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A Kitchen or Bath remodel provides the highest re-sale return as a home improvement project. Minneapolis Contractors Choice-MCC offers tailored floor to ceiling – start to finish project management services and products to remodel your Kitchen, Bath, Bedroom, Living-room and in general to build and furnish your home according to your needs, lifestyle and budget.

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We guarantee the lowest price on the best brands to remodel or build your home. We carry products from different manufactures to meet your needs; our partnered manufacturers support our commitment to provide best quality products and services at the lowest prices.

Products and Services for Home Improvement, Custom Home Builders, Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare and Residential Remodeling for the Public and Private Sector.


Let’s talk about countertops, shall we? Regardless of your kitchen or bathroom and no matter how big or small, you likely need a countertop. So why not make sure it’s beautiful? Here at Minneapolis Contractors Choice – MCC, we have a plethora of options, we carry; solid surfaces, quartz, quartzite, granite, natural stone, and specialty surfaces for every budget and every taste. So, let us tell you what we have and let’s get your countertop in place.

Quartz. Not only is quartz the second most abundant mineral on earth, but it’s gorgeous, scratch resistant, non-porous, and virtually stain resistant as well. What’s not to love?! Of course, quartz countertops aren’t quartz in its pure form, it’s generally combined with some type of resin that’s man made and engineered in order to create the smooth, non-porous texture we love. In case you need clarification, non-porous also means less germs: a dream for the kitchen and bathroom, where germs and bacteria are everywhere .

Here at Minneapolis Contractors Choice – MCC, we carry  many different brands of quartz countertops; Cambria, Silestone, Cesar Stone and Dupon’s Zodiaq in many different colors and patterns; some of our color options are also available in a concrete finish,which has a matte appearance versus the sheen in the others.

Granite. It still seems to be the most popular choice in countertops. Why? It’s affordable, it comes in many different options, and it’s easy to maintain. Through Minneapolis Contractors – MCC, you can obtain any finish in granite that you can imagine. While granite can stand the test of time, it is porous, meaning that liquids can seep into it over time.  However, it can stand the test of time when it comes to heat, scratching, or any household cleaning solution. Less expensive than quartz in most cases, it’s understandable why granite remains #1 in countertop choice.

Marble. Ahhhh, marble. It’s beautiful and we often equate it with luxury. However, it’s softer and less durable than granite, and also more porous. Household acids and cleaners will clean up easily if noticed quickly. However, if you have a mustard spill that you don’t catch until hours later, expect staining to be visible – and that will be the case with any product that contains acid. Ketchup, vinegar, anything tomato based. The list goes on. We love marble as much as anyone, but these are realistic factors to consider when choosing a countertop that will adorn your kitchen or bathroom for years to come. As you can imagine, marble does require some frequent treatment to hold up to everyday wear and tear. In my humble opinion, for a kitchen that’s used – and I mean used – day in and day out, marble may not be the wisest choice for you and your family.

Laminate. Minneapolis Contractors Choice – MCC offers Wilsonart laminate countertops. They’re beautiful, luxurious, and easier on the pocket book than the aforementioned products. Laminate is environmentally friendly and made mostly of paper. It’s engineered and compacted into countertop surfaces that are durable, Again, it’s affordability makes it attractive, but don’t forget it comes in many different finishes and designs. Contact us to help you choose the right laminate for your space! `

Consider the options available, your budget, and what Minneapolis Contractors Choice – MCC  has to offer before choosing the countertop that’s right for your lifestyle. Sure, there are other options out there, but we’ve highlighted some popular options to get your wheels turning. We offer free design consultations and free estimates. Not to mention we have a great assortment and the best prices around the Twin Cities. Stop in or schedule a time to meet with us. We’ll be waiting to help you with all of your design needs!

