Whether you’re remodeling because you want to or because you have to, there are many things you’ll want to keep in mind as you make your selections of all the many bathroom extras that could make your space amazing. Every full bathroom has four key pieces: a toilet, a sink, a shower and a tub – and of course those last two can be combined into a tub-shower if you like, or if that is all your space will allow.

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Those are the basics but selecting them is no basic matter. Even toilets have style these days, and you might want to make your selection on the basis of a sleek modern look or, perhaps, a comfortable style.
Round bowls, oval bowls, elongated bowls – how do you know what you need? Consider this – how many males will be standing by that bowl? The more men, the more length will serve you (and your cleaning needs) – longer bowls make aiming easier, especially when your little boys are just learning their art.

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Bathroom renovations that reflect your style. One of the most personal rooms in the home should reflect your personal taste.

Tubs come in every shape and style these days. They soak and bubble and jet-stream and even change colors with fancy lights! The basis for your choice should be utility and that can be addressed with three questions:
 What kind of tub fits in my space?
 What sort of tub fits my body comfortably (and all the other family bodies who will want to bathe)?
 What bath experience am I looking for?

No sense in paying for jets if you’re not ever going to sit still long enough to enjoy them! Decide what you’ll want to do in this bathtub before you buy more tub than you’ll have time to enjoy! Sinks too can come in every shape and size. Vanity sinks offer storage and lots more room to spread out
your toiletries with counter-space and often drawers or cubbies. Pedestal sinks are sleek and can make more visual space in the room. But consider what you DO at the sink before you determine how much space you need around you. Choose a sink that will serve your busiest routines whether that is your morning rush or you going-out-for-dinner primping preparations. Make sure the sink is designed to meet your needs, not just look good!

This is a tub that you’ll be excited to dive in.

After you’ve selected all your big pieces and visualized where they will fit in your newly-remodeled bath, be sure to find plumbing fixtures that speak to you! In today’s world fixtures come in every metallic option from gold and bronze tones to stainless and brushed nickel as well as black and deep, brown-bronze. Even custom colors are possible so, don’t hesitate to ask if you have a special request. These are the “pops” of color and texture that will differentiate YOUR new bath from everyone else’s.

It’s a big commitment to remodel a bathroom, but you’ll likely use your new bath every day, so don’t skimp on something you’re really longing for or the one thing that will make your everyday use a joy!

Our mission is for you to love the space you’re in. Our boutique service approach ensures that your vision becomes reality.