through window, a row of doors.

Most homeowner's are looking for environmentally friendly options. This options include updates with water-efficient fixtures, energy-efficient appliances, energy efficient windows and LED bulbs with recessed lights rising above under cabinet lights. The main reason why homeowners are looking into adding more sustainable features is because the long run cost-effectiveness. 

People care for the environment and  MCC Kitchen, Bath and Closet Renovations -Minneapolis Contractors Choice, supports all efforts to protect the environment. 

Homeowner's also chose to install faucets with high-tech features such as water efficiency and touch-only/touch-free activation, appliances with high tech features, including WI-FI connectivity and smartphone/tablet controls for docking stations, and stereo systems. 

Most kitchen renovations are using transitional style, modern and contemporary styles are the second choice in 2023.  Traditional and Farmhouse styles are matching in popularity with only 11% this year. 

White Shaker Cabinet doors style still the most popular choice for homeowners remodeling their kitchen. 

Flat Panel doors are also a popular choice. 

Cabinetry hardware continue with the same trend; bar pulls, followed by knobs and cup pulls. Six percent of homeowners do no want cabinet pulls at all. 

Wood tones cabinets are on the rise with white cabinetry as the most popular choice. Homeowners are choosing to install island with contrasting cabinet colors. 

Review the use of your kitchen before you begin your kitchen renovation.

Retirement is the perfect time to remodel your home and age in place in a home that fits your needs and lifestyle

MCC Creates Family Centered Kitchens.

Questions to ask before you begin remodeling your home: 

What is the role of each family member in the kitchen? 

Do your children prepare their own snacks? 

How does each family member use the kitchen? 

How many family members cook in the kitchen at the same time?

What type of food do you like to cook?

Gourmet and entertaining kitchens can be family friendly!

Home remodeling tailored to serve your lifestyle.

MCC Bathroom Renovations. MCC do NOT offer plumbing or electric services.  

Custom Countertops - Quartz, Quartzite and Granite.


Kitchen remodel for singles 

Professional installations

Virtual Kitchen Design Tool

Are you looking to remodel, renovate, remediate or restore your space? 

Often in construction, folks use words like restoration, remediation, remodel, and renovate interchangeably. However, each term refers to a unique task undertaken within a property.

Understanding the meaning of each term is essential to ensure you choose the professional with relevant experience in your particular project. In addition, this will help set expectations for your vision. 

Remediation is the corrective action to clean up an environmentally contaminated space to eliminate contamination or reduce the amount to an acceptable level. We have a team of professionals with the experience and tools to help you solve problems with environmentally contaminated spaces.

Restoration means that you will restore the property to the time when the house was first constructed. Think about restoring a 1930s house; you will use period materials because restoration will invariably mean you will restore back to when the house was first built or choose an essential period in the house history and restore to that period. The goal is preservation. Restoration typically uses a lower amount of resources. Restoring property is a good option if a property has a strong foundation and does not need major structural work.  We have partnered with the best manufacturers to offer you the materials you need to restore your property.


Renovating a space is the process of improving a damaged or outdated structure. The renovation includes new things. For example, in a renovation, a kitchen remains a kitchen, and a bathroom remains a bathroom. However, repairs and updates such as painting installing new flooring, cabinets, and faucets are made. We can help you save a large amount of money in your renovation without sacrificing quality because we deal directly with the best manufactures in America.

Remodeling If you request a remodel, you will modify the structure of the space. Your project will need different permits and professionals; most likely, you will need an architect, general contractor, electrician, plumber, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.) Usually, a general contractor will manage your project. It will take part in the stress related to remodeling a home or business. 

A kitchen or bath remodel will always provide the highest re-sale return on investment. MCC offers tailored services, floor to ceiling and start to finish project management services, and products to renovate, remodel or build your space according to your needs and lifestyle.


Luxury kitchen cabinetry, vanities, closets, custom cabinets, organization and storage solutions, countertops, flooring, high quality interior and exterior house painting, appliances &  kitchenware.

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MCC does NOT offer electrical, mechanical, structural or plumbing services.  MCC has a network of trade professionals  offering electrical, mechanical, structural and plumbing services. Customers can contact these contractors and hire them direct. 

The installers of MCC Kitchen, Bath and Closet Renovations (cabinetry, countertops, closets and flooring) are not allowed to refer or do any plumbing, structural or electrical work. MCC will NOT accept any liability arising from homeowner's contracting direct with the installers of MCC Kitchen, Bath and Closet Renovations. (Cabinetry, countertops, closets and flooring installers.)