Millennials. We hear the word constantly. Who are they? Well, it depends who you ask, but for the sake of this article, we will go with the large group of folks born between 1981 and 1997. A big range, right? And what is it they want, exactly? In the age of social media and instant gratification, it’s easy to understand why this group falls into an interesting generation, full of many firsts that the world had never seen. Cell phones became the norm, social media became a thing, and all while this group of people was growing up and learning to embrace it. It’s no surprise that design, as it relates to millenials, is just as interesting as this fascinating generation itself.

So, how do you design for Millennials? Let’s focus on current trends. Reclaimed wood, oversized sliding barn doors, natural stone, LED lights. The simplistic “farmhouse” look became popular recently and there’s many ways to modify it. Millennials want a blank slate – think neutral spaces that can be easily and instantly updated for any mood or season. Here at Minneapolis Contractors Choice – MCC, we have porcelain and ceramic tile, as well as hardwood flooring from the best manufacturers.

We asked some millennial friends about their design style. From the homes we’d seen, we had a hunch what the answers would be! Rustic and modern. Easily transitional. One friend stated, “I want to be able to change the mood of the room by adding new throw pillows, a cool rug, or a new art piece, without having to change any major pieces.” Smart, right? Spending a few hundred dollars vs. a few thousand dollars to change the vibe is so satisfying! Minneapolis Contractors Choice- MCC can help you with the big pieces, such as flooring, furniture, cabinetry, and the personal touches, such as wall decor or any other accessories from LENOX.

One trend we’ve seen in kitchens of millenials is pops of color. Bright green painted cabinets or a vintage stove in royal blue. Why not? Mixing textures and trends is also popular. It’s not out of the ordinary to find mid-century modern mixed with transitional and contemporary pieces. Millennials tend to pick individual pieces they like, instead of choosing pieces that are cohesive. And it’s working. They grew up in the tan, brown, earthy tone era, with stainless appliances and granite countertops. Now they strive for something a bit different than what mom and dad had.

Don’t forget: this crew of over 70 million in the United States is extremely tech savvy. Be ready to wow them with state of the art options like floor heating and cooling, moveable countertops, door locks controlled with their mobile devices, and so on! The possibilities are endless, millennials know how to find what they want, and we are here to help.

See you soon at Minneapolis Contractors Choice-MCC!

There is a lot of pleasure that can be derived from taking a drive to look at the colors of every season here in Minnesota. We get to enjoy four very different seasons and take in all that Mother Nature provides with each. Not to mention, sometimes we feel like we encounter every season in the span of a few short days!

Let’s talk about the colors of nature and easy ways to incorporate them into your home. Yellows, reds, browns, oranges, even blacks are not only great to see on drives along the North Shore in the fall, they’re lovely as accent colors in your space. Here are a few suggestions on how to utilize them:

Yellow is multi-talented, because it has so many variations. Bright yellow, mustard yellow, lemon yellow, even chartreuse can be used all year long. It instantly brightens a drab room. Blend your yellows with browns, blacks, whites, more neutral or foundation colors. Gold and brass are considered yellows as well, so use them as finishing touches or in your hardware selections.

The brown family is used very frequently in home color schemes, but is giving way to every shade of gray, as of late. It can be bold, but softer than black, and much warmer. Browns can be used in woodwork, wood finishes, furniture, or accessories and accents. Browns work well with most other colors, or even simply with other shades of brown. And, if you want some excellent contrast, pastels are an excellent complement, as are easy blue tones.

Don’t think only pumpkins when considering whether or not to use orange variations. Orange can be a real pick-me-up, and can simultaneously warm and brighten your living space. If you want “whimsical,” try lighter shades of orange in children’s areas. If you want “rich,” use darker orange tones in areas of the home that have social applications. Orange is very flexible!

Everyone loves red, right? Red steps up and takes hold of the area in which it’s used.
It will stake its claim and make a statement. It can be used as a dominant color, but can also be used sparingly to help a room pop. Match red with light colors or neutrals. Red and white is classic, but red and taupe or gray works well too. Don’t hold back; use red in any room in the home!

