Another popular project easy to do during the winter months is re-furbishing the look of your kitchen cabinets! This doesn’t mean hauling out all your cabinets and starting over – unless you want to completely renovate. It also doesn’t mean re-arranging the whole footprint of your kitchen. It does mean imagining your old kitchen with a whole new look. This can be accomplished in several ways. . .

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1. You could paint!

Yes, you can paint cabinets. You can do it as a DIY project (and, potentially be disappointed with the results) or, you can hire someone who knows what s/he’s doing and be assured that no skimping will occur on the sanding and drying in-between coats of luxurious paint. This can add amazing color to your room and perk-up even the most dark or dour
kitchen! Consider a deep navy blue with brushed nickel handles or a deep rich grey with shiny brass handles or go with a totally traditional look – solid white with handles that either show rich contrast (dark bronze) or disappear entirely with the white-on-white look. Color can transform your space, and it is a great project for winter!

2. You could replace or re-face all the doors and drawer-fronts!

This lets you consider glass inserts for a look that lets you and your guests admire your lovely pieces often hidden away behind closed doors! It also allows you to consider the finish – maybe you’re tired of that golden oak and you’d really like a fresher, updated look – go ahead! Your contractor can show you finishes that will totally refresh your kitchen with designs that will have you saying, “Whose kitchen is this?” Don’t look now – it is YOURS!

3. You could replace some cabinets with open shelving!

For a totally modern look and a design that says, “Look at all the cool stuff we have!” You can design for the things that make you happy – maybe it is big glass display jars of your favorite carbohydrates – cereal, rice, barley,
even lentils and beans – beautiful on their own, in bright clear glass containers, they become decorations that sparkle and invite! Consider showing off your collection too – maybe it is made up of tea pots or beautifully painted rice bowls or maybe your guilty pleasure is colored glass. Go ahead, put it out in the open – let everyone enjoy what you’ve collected over the years! Make the heart of your home reflect the guilty pleasures you’ve treasured and kept to yourself.

Now, put them on display for all to see!

In our exploration of what you might want to do in the dead of winter to re-envision your kitchen, this seems the very simplest of all the choices…