2019 was filled with many classic home trends maintaining their reign, and new ones, such as blue cabinetry, making a surprise appearance.

To end the first month of the year, we asked some of our beloved Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice staff what their favorite home lifestyle trends of 2019 were, and what they predict will be popular in 2020.

Contractor Omar says that the MCC Deluxe White Shaker Cabinetry will always be a classic. “Every home owner is different with their own style, but the white shaker cabinetry is a classic, perfect in any home. It matches with almost all decor, and it is the style I chose for my own apartment in Bloomington.”

More than the classics, 2019 saw new trends in kitchen cabinetry appear.

Warehouse manager Carl says that he was surprise people foregoing custom cabinetry for semi-custom. “I always expected that those who could afford custom, would choose custom. A lot of our clients have realized that semi-custom cabinetry offers most measurements needed, and the quality is equally as durable, so why spend more? Maybe not a physical style trend, but buyers are being more budget conscious and doing more research.”

Sales Manager Jamie loves all the new construction homes in Edina and Wayzata. “The biggest trend is not modern or keeping with tradition, but an eclectic mix of styles. The recent homes we have remodeled in those neighborhoods are a mix of styles, colors and material. Warmup flooring is also one of my favorite products MCC offers. The heated flooring system is truly life-changing during the Minnesota winter. Maybe not so much style, but I think comfort is equally important. Plus, it’s compatible with most popular flooring, like luxury vinyl or tile.”

Sales Associate Moises likes columns under countertops. “It brings so much class to any space, and I love the combining a classic white style column with a colorful countertop. Geometric tile styles are also breathtaking in the bathroom and very popular in the past year, and I think will continue into 2020.”

Last but not least, CEO Leena loves the biggest style change of all, homeowners and contractors are trusting more in their own style than following fleeting trends and what’s seen on magazines, like Architectural Digest. “It’s great for style inspiration, but my advice is to always choose what you love. Personal taste always outlasts trends. Also, I love the quarts countertops styles and variations from our partners at MSI.”