There are a lot of important questions to ask during home remodeling. Doing the proper research and setting expectations can help you avoid obstacles in the long run, especially if it you’re home that you’re remodeling.

This occurred to me at a recent construction site in Lakeville, Minnesota when a new client mentioned being stiffed by his previous cabinetry supplier when the wrong sizes were delivered.

Our biggest advice is to always ask for an itemized list of the cabinetry being delivered, and verified by your contractor.

Cabinetry is basically the clothes for your kitchen. It will enhance (if done correctly) the style and function of the room.

Minneapolis is home to beautiful neighborhood suburbs, such as Lakeville, Bloomington, Edina and more. When our clients move from buildings to start their lives in beautiful homes for a family, the kitchen is usually the top of the list for renovations.

Our first recommendation is wood. Make sure that whatever cabinetry supplier you use offers 100% solid wood. Affordable doesn’t always mean quality, and one should not cancel out the other.

Additionally, style is essential. There are so many different variations and colors, such as frameless and shaker, to maple, alder or oak, what is it you’re looking for? Always make sure to ask for options, and don’t be shy to ask for advice. Most home contractors will be happy to help, as ideally it won’t be their first time in the rodeo. If you’re looking to bounce ideas, just request a free consultation by calling one of our experts at 952-564-9118.

Don’t forget to ask for timing, and if it’s this is the final cost? Probably two of the most costly questions to consider. Make sure the price you’re paying includes the entire project, and that there’s a time frame that the contractor can commit to. Often, you’re cabinetry supplier and contractor come from the same source, which Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice offers, as well.

Just read some of our happy clients reviews, here.

Ultimately, remember remodeling your home should be an exciting and fun time in your life. But it’s important to do your due diligence, and remember that it should be taken seriously. Don’t rely on outside expertise, and avoid being taken advantage of by knowing average costs, what the market offers and typical timeframes, that way your expectations will match the best in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction is what MCC is all about!