Kitchen cabinetry often tops the list for household upgrades, along with flooring and wall color. However, cabinetry is not just for the kitchen and can be used in many rooms, such as the entertainment area and work space. Another aesthetic-enhanging form of cabinetry is a vanity.

Bathroom vanities come in different styles and sizes, and can be as minimal as the counter for the sink, or it can be an entire area separate from the bathroom. There’s the popular His-and-Her vanity. Regardless, bathroom vanities serve as much style as it does function, and can class up a guest bathroom wihtout much else needed, except the scented candle and, perhaps, a picture or painting on the wall. We offer gorgeous Lenox bathroom décor! Ask about our discounts.

Bathroom vanities matter because, let’s face it, bathrooms are the typically the smallest room in the house, so there’s not much else you can do with them. A vanity is a great opportunity to create a style for the room, and because of the small project size, it’s not going to break the bank.

Also, guests will notice. It’s a great way to impress without bragging, as that’s probably the one room in the house at least one person will ask to specifically see during a dinner party.

Function also comes to mind, especially for women. A properly executed bathroom vanity can make getting ready so much more pleasing every morning. It’s important to plan and make sure the design works with your own routine and interests.

The countertop for your bathroom vanity also matters, and it’s obviously important to choose a material that is resistant to water. Quartz countertop are popular for their durability and style.

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