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Achieve harmony and balance with one of the many products we offer for your home or office.

Inset Cabinetry is a time honored design. Craftsmen generations ago created fine inset cabinetry for their homes and select clients. Today, you can have the clean, distinctive lines of inset cabinetry.

100% of Fieldstone Cabinetry’s products are compliant with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) to reduce formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products including hardwood plywood (HWPW), medium density fiberboard (MDF), and particleboard (PB). In laymen’s terms, it means that Fieldstone Cabinetry complies with the nation’s strictest regulations regarding formaldehyde.

ALDER is a softer wood with a fine straight grain and even texture. Color is light brown with yellow or reddish tinge, with little difference between heartwood and sapwood. Alder does not evolve in color or darken when exposed to light or heat as other woods do, and takes stain and finishes well. More than some of the other woods, care must be taken to avoid damage due to its softer nature. Some small tight knots can be found with standard Alder.

HICKORY is a heavy,strong wood. It is know for flowing vibrant grain patterns and dramatic color variations. Hickory can also exhibit random pecks, burls, and mineral streaks. Hickory’s color ranges across a wide spectrum, from nearly white do dark brown.

RUSTIC ALDER, RUSTIC CHERRY AND RUSTIC HICKORY refers to the Rustic Version of these species. It is characterized by knots, burls and mineral streaks found on center panels, stiles and rails of the door, and on the drawer headers, which could impact hardware placement. Knots will be sound and will be closed, but certain angles could show light through the knots. Glazing rustic species will enhance these unique characteristics.

CHERRY displays a distinctive grain pattern and warm color. The color ranges from nearly white to dark reddish brown. Dark pockets, pin knots, and random streaks are common. More than most woods, Cherry will darken when exposed to light, especially in light stains. The more sun Cherry receives, the faster it will darken. This will be most evident in new wood and will slow as it ages.

LYPTUS is a hard, fine-grain hardwood with rich, warm tone. Lyptus comes from fast growing eucalyptus trees that are ready to be harvested within 14 to 16 years of planting. These trees are grown on non tropical, certified plantations. Color variations can be extreme, but they are minimized when you choose a darker stain. More than most woods, Lyptus mellows and darken with exposure to light. When Lyptus is stained in a dark color, it looks very much like mahogany.

MAPLE is a versatile hardwood with a fine, smooth grain. It varies in color from nearly white to a slightly reddish brown. Mineral or sugar streaks occur naturally in Maple and can vary from piece to piece. Variations will be more noticeable in lighter stains.

OAK is a strong wood with a long linear grain, often displaying tiny rays. You may notice small pinholes and tight knots. Color will range from golden blonde to deeper reddish tones. This cut of OAK is know as flat sawn. QUARTER SAWN OAK is milled at an angle of 60 to 90 degrees from the grain, allowing rays and flecks to become visible, giving the wood a unique, often vintage, character and dimension.

A STAIN is a basic yet substantial finish that adds color to wood while revealing the beauty of the grain. The wood affects the color of the stain, so the same stain will look different on each wood type. In some cases, the difference is dramatic. For the richest, most consistent color coverage, Fieldstone apply the stain and then hand rub it into the wood. There are no machine shortcuts; elbow grease is the only way to coax the luster from stained wood.

The best way to describe tinted varnish is t0 say it gives cabinetry a paint-like finish. However, our tinted varnish is much more durable than paint. Through the country, this type of finish is also called “enamel” or “opaque”. Tinted varnish is available on Maple, Oak and Quarter Saw Oak cabinetry, and each wood yields a different look. The grain of Maple wood is concealed by tinted varnish and the grain of Oak and Quarter Saw Oak show through tinted varnish.

Fieldstone Cabinetry has five glaze colors: Bronze, Chocolate, Ebony, Latte and Nickel. Glazes are available to go over both stains and tinted varnishes. We apply the glaze by hand and then wipe it off by hand. When our craftsman wipes off the glaze, he or she can best use the glaze to define the details in that particular kitchen. The profiles on a door and drawer, and other details on cabinetry, such as corbels, rosettes or shells, are stunning when glazed. We glaze every part of your cabinetry by hand-doors, drawers, moulding and panels.

Is your color Stain?

Is your color a Stain with Glaze?

Is your color a Stain with Glaze and Cottage Distressing?

Is your color a Tinted Varnish?

Is your color a Tinted Varnish with Glaze?

Is your color a Tinted Varnish with Glaze and Cottage Distressing?

After answering any of those questions think if you want to add spattering or do you want to add light chain distressing?

Artisan Effects: Cottage with light chain Distressing, Cottage without light chain Distressing and Old world Distressing. Colors: Custom Stain, Custom Stain with Glaze, Custom Tinted Varnish, Custom Tinted Varnish with Glaze.

Distressing Techniques: Brush Stroke, (as seen in Villa), Chiseling, (as seen in Homestead Red), Dips, Knife cuts, Light chain distressing, Padding (as seen in Chateaux), Rasping, Rounded corners, Rub through on flat surfaces, Spattering, Speckling (with Latte glaze, as seen in Linen), Speckling, (with dark brown, as seen in Chateaux), Worm holes, Worn edges on center panel. ALL with options of Custom Stain, Custom Stain with Glaze, Custom Tinted Varnish and Custom Tinted Varnish with Glaze.

Fieldstone Cabinetry’s construction, materials and all finishes are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Specialty colors take your room to a whole new level. Artistic effects are added to popular colors to add character and in some cases, a vintage feel.

100+ door styles in six style families Cottage/Shabby Chic, Contemporary, Transitional, Traditional, Ornate, Arts & Crafts/ Shaker/ Mission.

Brittany, a stain finish, Cherry Paprika, a stain finish, Brittany with Ebony Glaze, it is a stain with Glaze finish, Brittany with Chocolate Glaze, is a stain with Glaze finish, Burgundy, a stain finish.

Style isn’t just the things that surround you. It’s a way of life. An Art. Cambria brings together Inspired Craftsmanship, American Quality, and Industry- Leading innovation to create stunning natural stone masterpieces with legendary durability for years of flawless beauty.

Sure to command attention, The Ocean Collection featuring OAKMOOR and ROXWELL makes a bold statement with its linear flow and striking appearance. No other stone surface can match the beauty this collection has to offer.

Modern Classics; Cambria understand the art that goes into creating spaces that are practical and elegant. With 133 selections that range from bold and contemporary to timeless classics. Some of the new designs are: Weybourne, Swanbridge, Carrick, Daron, Fieldstone desert collection, Newport, Torquay, Dovedale, Waverton, Castlemartin, Fairbourne, New Bridghton, Collybrooke, Ramsey.

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