Everybody has a closet system, from pre-configured modular closets, to designed just for you in a host of materials, ranging from plastic to metal to canvas and even beautifully customized wood.

No doubt, you have dreamed of having the perfect closet, one that serves your wardrobe needs in every way. When my closet is working well, I call it my magic closet. It serves me, it protects my clothes, and it never leaves me wondering, “Where is my crazy holiday sweater?”
What makes your closet into a magic closet? Three things stand out as great descriptors of fun and fabulous closets:

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Adding glass doors will create a more modern feel and transform your closet into its very own window display on 5th Avenue.

First, VISIBILITY – you have to be able to SEE what you have in your closet. None of us has time to hunt for that power tie or those blue suede shoes when we’re in a rush and have to look our best. Tools that make your wardrobe pieces visible can include anything from specialty racks that display all your favorites in plain-sight to boxes that either offer see-through sides or can be clearly labeled as you put
things away.
Most of all, you don’t want to have your clothes stuffed into the closet so tightly or haphazardly that when you DO want to wear them, they must first be ironed or steamed just to look fresh! Visibility
includes creating a system that makes it easy to visually see what’s available and to choose easily what you want to wear!

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Second, UTILITY – ask, does my closet serve my needs? If you’re a shoe-horse, then you need more designated shoe space than someone who wears his black wing-tips everyday no matter what. If you wear signature pieces like hats or vests, then those things need to be front and center so you can see and choose what you want for the occasion and not have to claw through sixteen pieces that can look a lot alike if they’re not given adequate space to stand out. Also in utility, not everything is best cared for by hanging it on a hanger! Some things should be folded (sweaters, soft-goods, and sweatshirts come to mind) so, be sure your closet includes some space for folded clothes that makes those you love easy to grab-and-go without engaging in a long hunt! Shelf space, drawer space and hanging bins can all accomplish this feat.

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Third, ACCESSIBILITY – this means having what you need and want most (and most often) at your fingertips. You shouldn’t have to hunt for your favorite sneakers or wonder if your blue sweater is going to be an easy find on Monday morning. You want the things you reach for regularly to have prime real-estate space in your well-organized closet. Remember, this is YOUR closet – it needs to serve you, not someone else! Put what you like and what you consider the staples of your wardrobe front-and-center so that they are always ready when you want to wear them. One tool I especially like is for planning. I can put the whole week’s outfits together on Sunday and hang them on the five-hook, over-the-door rack that allows me to just get dressed knowing that everything I need of each day is already decided, put together and ready to roll!