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There’s no question that the color of your kitchen cabinetry will have the most impact on the style of your kitchen.

One of our favorite suburbs in Minneapolis is Bloomington, from the diversity of dining to the beautiful new constructions, it is a very stylish place to live. With our new recent showroom opening in Lyndale, we also have had the opportunity to meet many new kitchen cabinetry clients in the area.

We’ve noticed some trends in popular cabinetry color remain the same, while new ones taking place. This is truly one of the toughest decisions to make when choosing the cabinetry for your kitchen or bathroom vanity.

In order to give you some inspiration, we’ve highlighted three popular colors Bloomington homeowners are choosing for kitchen cabinetry.

Deluxe White Shaker Style

Truly a classic, white kitchen cabinetry has been in style since the inception of kitchen cabinetry. From its versatility to its timelessness, there’s a reason why its managed to top the list every year. Our Deluxe White Shaker style has a glossy finish and is sure to brighten up any room.

Gray Ash Shaker Style

For those seeking to to be a little different than common trends, our Gray Ash Shaker is a stylish option. It is a brighter gray and will still work wells in rooms that don’t have a lot of light. An original choice was combining it with our Deluxe White Shaker. Choosing a different color for the kitchen island is a rising trend in the kitchen design world, and we’re loving our clients’ creativity.

American Mocha Cherry Style

100% American and 100% solid wood wood (like all our cabinetry styles, the American Mocha Cherry style is perfect for Bloomington homeowners seeking to embrace tradition. Use our Deluxe White Shaker on the island for a modern twist. If you want to show off the aesthetic of the wood and finishing, the MCC mocha is a picture-perfect choice.

Regardless of the style you choose, one of our experts at Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice will work with you to ensure it is the right choice for you. We will go over design ideas and alternatives to make sure the final project feels like home. Check out some tips on how to care for the cabinetry after, here!

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Changing the cabinetry in a kitchen alone will create an entirely new look. What color and style will dictate the aesthetic for the entire room. This brought us to question what are the popular cabinetry trends in the Twin Cities right now?

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White shaker cabinetry remains a classic.

This cabinetry trend remains popular throughout suburbs, like Edina, Bloomington, Lakeville and more. It’s also popular in city apartments, and among home flippers. White shaker is one of those trends that will never go out of style.

Sherwin-Williams’ 2020 color of the year is naval.

This might influence some blue kitchen cabinetry this year, a trend that already picked up in 2019. Sherwin-Williams color of the year is naval. However, we don’t suggest naval cabinetry. Stick with accents and fixtures less permanent. Another stylish idea is a naval bathroom vanity.

Engineered-quartz benchtops are on the rise.

The texture is not only what our interior design dreams are made of, they truly finish any kitchen with the special touch of texture. Benchtops are our favorite combination of function and style. Houzz trends report knows what we’re talking about.

Maple, Alder or Oak for the win.

These cabinetry materials continue to be our favorite, and that is probably why our MCC semi-custom line of cabinetry styles continue to be our most popular. From the Antique White Glazed to the French Espresso, what’s your favorite?

Grey doesn’t have to be bland.

It might not be ideal for a cloudy day, but grey is more stylish than we credit it for. Leaning towards a darker shade, this is also becoming increasingly popular among kitchen designers. It encapsulates masculinity without the room becoming dark.

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There are a lot of important questions to ask during home remodeling. Doing the proper research and setting expectations can help you avoid obstacles in the long run, especially if it you’re home that you’re remodeling.

This occurred to me at a recent construction site in Lakeville, Minnesota when a new client mentioned being stiffed by his previous cabinetry supplier when the wrong sizes were delivered.

Our biggest advice is to always ask for an itemized list of the cabinetry being delivered, and verified by your contractor.

Cabinetry is basically the clothes for your kitchen. It will enhance (if done correctly) the style and function of the room.

Minneapolis is home to beautiful neighborhood suburbs, such as Lakeville, Bloomington, Edina and more. When our clients move from buildings to start their lives in beautiful homes for a family, the kitchen is usually the top of the list for renovations.

Our first recommendation is wood. Make sure that whatever cabinetry supplier you use offers 100% solid wood. Affordable doesn’t always mean quality, and one should not cancel out the other.