The always classic black and white will never go out of style. Accessorize with black. Accent with black. Offset black with lighting and artwork for a dramatic feel. An

important note about black is that it can hold many different undertones. Purple, blue, green, and brown are common undertones you’ll see in blacks. Consider that when adding black paint to your room!

Not a fan of the colors of fall? Consider green in any shade. Accessorizing with plants is an easy and inexpensive way to add life (literally and figuratively) to your room. Ever notice how much different a table looks with a vase of fresh flowers sitting atop of it? You can have that beautiful, inexpensive look all the time! Don’t underestimate the power of plants!

While we are talking about accessorizing, here are a few often forgotten tips to make sure the accessory you love in the catalog or the store shelf translate perfectly to your personal space:

  • ●  Hang pictures and artwork at the correct height. The midpoint of your piece should be 55-60 inches from the floor.
  • ●  Use odd numbers. A grouping of 3 or 5 candlesticks, vases, or anything else, will generally be more pleasing to the eye than pairs.
  • ●  Coordinate colors, but don’t be too “matchy.”
  • ●  Often, less really is more. Don’t overthink it. Too many items grouped together is

    busy and unappealing.

  • ●  Find one focal point – maybe it’s a beautiful piece of abstract artwork – and use

    less “busy” or ore neutral pieces around it.

  • ●  Have fun! Decorating your space shouldn’t feel daunting. If you like each piece in

    your room, you’ll like your room as a whole. You have to live in the space and see it each day!

    Our design team at Minneapolis Contractors Choice- MCC is second to none. We’ll guide you while working within your tastes, and as importantly, with your budget! Come and see us; we’re the highest quality in every area, but at the best prices in the market. See you soon!

As we all get older, we inevitably have decisions to make regarding our living situation. It’s rare that you hear about people looking forward to leaving their homes; rather, you hear how they simply can’t navigate their home, and must move.

If you desire to “age in place,” there are plenty of redecorating and redesign options that could allow you to stay in your home. Obviously, there are some situations that can’t be overcome, whether it be a medical situation or perhaps that a home would simply be too expensive to adapt. In general, however, a good share of current homes can be modified to allow people with changing physical requirements to stay put.

If you choose to stay where you are, and need to adapt your home to ensure comfort and safety, here are some considerations:

-Smart-home technology is available, and can go a long way to easing your anxiety and accessibility. Things available include:

-Sensors to keep track of your movements throughout your home, the security of your home, and of course energy efficiency;

-Everyone knows voice-activation technology these days. There are devices available that will allow you to turn on/off lights, electronics, change climate controls, secure your home, and even water your lawn!

-Safety is obviously a huge consideration. As much as we hate to think about it, falls around the home do happen. In fact, 60% of falls occur at home. As you redesign, think about:

-Installing handrails on both sides of the stairway;

-Conform surfaces: make the levels consistent going from inside to outside. If you have steps, install handrails, again on both sides. But, a gradual incline would be better than steps.

-Be aware of slipping and tripping potential inside the home as well as outside. Talk to us about floor coverings that will allow you to eliminate rugs and floor mats which can be dangerous. We’ll make your floor surfaces slip-resistant and durable as well as fashionable!

-Accessibility is increasingly important as we age. The standard door width is 30″; we might suggest changing them to 36″. Create enough clearance for a wheelchair to fit through a doorway. As you change the doorway, also consider changing door hardware. There are options that are safer than doorknobs, for example.

Bathroom accessibility is key. Tubs and showers tend to be difficult spots. Let us design something with bath safety AND fashionable considerations.

Along with the bathroom, the kitchen is of major importance. We have shelving that will make your life a lot easier, countertops that will be easier to deal with, and updating appliances to minimize risk is important as well.
We’ve got everything you need to update BOTH form AND function!

Aging is not a topic most people like to discuss. Our objective is to give you and your family options to stay in your home for as long as you desire. At Minneapolis Contractors Choice- MCC our design team can help you address your concerns. Let us work with you! And remember: no one beats our pricing, our quality, our design, or our installation!

