Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice understands the importance of sleep.

The quality of your sleep isn’t solely dependent on length, but your dreams are only as good as the foundation supporting them. We mean this literary.

Our newest mattresses are designed for support and comfort with signature Italian foam and AirPod technology.

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Quality sleep helps reduce stress, improves memory, lowers blood pressure, strengthens immune system and maintains a healthy metabolism. Ultimately, better sleep puts you in a better mood.

Do you need a better reason for a Conforma mattress? Pair it with our bio-ceramic Ceramo pillows, which you can read more about here.

“Bio ceramic gel has many beneficial effects to the body. In addition to the cooling effect the pillow provides, bio ceramics provide potential improvement in blood oxygen levels, blood circulation, and reduced joint inflammation. All of which effectively promote vitality, muscle relaxation and reduction of stress and fatigue.”

Our new mattress and pillow technology will change your sleep forever. Don’t you know once you go bio-ceramic, there’s no going back?

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