Additionally, style is essential. There are so many different variations and colors, such as frameless and shaker, to maple, alder or oak, what is it you’re looking for? Always make sure to ask for options, and don’t be shy to ask for advice. Most home contractors will be happy to help, as ideally it won’t be their first time in the rodeo. If you’re looking to bounce ideas, just request a free consultation by calling one of our experts at 952-564-9118.

Don’t forget to ask for timing, and if it’s this is the final cost? Probably two of the most costly questions to consider. Make sure the price you’re paying includes the entire project, and that there’s a time frame that the contractor can commit to. Often, you’re cabinetry supplier and contractor come from the same source, which Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice offers, as well.

Just read some of our happy clients reviews, here.

Ultimately, remember remodeling your home should be an exciting and fun time in your life. But it’s important to do your due diligence, and remember that it should be taken seriously. Don’t rely on outside expertise, and avoid being taken advantage of by knowing average costs, what the market offers and typical timeframes, that way your expectations will match the best in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction is what MCC is all about!

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Another popular project easy to do during the winter months is re-furbishing the look of your kitchen cabinets! This doesn’t mean hauling out all your cabinets and starting over – unless you want to completely renovate. It also doesn’t mean re-arranging the whole footprint of your kitchen. It does mean imagining your old kitchen with a whole new look. This can be accomplished in several ways. . .

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1. You could paint!

Yes, you can paint cabinets. You can do it as a DIY project (and, potentially be disappointed with the results) or, you can hire someone who knows what s/he’s doing and be assured that no skimping will occur on the sanding and drying in-between coats of luxurious paint. This can add amazing color to your room and perk-up even the most dark or dour
kitchen! Consider a deep navy blue with brushed nickel handles or a deep rich grey with shiny brass handles or go with a totally traditional look – solid white with handles that either show rich contrast (dark bronze) or disappear entirely with the white-on-white look. Color can transform your space, and it is a great project for winter!

2. You could replace or re-face all the doors and drawer-fronts!

This lets you consider glass inserts for a look that lets you and your guests admire your lovely pieces often hidden away behind closed doors! It also allows you to consider the finish – maybe you’re tired of that golden oak and you’d really like a fresher, updated look – go ahead! Your contractor can show you finishes that will totally refresh your kitchen with designs that will have you saying, “Whose kitchen is this?” Don’t look now – it is YOURS!

3. You could replace some cabinets with open shelving!

For a totally modern look and a design that says, “Look at all the cool stuff we have!” You can design for the things that make you happy – maybe it is big glass display jars of your favorite carbohydrates – cereal, rice, barley,
even lentils and beans – beautiful on their own, in bright clear glass containers, they become decorations that sparkle and invite! Consider showing off your collection too – maybe it is made up of tea pots or beautifully painted rice bowls or maybe your guilty pleasure is colored glass. Go ahead, put it out in the open – let everyone enjoy what you’ve collected over the years! Make the heart of your home reflect the guilty pleasures you’ve treasured and kept to yourself.

Now, put them on display for all to see!

In our exploration of what you might want to do in the dead of winter to re-envision your kitchen, this seems the very simplest of all the choices…

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If you’re doing a bigger renovation, it’s important to consider how all the rooms will fit together in the end. Do give some thought to making the cabinetry throughout the house cohesive in design and function.  

Your cabinets, which are essentially the core furniture of several key spaces in your home, need to compliment, or at least work with, the other furnishings you intend to position in the home.  Not all of us can discard our furniture as we renovate our home. So, before you pick that perfectly mid-century modern back-splash with the white-shaker cabinet doors as the mainstay of your look, imagine what your curved and footed, French-legged dining set will look like amid a household built to mimic an episode of Mad Men. 

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Consider what furnishings your keeping, including Grandma’s crazy quilt and that afghan made of crocheted squares, and ask yourself, “If these belongings comfort me, would I really want to live with the minimalist design I’m contemplating?”  Perhaps a clean-modern country look is really more your style? And, it is perfectly acceptable to mix styles and be eclectic in your decision making, just do it with planning and intention, not the lack of it.

