Finally upgrade your countertops! You’ve waited so long – maybe as long as you’ve lived in the house – and now is your time to go pick out the surface you love and have it installed. We’ve talked before about the many kinds of countertops you can select – glamorous granite, sparkling quartz, even the
manufactured stone finishes that can offer both easy cleaning and lasting resilience, no matter how hard you use your kitchen counters.

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The work gets done in three easy steps:

1. Design –

this is the choosing and measuring step – it can take the longest because you’re confronted with so many amazing products, finishes and colors! But once you know what you want, let the professionals measure and manage the rest. Remember you can always get the
look you want in a variety of grades (not all granite is out of your price-range!) so do talk to your contractor to see what’s possible on your budget and by all means, love the product you choose!

2. Remove –

this is the “dirty job” part of the work – tearing out the old so that you can make room for the new. This might be a step you want to do yourself, perhaps to save money, perhaps to get out some of your winter tensions and clear your mind of cabin fever by swinging a hammer or hauling out the old surfaces. You can demo nicely or you can really make a mess. My advice would be to pick a work-style somewhere in between. Don’t worry about breaking the old countertops – do worry about where you swing that hammer, so you’re not replacing a window you had no intention of changing!

3. Replace –

The fun step! Leave this entirely to the construction crew. It involves lots of heavy lifting and careful fitting. You don’t want to be the one responsible for this part of the job! It can put the crowning glory on your kitchen, brighten, freshen and totally transform the space you use so thoroughly every day. New countertops can make daily dinners seem like you’ve
moved to a grand new space that makes every-day eating feel like a magnificent new experience!

Take your pick, find a project that won’t bring the cold that’s everywhere outdoors into your house. Find something that moves you and can be confined to a limited amount of time. Know your contractor and keep the lines of communication open.

But above all, don’t be afraid to remodel in winter!