Do you really need a new home or could your current home be remodeled in such a way as to make your life easier AND increase the market value of your investment?

Most of us consider a move when our current residence isn’t “working” for us in some way. The flow isn’t right, the rooms feel too small, there aren’t enough bathrooms or the family has just outgrown that narrow, galley kitchen. All that may be absolutely true, but it does not mean you have to move. It may just mean you need a good designer and a skillful builder who can transform your current home into the home of your dreams!

Start by imagining what you really want and need in a home. Visit some “inspiration” houses – new builds, fresh on the market and well-staged. What makes them “perfect” in your mind? Is it the open concept, the taller kitchen cabinets that offer so much more storage, or maybe the functional laundry space that invites you in to do that chore you hate? Make your list.

What are the features that, if available in your own house, would make living there so much easier, relaxing and even exciting? Once you know what you want and how your home needs to serve you, consider who can help design such renovations? Are you looking for a little remodeling or do you need to build an addition that doubles the footprint of the home? Are you adding a bathroom or a whole master bedroom with ensuite? Who you choose both to design and execute the work will depend on the nature and extent of the renovations. Don’t be bashful about asking to see other spaces the designer has designed or homes that the builder has remodeled! Ask about their work-style and don’t be afraid to ask for references so
you can talk to other homeowners about their experiences.

If you decide to stay instead of moving, because you’re convinced your current home can also be your forever home, don’t settle, especially for things that matter to you! If mixed metals in the kitchen is important to you, say so! If shiplap on the wall is an essential feature for you, say so! And above all, if there are colors or styles you absolutely despise – SAY SO! Even the best designer cannot read your mind, so conveying in simple language that pink is not your color or wallpaper is not for you, is essential if the finished product is to become a home that moves and delights you, as it should!

Sometimes you come to realize that home is as much about the neighborhood you love, the friends you’ve made, the community you’ve built and the schools you’ve supported as it is the bricks-and-mortar or the address you call home. If that sense of “place” tugs at your heart and makes you think “we should stay” – don’t dismiss the feeling. Consider the potential joys of staying and transforming your current home into one you’ll love for years and years to come!

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