When Daylight Savings Time ends, most people will go to work in the dark, and come home in the dark. That means any sunshine will occur while we’re stuck inside. Ugh!

We know that eventually the seasons will change, days will get longer again, and we’ll be enriched with vitamin D from the sun. Whether it’s in the middle of winter or the height of summer, it’s wonderful to have a space in your home that will let the sunshine in!

Two-season, three-season, and even four-season porches have been extremely popular projects in both new construction and remodels. Between these porches and sunrooms, why not make them the brightest and most cheerful and uplifting rooms in your home?

At Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice – MCC, we’ve designed and built from the most modest sunroom to the most elaborate four-season porch. We’ll help you capture the sunlight and create a living space that lifts everyone’s spirits. We have the largest selections of paints, flooring, cabinets, hardware, lighting…everything you need to pick up your mood whether in a cold Minnesota January or a beautiful Minnesota spring. And, we probably needn’t remind you that we can do it more affordably than our competition!

FREE consultation. FREE estimate.
FREE design services.

As you plan your sunroom/porch/in-home retreat, plan to make it the most comfortable room in the house. We install in-floor heating, floor-to-ceiling windows to capture natural light, cooling systems, you name it. But natural light always seems to be a key to everyone’s wants and desires, so an appropriate window plan is critical. Let us help you create the window configuration exactly as your mind sees it. Let’s create views. Then let’s do everything else your mind sees: let’s move walls, let’s create warmth, let’s create cool, let’s put in the greatest floor, and while we’re on that topic, have you heard of LifeGuard carpet? Life saver! For a room that will see a lot of traffic, you simply must consider this stain proof, kid proof, pet proof option. Let’s add wonderful cabinetry – whether it’s MCC’s very own semi-custom cabinetry or one of our other great brands. Let’s make this everyone’s favorite room!

It’s important to mention, you can do all sorts of terrific things with a room like this; We’ve even made health and wellness rooms for people…fitness areas, yoga studios, steam rooms, saunas, you name it. We’ve also created the opposite end of the spectrum, where people simply want a relaxation room…a healing, sun-filled sanctuary. We’re not suggesting which direction you should go; we’ll make it amazing no matter what you decide, and no detail will go unnoticed. From the carpet on your floor to the hardware on your doors, Minneapolis Contractors Choice – MCC, should be your one stop shop for your dream porch.

From concept to reality, there’s no better partner in your project than Minneapolis Contractors Choice-MCC.

Here in Minnesota, we know the struggle of lonnnnnng winters. We cherish “patio season” and all the joys it brings. Barbecues with friends, happy hours, gathering around a fire pit as the cooler evenings get even cooler, until we are forced to stay indoors, unless frostbite is desirable. We were thrilled to get a 70 degree day in October, it got us out on the patios, the decks, the bike trails, and the backyards, because we will soak up every ounce of beautiful coatless weather we possibly can! So, as the days get shorter and the inevitable cold draws near, why not think about warmer days and consider your options for everyone’s favorite outdoor spot: the deck!

MCC – Minneapolis Contractors Choice offers the best in premium decking. AZEK decks stand apart from the crowd and are known for their durability, low maintenance, and attractive style. We are proud to carry this masterfully engineered product at MCC. Backed by a 30 year warranty, AZEK decking boasts many advantages over a traditional wood deck. Some of the benefits include:

  • ●  Harsh weather resistance, which means no need to seal your deck annually! Instead, you’ll be sitting in your favorite chair, sipping a cold beverage and waiting for your steak on the grill, all the while, your next door neighbor is giving you the evil eye while skillfully doing his annual deck maintenance.
  • ●  Quick and easy installation. We will come out and give you a free estimate too!
  • ●  Stain, fading, and scratch resistant. The science in the creation of this polymer blended product surpasses the strength of wood every time.
  • ●  Resists mold and moisture. Ever step on a soggy plank of wood on someone’s deck and envision yourself falling through? Not with AZEK!
  • ●  I have to also mention: no splinters! Who hasn’t gotten a splinter and spent the next 2 hours trying to remove it? With AZEK, no such thing. We want you to spend those 2 hours enjoying your deck, not trying to remove it from your foot.

