The most popular color in the industry, homeowners most commonly choose white for their kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, as well as closets.

The color of your cabinetry will have a large impact on the design and feel of the space. White cabinetry is amazing because of its versatility. Do you want a modern, contemporary look? A more simple aesthetic? White cabinetry can also help highlight more extravagant and colorful decorations and displays.

However, when it comes to design, it can also make a space feel colder. But this can be avoided by choosing perhaps a more colorful or warmer color for the walls or adding a backsplash / more eccentric kitchen island.

Beyond their versatility, white cabinetry is also ideal for smaller rooms or spaces that don’t receive a lot of natural light. They will enhance the room to feel bigger and brighten up the space by reflecting the artificial light.

Ultimately, the biggest con to white cabinetry is the additional maintenance. Compared to their darker options, it will show stains, spills and wear-and-tear from daily use more easily. Luckily, our custom and semi-custom cabinetry (exclusive to MCC) is made with this in mind. Focusing on quality while sustaining affordability, all our kitchen cabinetry is made to last.

Regardless of the color you choose, we create kitchens with your family in mind.