We get it. It’s cold, and it’s hard to focus on anything during the freezing winter months, besides staying warm.

While homeowners tend to avoid home improvement or remodeling projects during the winter, experts argue there’s actually several projects where this is the ideal time to tackle.

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Not only will you benefit from their enhancement this winter months, but with the snow and below zero degree weather, the calmer weekends are the perfect time to focus on these projects. Here’s a list of what remodeling experts say are the best winter upgrades for homeowners.

1. Install Heated Floors

Heated flooring is a life changer during the winter, and radiant heating is compatible with almost all floor finishes. Electric in-floor heating provides warmth throughout the whole room, creating a new meaning for comfort. MCC prides itself on partnering with Warmup, allowing us to offer this luxury to our partners at affordable pricing.

2. Organize Storage

Get a jump start on spring cleaning by organizing your storage early for the weekend. Whether it’s the garage or the basement, our guess is there’s probably a storage area in the house that you’re scared to open. Even better, why not enhance it with cabinetry? It’s a project that doesn’t require commitment in terms of project or electric, and can be completed in a few days with the right installers. Plus, gorgeous cabinetry is excellent for style and function.

3. Trim Your Trees

Winter is time to trim, your backyard, that is. Maybe even your porch. A project that doesn’t automatically come to mind but actually makes a lot of sense. With most trees nothing but limbs throughout the winter, it’s actually the best time to prune your trees and shrubs.

4. Interior Decorating

Winter is fantastic for sales. This is a great time to start shopping for must-haver items that you’ve been putting on the back-burner. Just because the holidays didn’t deliver all the gifts that you wanted, doesn’t mean it’s too late to get them yourself. Even better, winter will help you save on deals not available during the warmer months.