A vast variety of rich colors allow you to match your new deck to your home, with ease. The beautiful browns, reds, whites, and grays of varying shades might leave you a bit indecisive, but we are here to help if you can’t pick ‘the one.”

We know winter is around the corner, folks. But you know what comes after that? Spring and summer, AKA our beloved patio season! Or, we should say, deck season. It’s not too soon to start planning your new outdoor space. With AZEK, it’ll be one that lasts for the duration of the time you spend in your home. Stop in to Minneapolis Contractors Choice- MCC at 2100w 98th St, Bloomington, MN 55431 or give us a call at 952-564-9118. We’d love to be your one stop shop for all of your decking needs!

Kitchen islands may be more popular than ever. They are so functional, but they can do so much more than hold your pots and pans. In a kitchen, there’s really no better way to make a statement and maximize counter and storage space. Let Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice – MCC, help you build something useful and beautiful!

When remodeling or building your kitchen island, do more than just create a storage space or a sitting area. Consider a microwave, a cook top or a sink, or both if, your island is big enough. Think of how the space around the island could be freed-up by utilizing the island for some of your daily activities! Think of the improved traffic flow around the kitchen, and how much more you could utilize the counter tops and cabinets around the perimeter of the kitchen. A good island can make the whole kitchen better! (We do not recommend to install a cooktop on the island if you have small children for safety reasons.)


As you think of additional uses for your island, like a place for the kids to do homework or to get the kids to help you cook dinner, we can help you maximize its storage space too. Talk to our design team and we’ll create Form and Function! Our custom cabinets can really do it all for you. Minneapolis Contractors Choice-MCC  will give you the option of additional pull out shelves, drawers, and cabinets for recycling bins.

Some other ideas and trends happening with kitchen islands:

1. Waterfall countertops. These are as they sound: where the countertop flows along the sides of the island. You can accomplish this with a variety of countertop materials: natural stone, quartz, wood, concrete…just about anything!

2. More and more people are seeing their kitchen island as a piece of furniture. You can have something custom built, or you can now find pre-crafted pieces. You can match other pieces of furniture from your surrounding kitchen or even dining room things. You can create any look you’d like, and still be able to accomplish functionality and storage. And don’t forget electrical outlets, charging stations, and accommodations for trash and recycling.



3. Fashion. Make your kitchen island an attention-grabber! Utilize colors, contrast, and feel free to use multiple materials too! The world of remodeling and redecorating has changed, and at Minneapolis Contractors Choice- MCC we are leading the change. Talk to our design and product teams; we’ll create what you want, and we’ll do it affordably!

Vinyl flooring has come a long way. I don’t know about you, but when I used to hear “vinyl”, I pictured a giant roll of flooring that was white so shiny that you can almost see your reflection in it. Remember? While that does still exist, there are so many more affordable, beautiful options out there to make your space feel like home.

Then there’s the traditional hardwood option. If you want a floor that looks like wood, choose hardwood flooring, right? Not necessarily! While hardwood flooring has also advanced in many ways over the past couple of decades, there are just as many vinyl options that look like wood, these days. That can be a huge benefit to your living space and your pocketbook.

So, what should you consider when you’re in the market for flooring?

●  Vinyl is known for its durability in high traffic areas. It can take a beating without showing wear. Hardwood, on the other hand, is more prone to scratches, dents, scuffs, etc. It is wood, after all.

●  Design. Again, with the developments that have taken place in the world of vinyl flooring, it can be nearly impossible to visually tell the difference between vinyl and hardwood.

●  Cost. Chances are, if you’re in the midst of a renovation, you’re witnessing the cost climb and you dream about dollar signs at night. Vinyl is considerably less expensive than hardwood flooring, which can help you rest a bit easier.

