One of the best ways to refresh the look of your home and bring it back to life is with a fresh coat of paint. Changing the color will also make it a brand new space.

Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice loves doing online tutorials and providing advice for Twin Cities locals that love a DIY project; however, painting a room inside the house is one thing. When it comes to the exterior, this requires a lot more work and calculation, as well as experience to avoid accidents.

There a variety of reasons why you might decide it’s time to paint your home.

From obvious signs of chipped, cracked and peeling, to wanting a completely new look. Also, if you’re planning on selling or renting, this will welcome potential buyers and renters to a property that will feel brand new.

Deciding on a color requires some thought. Our partner Sherwin Williams offers a beautiful palette of colors in different shades. Typically, this isn’t the best time to “try something new,” as it will be costly if it’s not to your liking. We advise sticking with neutral tones, and you can schedule a consultation with one of our designers to find the perfect color that will compliment the architecture and style of your home.

Considering the interior of your home is important, as well. Is there a specific color scheme? Do you want to create contrast? As mentioned before, if it’s for renters or buyers, it’s more beneficial to play it safe. For homeowners doing it for themselves, choosing strong colors, such as burgundy, can give the house personality. Though since you will be living there, you have the freedom to follow your personal taste and do something bold.

Take a walk throughout your neighborhood for inspiration, or drive around to surrounding neighborhoods to get different ideas, as sometimes a suburb can have a lot of monotony within itself.

If you’re wondering how to approach picking a color for your interior, read some tips from our friends at Forbes.

Spring, summer and fall are the best times for exterior painting projects. We don’t advice hiring anyone doing the winter in Minneapolis, as it’s hard to keep a steady hand in freezing temperatures. Also, this might increase the price, depending on who you use.

As far as who you hire to do the job, make sure they do each of the following:

  • Your painter should prepare the surface by washing and scrubbing to remove dirt and loose paint that is cracked and peeling.
  • They should sand, patch, and fill any cracks.
  • They should repair or replace wood that has suffered water damaged or beginning to demonstrate signs of rot.
  • They should check the weather forecast and plan to paint in dry, mild weather conditions. With technology, weather should not come as a surprise, and this will ensure you maintain on schedule.
  • They should use a primer as the base coat for a smoother finish.

Do you have more questions? Speak with one of our home experts, or book one of our talented painters by calling +1 952-564-9118