Cabinetry design in the Twin Cities is not immune the influence of the every changing style trends in home decor. Though some classics will never go out of style, home owners are constantly looking for ways to make bold statements with their home.

Kitchen cabinetry is a wonderful (and very useful!) tool to spice up any kitchen in Minneapolis.

1. Open Shelving

Open shelving requires a little planning but can add sparkle to a home. With the proper organization and proper display, this trend will showcase personal style and reflect more of your taste. Whether its spectacular china or decorative ornaments, open shelving is excellent for some humble bragging.

2. Color Customization

Homeowners are now looking for more ways to personally customize their home. Color can instantly change any room. A popular trend is adding a pop color to a particular wall, such as yellow or a bright blue. But how about using this concept for the cabinetry? It will make a fashion statement and add style to the kitchen.

3. Increase use of Maple Wood

Maple is a hardwood of amazing strength. It is a fine grain and light-colored wood that is slightly more expensive than oak, plus very durable. This is a popular choice for custom and semi-custom cabinetry. Suitable for stains and painting, maple is wonderful as well for its versatility. Check out our famous maple cabinetry, here!

4. Simplicity

A modern aesthetic is clean finishes and keeping it simple. With the less is more vibe becoming more popular, sometimes you can make a bold statement with your cabinetry with a clean aesthetic. Kitchen cabinetry has not been spared the modernization wave that has influenced home décor in recent years, and the minimalism trend is only becoming more popular among homeowners.

5. Colorful Back Splashes

If you are going for the clean aesthetic for the kitchen cabinetry, you can use a backsplash for the pop. Using shapes and intricate designs is also a great way to achieve that customized touch. You can check out more styles and trends, here!

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