●  Overall wear. Hardwood is susceptible to damage due to moisture – that means humidity in the air too. Ever look at a curved piece of wood and wonder how in the world it ended up like that? Not something you’ll probably want to ponder when it comes to a piece of your floor. Vinyl, on the other hand, is waterproof.

At Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice, we have many choices to fulfill your vinyl flooring dreams! One of our experts can help make your next remodel everything you’ve imagined, of course, at a fraction of the price.

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Do you know the reason behind Labor Day?

In the 1830s, people working an average of 70-hour weeks in manufacturing companies. Naturally, workers felt they were spending too many hours and days on the job. So union organizers started organizing efforts to get more days off. Along with reducing the work week to six days with a shorter eight-hour work day, the Labor Day holiday was also part of this agenda.The goal was to create an occasion that brought different types of workers together to meet and recognize their common interests.

In 1894 President Grover Cleveland signed the Labor Day bill into law. However, congress’ proclamation covers only federal employees, as it is up to each state to declare its own legal holidays.

Labor Day is celebrated the First Monday of every September. Interestingly, it also commonly used to mark the end of summer and the start or the school year.

These efforts to give the working class more time off benefits all of society. This extra time off incentivize workers to spend their wages traveling, dining out and participating in other forms of entertainment. It turns the working class into the consuming class.

This is one of the many reasons that it’s important for private companies and government agencies to honor this holiday. Don’t lose the spirit of Labor Day. Companies: give your employees their day off! Workers: take advantage of this day — shut off your phone, disconnect from work, and go celebrate and BBQ!

I was reading an article recently about redecorating a staircase. My first thought was, “what a great idea!” It also made me want to remind people that there can be really fun projects where they aren’t routinely considered. I thought about how smaller projects can really dress up a home; they don’t need to be mega-expensive and perhaps don’t even require as much planning as larger projects, but they can really invigorate your entire layout.

The staircase article was a really good example of how important the details of remodeling and redecorating can be. Railings, spindles, and risers are things that many of us don’t even think about, but they can really have a dramatic visual effect. Adding a runner to the stairs, changing carpet, painting the various elements are a little more obvious upgrades that should be considered as well.

The point we’re trying to make is that we should all think outside the box. Sure, remodeling a bathroom or basement is wonderful and can upgrade your home’s value, quality of life, and lifestyle. But, what about simply redoing the flooring of a room or two? Or, how about just changing the facings of your cabinets? Or just your countertops? Think about accessories and allow yourself to change the attitude that your home conveys without a large investment.

We can help!

Our designers deal with projects that range from new construction to bathroom tile. There is no project too big or too small for Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice.

If you choose to do a larger project such as your bathroom, you still need to consider the small details as well as the larger picture. Don’t minimize the effects of drawer hardware, mirror lighting, even the look (as well as the function) of shower heads and faucets.

While we’re discussing bathrooms, a few more things to keep in mind:
-Vanities are a focal point and are often the first impression when entering your bathroom;
-Standards have changed: the old “comfort height” of 32″ is now 36″;
-Consider function in addition to fashion, particularly in your bathroom. As the population ages, things like walk-in tubs are becoming more popular, and it’s always less expensive to add something like that when part of a larger project;
-Don’t forget the walls!
We hope we’ve stirred up your imagination and reminded you that even small changes can make a huge difference!


When you build or redecorate, don’t assume any tile you use has to look like your grandma’s kitchen floor. Tile can now be both functional and fashionable, and new technology has made it very affordable! Processes like Inkjet Tile Printers can dramatically reduce costs and expand options in shapes, colors, and textures. Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice – MCC, can be as creative and imaginative as you care to be, and we’ll always keep your budget in mind.

