When you think about renovating your home, you logically have to consider how the changes will improve the way you live by enhancing flow, making it easier to access the things you use every day or simpler to move about the house unimpeded.

What would make your life easier? Maybe it is a mudroom where family members can unburden themselves of coats and boots, backpacks and scarves – and where you can organize for the next departure so that everything and everyone moves smoothly.

Maybe it’s a kitchen island that could transform your sense of order in the heart of your home – a space where everyone can gather and where food and function mingle for simpler family dinners. Or do you need to create a spa-like feel in your master bathroom, making it a private get-away, not just the room where you shower?

Consider where life is most frustrating for you in your home; what would you change? What changes would transform the way you live making your life simpler, easier, more streamlined, giving you more time for the things and people who count? Now is the time to make those resolutions and to give yourself the gift of simplicity, of storage, of breathing and moving space that only a well-planned renovation can achieve.

What will your life look and feel like when your home serves you in every way possible? What will you accomplish when moving through your life and your space becomes easy, accessible and simply a joy?

These may be the kinds of New Year’s resolutions you have only dreamed about, but they can make 2020 and many years beyond into the best years of your life, simply because you renovated your home!