Homeowners choose to spend a large amounts of time and money on remodeling for various reasons: increase property value, improve function, enhance appearance, ect.

When we asked our own clients, we were surprised to discover another reason: to impress friends and family. It’s not going to be someone’s first confession for redecorating or improving their home, but isn’t vanity a big part of life? What’s wrong with wanting our friends and family to enjoy our home as much as we do, especially for homeowners whom enjoy hosting dinners and birthday parties.

The best way to get others to appreciate your style is to tryst your own taste. Research the latest kitchen design trends but don’t let the web consume you – leaving room for creativity will ensure that no other kitchen out there will look exactly like yours.

MCC semi-custom cabinetry is made to match any style or theme, from an eclectic barn-style kitchen to a fancy penthouse on Fifth Avenue. There is a carefully curated selection of styles and colors to embrace diversity but not erase the perks of exclusivity.

“I absolutely have no shame admitting that in my dream home, the most important room is my closet. I loved using the MCC Deluxe White Shaker in a more personal room, as opposed to the kitchen. It provides the amazing function and look I wanted. Don’t limit cabinetry to just the kitchen!” -Elga M. in Wayzatta, Minnesota

Our client Elga embraced the chicness of uniformity, choosing an all-white aesthetic. This modern styles seems to sustain timelessness without becoming repetitive, especially if you manipulate the design of the room to still have originality.

Complimenting the cabinetry with the countertop will bring this effect to maximum level.

This Daltile Chipped Ice style will still empower the minimalism without following the rules of complete uniformity. This is for the rebel in you. Quartz is MCC’s top recommendation for countertop, but Granite is still another great choice, especially if you’re on a tighter budget. The Chipped Ice is Quartz comes in a darker shade. The low maintenance and durability of all our Geo Flecks countertops make them perfect for residential and commercial use.

“I like the immediate contrast that the countertop and cabinetry has when guests first view my kitchen. It’s powerful and bold and completely rock and roll.” -Roseanne B. in Edina, Minnesota

Roseanne in Edina chose an island cabinetry style that would serve as the Devil’s Advocate of the room.

Another creative way of making a bold contrast is with a kitchen backsplash that is a different style from the cabinetry and countertop.

Of course, Daltile offers a selection of backsplashes but one of our favorite design ideas is making a double backsplash effect as seen below with the urban metal on a textured wall.

There are many affordable options, plus more lucrative and distinguished designs for those seeking something less traditional.

‘The function of the room is the most and the kitchen cabinetry is important to me. I put my trust in my designer to make it look nice. I just asked for a lot of storage!” -Rob L. in Lyndale, Minnesota.

Working with a designer is nothing to be ashamed about. The job of a designer is more about putting a room together than assigning your own personal style. Our MCC team will work with you to make sure that the room reflects all your needs and likings. Our client Rob wanted his home in Lyndale to offer a lot of storage and counter space, so we created a design that offered plenty without it becoming overwhelming. Symmetry is an important focus to creating balance.