Here are some trends we’ve noted:

  • ●  Black tiles continue to gain popularity due to the ability to portray sophistication and create contrast. And, various shapes of black are also being utilized;
  • ●  Don’t feel like you have to stick to basic colors. Talk to one of our talented professionals about using patterns as well! Consider your walls, backsplashes, entryways, laundry rooms and mudrooms as areas to express yourself and create works of art!
  • ●  Mixing and matching has become very popular. You can mix colors, textures, shapes, sizes, and finishes. It’s time to have fun with tiling! Ask us how manufacturers are getting creative too: shapes and cuts are growing rapidly!As you determine which tiles you’ll be using, remember that doing your own installation can be difficult, especially if you’re mixing and matching shapes, colors, and patterns. Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice- MCC offers free installation on many of their products, and utilizes on the the best labor in the building and remodeling markets. You will not be disappointed with your products, your installation, or the new image that our professionals can help you create.Come and see us soon at 2100 W 98th St, Bloomington, MN 55431.   Call (952) 564-9118


Quality alone is not enough…


Butler Specialty Company is passionate about Design. Driven to produce The Brightest Spot In Your Room.

Fall in Love All Over Again!

Jewelry Chests

Accent Chairs

Console, Sofas and Tables


Serving Carts-Tables



Desks & Secretaries

Pedestals & Planters




Chests Cabinets

Entertainment Centers
Magazine Baskets

Umbrella Stands

Blanket Quilt Racks

Step Stools

Costumers Halltrees

Chests Cabinets



Stylish, fun and cozy outdoor spaces have become a must-have in creating the dream home today.
We have the answer: Decks!


Homeowners want a versatile space, from a quiet place to meditate or read, to fully functional entertaining spaces with kitchen and dining.


Decks are the hottest trend in the home renovation market today, and it even enhances the value of your home.


 It isn’t just an investment in the quality of life, but it will lead to a higher profit when selling. Experts agree that a deck offers 100% return in value. You will get back every cent spent building a deck when selling your home, and it will sell faster, because of the additional curb of appeal.




A Deck adds extra luxury to your outdoor area and enables you to utilize it to its full potential!

Compared to indoor entertainment spaces, decks are easy to clean and less costly to repair. So if you like to host parties for family and friends a deck is  the perfect choice!



Minneapolis Contractors Choice-MCC offers outdoor appliances to help you create an outdoor kitchen, complete with grill, sink, refrigerator, eating area and wine cooler.

We also have a selection of hot tubs and if you still want more, we can add a tiki bar for a fun party atmosphere.

Performance Decking Build to Last!

Minneapolis Contractors Choice- MCC and our network of select decking contractor’s use only the best brands with the latest in materials science innovation to protect your deck.

Our preferred brand is AZEK, because AZEK decks ate 100% Smarter than wood; they are designed and engineered to last beautifully.

AZEK Vintage Collection vs Pressure Treated Wood

AZEK capped polymer decks are engineered to last beautifully from installation throughout all the season in the life of your deck.  In the picture below, you can compare the effects on weather and wear of AZEK deck and wood over time.

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Nature’s Sleep meets each of your needs designing products for your health, and lifestyle with the highest quality materials at a low cost.

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 Minneapolis Contractors Choice offers The Lowest Prices and Free Delivery of you Nature’s Sleep Mattress.

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Quartz Countertops are like Diamonds, scratch and stain resistant!

Quartz Countertops are easier to Keep Germ Free, because it is an engineered product, it is non porous and a non porous surface won’t collect contaminants.

Quartz countertops are low maintenance and stain free.

The Premium Natural Quartz Collection has a new wave of on-trend colors to fit your lifestyle; just in time for your next kitchen or bath remodel.

We carry: Calacatta Taj, Carrara Caldia, Carrara Marmi, Midnight Majesty, Blanca Statuarietto, Blanca Arabescato, Calacatta Laza, Calacatta Pearl, two concrete-finish options: Babylon Gray and Midnight Majesty.

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If you need help choosing a style contact Us. 952.564.9118, whether you choose one style for the perimeter countertop and another for the island of your kitchen or use them as an statement for your bath this luxe quartz countertops collection has all you need for your remodel.

Minneapolis Contractor's Choice-MCC