Minneapolis Contractors Choice – MCC is proud to represent The Best Luxury Decking product in the market. Zuri Decking!


Where Can you use Zuri Premium Decking Products?

Zuri Luxury Decking Products can be used in any space to make a Statement.

Searching for a Low Maintenance Decking?

Zuri is:

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Compare Composite Decking vs Zuri Deck


Zuri Decking is not only the most beautiful outdoor flooring on the market, but you can keep it looking like new with minimal cleaning, unlike with other products like composite decking or decks made with woods; like pressure treated pine, cedar, tropical hardwoods or redwood.

Pros of Wood: Authenticity

Price: About $200 to $1200 or more per square feet

Cons of Wood: Hardwoods and exotic woods are expensive and will change colors, scratch and crack with the effects of weather and time.

Pros of Composite Decking: Composite decks, also know as wood-polymer composites, wood alternatives or synthetic decking come in many different colors that look like wood without the need to stain. Composite decks are made of plastic and wood fiber. A big Pro of Composite Decking Material is the fact that it is an environmentally friendly lumber alternative that combines wood fiber and plastic.

Cons of Composite Decks: Some composite decks are less ressitant to slips, easy to scratch and the wood fibers are easily stained by grease, food or the weather, furthermore, most composite decks don’t really look like wood.


Unlike other brands, Zuri doesn’t change products or colors every year.  Zuri Decking has only 5  beautiful color options; Chesnut, Walnut, Pecan, Brazilia and Weathered Gray, with only 3 profiles; Grooved Board, Square Board and Fascia. This means you will always be able to replace or make additions to your decking without the concern to have your product discontinued.

The fact that the color of Zuri Decking will not change or fade with the effects of weather and time, and it will not scratch, secures that you will be enjoying a perfect deck for years to come!





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Quality alone is not enough…

Minneapolis Contractors Choice-MCC Offers Modern, Transitional and Traditional Designs by Butler’s


Butler Specialty Company is passionate about Design. Driven to produce The Brightest Spot In Your Room.

Fall in Love All Over Again!

Accent Chairs

Console, Sofas and Tables


Serving Carts-Tables



 Desks & Secretaries

Pedestals & Planters




Chests Cabinets

Entertainment Centers

Magazine Baskets

Umbrella Stands

Blanket Quilt Racks

Step Stools

Costumers Halltrees

Chests Cabinets




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Quartz Countertops are like Diamonds, scratch and stain resistant!

Quartz Countertops are easier to Keep Germ Free, because it is an engineered product, it is non porous and a non porous surface won’t collect contaminants.

Quartz countertops are low maintenance and stain free.

The Premium Natural Quartz Collection has a new wave of on-trend colors to fit your lifestyle; just in time for your next kitchen or bath remodel.

We carry: Calacatta Taj, Carrara Caldia, Carrara Marmi, Midnight Majesty, Blanca Statuarietto, Blanca Arabescato, Calacatta Laza, Calacatta Pearl, two concrete-finish options: Babylon Gray and Midnight Majesty.

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If you need help choosing a style contact Us. 952.564.9118, whether you choose one style for the perimeter countertop and another for the island of your kitchen or use them as an statement for your bath this luxe quartz countertops collection has all you need for your remodel.

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Minneapolis Contractors Choice – MCC

Carry Appliances from Selected Brands at The Lowest Prices.

Viking, Uline, Monogram, GE Profile, GE Cafe, Miele, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Marvel, Scotsman, Summit, Zephr, Bosch, Thermador, Water Doctors, VentAhood, and More…

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FIELDSTONE CABINETRY with over 900,000 combinations of colors, wood types and door styles provides the choices you need to express your style.



Fieldstone Cabinetry spends time researching trends and developing new doors, colors and accessories to set the pace for today’s home interiors. Inset Cabinetry is a time honored design. Craftsmen generations ago created fine inset cabinetry for their homes and select clients. Today, you can have the clean, distinctive lines of inset cabinetry, built with quality Fieldstone Cabinetry Construction.

Take your home to a whole new level with Fieldstone Cabinetry. Contact Us for special promotions and the new designs.

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The World’s best-selling underfloor heating brand- Warmup!

Warmup electric floors heating system use lower temperature than standard radiators or baseboards, hence Warmup heating system will reduce your heating cost and will provide you with significantly higher levels of comfort. You will not need to heat the entire house, Warmup will allow you to heat only the areas you will be using and the heat source will spread throughout the floor, evenly.

There are no heat vents, no ducts, no mechanical room, nor pipes. Warmup gives you complete freedom of design when remodeling or building your home.

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Warmup heats the whole room, from the floor up

Tailored Temperature Control

The 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat is part of a complete range of proprietary controls designed by Warmup. The 4iE is the only device specifically made to run and monitor electric floor heating systems. Request information about 4iE Smart Wifi Thermostat for heated floors and towel warmers.