Cabinetry can have a broad reach of styles if you keep it simple.  Fewer flourishes, simpler knobs or handles, minimal grain if wood fits your design and clean edges can make your design reach to almost any sort of furnishings you choose for your surroundings.  Let your statement pieces be in the colors you choose, the counter-top surfaces and the light-fixtures, all of which are much easier to change-out over time than your wall-to-wall furniture we call cabinetry.

Internal decisions about your cabinets may be the most important choices you make. What do you need INSIDE your cabinets?  In the kitchen, is it all about reach (for those of us who are vertically challenged, this is always the case!) or convenience?  Is it about not having to nest the pots or hunt for their lids? Is it about a place to keep the crystal you love but seldom use without giving it the best real estate in the room by finding it a safe but out-of-your-way space at the top of a cabinet?  Only you know those distinctively-personal needs that you bring to your design. Don’t minimize their importance as you choose what will, and won’t, work for you!

In the bathrooms, does storage matter? Do you have lots of other places to keep your linens? If so, that’s great! But if the bathroom cabinetry has to hold everything you could possibly need to prepare for the day, then making the most of those spaces is critical.  Laying out all the items that might matter to you in the finished space may help you determine where it can all go, once the design is in play. Your space has to be your own. Personalizing the details can make living with the final choices so much more enjoyable!

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When it comes to real estate and construction, words are often used loosely and interchangeably. However, this is an area where it’s important to be specific. The most common misconception in the industry occurs with remodeling and renovating.

The key difference between the two is that a remodel entails creating something new, while a renovation is essentially restoring something to its previous state. If you’re a home owner, renovating is ideal when you want to invigorate and refresh your home, while remodeling is best for those who want to alter it.

You might be wondering, which option is best for you?

Start by considering your budget. Remodeling projects will typically always cost more than renovations. It involves more complex design considerations, as well as more construction, electric and plumbing expenses. Simply put, it’s more expensive to rebuild something than it is to polish it. Sometimes its best to consult with a professional to decide which option is best for you. You can schedule a free consultation with one of our experts!

If you’re content with the layout of your space, then a renovation might be the best option. This can involve repainting and refacing cabinets to adding finishes and fixtures. Renovations personalize a room to make it feel more like you, adding a homely ambiance.

Now if you want to combine the kitchen and living room, or add a kitchen island, then you would be interested in remodeling. This is ideal for someone who wants a whole new look and feel.

Ultimately, remodeling is best for those who want to create a new space, while renovations are for those who want a touch up. When it comes to selling your home, renovations provide a better return of investment. Remodeling is a better investment in yourself.

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Thinking of renovating your kitchen in Minneapolis? There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your home, kitchen cabinetry is one of the most beneficial. From making your day-to-day life easier, the kitchen is the heart of the house.

We’ve listed our top 5 reasons to invest in kitchen cabinetry when remodeling your kitchen in Minneapolis.

1. Interior Design

Aside from work, you will spend a majority of your time at home. Home renovations are a magical way to transform it from just where you live to a space that reflects who you are.

2. Increase Storage Space

Do you find yourself struggling for space? Kitchen cabinetry doesn’t just add to the overall appeal of a kitchen, but it can save you a headache when it comes to organization. If your countertops are constantly cluttered because not everything fits in your kitchen cabinets, it may be time to call our kitchen remodeling experts!

3. Increase Property Value

Not only will kitchen renovations improve your quality of life and allow you to enjoy your kitchen in a whole new way, but it will actually increase its overall value! If there ever times a come to sell, it will attract more potential buyers and enable you to recoup your original investment.

4. Improve Functionality

Do you find that your kitchen doesn’t have the most efficient layout? Is there not enough counter space? Are you constantly pacing back and forth? One of our kitchen design experts can work with you to not only create a kitchen that looks good but works for you! It all starts with the cabinetry.

5. Impress Your Guests

Planning your next dinner party in Minneapolis? Upgrading your kitchen with beautifully cabinetry is bound to be the talk of the night. Whether you choose one of our gorgeous maple, decide on a more old fashioned look with oak, renovating the kitchen will add to the atmosphere for any party or dinner. After all, the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the house. Let us help you choose the color and style that will best reflect your personal taste. Quality is always guaranteed.

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