There are three keys to hosting the dinner party everyone dreams of attending. You know, that party that makes you feel special, just because you were invited! The party that gives you something to talk
about well into the New Year and leaves you musing about what you can do to assure you’ll be invited again next holiday season!

That party could be YOURS!

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Dinner parties are best when they tell a story. . . It doesn’t have to be a complex story, but it should introduce your guests to something you’ve experienced or grown to appreciate. Here are just a few ideas:

  • An enchanted island party, reminiscent of your vacation in Hawaii.
  • The foods of Provence, introducing friends to your memories of the Mediterranean.
  • Southern Specialties, that bring the tastes of New Orleans to your dining table. What’s the story you want to tell? Maybe it is about a trip you’ve taken, or maybe just dreamed of taking. Maybe it is about the time you met the love of your life and shared street tacos. It is the personal story that enriches the party itself. It can set the tone for the food, the invitations, the decorations and even the music you choose to entertain your guests.
  • Dinner party guests are happiest when they feel you’re excited to see them. . .so be sure to send out invitations with a personal note to those you know well. Any small, even sentimental statement you can make about why you’re looking forward to seeing them, will make the anticipation of your party heightened with excitement! If it is a party you host every year, and you can share a flattering photo of the guest, tucking one into the invitation could make them choose YOUR party over all their other invitations! Let them know that what makes the day special is not the event, but their presence at your table!
  • Dinner party food is at its best when it can be made ahead of time allowing the host and hostess to enjoy their own event and the guests they’ve invited! You deserve to enjoy your own event!

That’s easiest done when you’re not rushing around with last-minute chores to complete. Make a list and consider what can be done a day or two ahead of the party – planning out the buffet table, trimming the candles so they’re easy to light, penning the place-cards – none of these need to be done on the day of your big event, get them done well ahead of time! Give yourself time to dress, relax and simply drink in your own anticipation of the party, without being rushed or hurried in the moments leading up to that first door-bell ring.

The very best parties leave us feeling so glad we were there – appreciative of the friends we saw, or maybe made in the moment, grateful for the wonderful tastes, the pleasant and intriguing conversations and the memorable bit of exotic spice hidden in the cookies served with the after-dinner coffee. You don’t need to WOW your guests with over-the-top spending. Amaze them with an abundance of welcome, a house full of joy and a meal overflowing with gratitude!

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