Use Warmup and reduce the spread of airborne illnesses, because there will be no fans blowing allergens in your home.

There are also no hot low-level surfaces or hard metal edges, as with radiators, making the system child-friendly.

Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice is proud to offer you the lowest prices on floor heating system products.


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Abe Kaplan mastered high-end mattress making at the prestigious Heals of London, a 300 year old manufacturer of mattresses of England’s Royal Family and other dignitaries during the 1930’s to the mid 1940’s. In 1946, Kaplan set out for America settling in Los Angeles where Kaplan’s mattress business began to blossom.

The Healthy Mattress

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For the nearly four decades that Abe and his partner Steve owned Royal- Pedic they manufactured  mattresses for innumerable clients, including an endless list of film celebrities, and six U.S. presidents, including John F. Kennedy, who insisted on Royal-Pedic mattresses wherever he traveled.

In 1984, Royal-Pedic was purchased by the Kelemen family, who to this day, continue the tradition of high standards of hand crafted quality and use of the finest natural materials in mattress.

Royal Pedic has expanded it’s offering of mattresses to include natural latex mattresses, pillowtop mattresses, pillowtop pads and more products. Customers have a variety of comfort levels and preferences to choose from.

Ronal Reagan’s favorite was a custom (84″x84″) size that has since been requested by many. Although the largest mattress Royal Pedic ever made was for the legendary basketball star, Wilt Chamberlain. It was the Royal- Pedic all cotton mattress in a 10″long 10″ long! It took 8 men to deliver the mattress.

Royal Pedic is absolutely one of the finest mattresses you can own.

Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice is proud to offer you, Royal-Pedic at the best price!

For more information Call 952.564.9118 or

Visit Us at 2100 W 98th St, Bloomington, MN 55431

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Shaw Flooring offers products for any lifestyle; pets, kids and high traffic. Timeless Hardwood, Wooden Textures, Stone, Laminate, Vinyl, Ceramic.  Shaw is a leading commercial carpet and commercial hardwood provider for retail, commercial, and Goverment sectors.

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Quartz Countertops at lowest prices without compromising the quality of the quartz or our services. 

Engineered stone or as most providers called Quartz Countertops are easier to Keep Germ Free.

The fact that quartz is an engineered product, it is non-porous. Granite slate and other natural stones do have pores. Hence they wick up liquid, and can stain if not cared properly. Furthermore those pores and capillaries also harbor germs such as bacteria and viruses. Quartz Countertops wont’t collect those contaminants, and germs can be washed off with milder cleansers. If you are looking for a product easy to maintain clean and germ free,  Quartz Countertops are your best choice.

Quartz countertops are manufactured from crushed quartz that is mixed with pigment for coloration and resin as a binder. The Quartz content is typically 92% to 94%.

Quartz is scratch resistant, it has twice the strength of the granite and it doesn’t need sealing.

We carry a wide color selection and we offer the best prices without sacrificing the quality of our product of service.

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FIELDSTONE CABINETRY with over 900,000 combinations of colors, wood types and door styles provides the choices you need to express your style.



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How to measure your kitchen for the MCC Cabinets


  1. Begin by measuring the room wall-to-wall. (You will be recording all measurements in INCHES. (EX: 98″, not 8′ 2″)
  2. Make a rough drawing of the shape of the room. Represent each wall, door, window and any protrusions or recessed areas. This plan does NOT need to be ‘to scale’.
  3. Measure each wall section and record on the drawing. (A wall section is from one corner to a door way or window.) Measure each window and door and record. NOTE: Measure Windows and doors from outside edge to outside edge of casing or trim.
  4. Add up all dimensions on each wall and verify that the total is equal to the total wall dimension listed on the chart. (If not, re-measure!)
  5. Locate the centerline of the sink, by measuring from one corner of the wall. Record this dimension on your rough drawing.
  6. Measure from floor to ceiling at several locations. Record the smallest dimension in the body of the rough plan. (For vaulted ceilings, record smallest dimension at the point it occurs on the floor plan and record the greatest dimension at the point it occurs on the floor plan.)
  7. If your kitchen has soffits (also known as bulkheads), measure their height and depth. Using a red pencil, indicate soffit location with dotted line. Record dimensions. (If you plan to remove or replace soffits, skip this step.)
  8. Using a symbol, indicate location of each electrical outlet, switch or light fixture. Indicate the height from the floor and distance to nearest corner.


We will provide an estimate in max 24 hours.

We will deliver in12th or 14th business days after placing the order.


Contact Us

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Emtek is dedicated to helping bring your personal style to life. Each order is custom assembled i in their Southern Carolina facility. There is no predetermined combination of knobs,levers, rosettes, and finishes. You can mix and match according to your taste.


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