Kitchen islands may be more popular than ever. They are so functional, but they can do so much more than hold your pots and pans. In a kitchen, there’s really no better way to make a statement and maximize counter and storage space. Let Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice – MCC, help you build something useful and beautiful.

When remodeling or building your kitchen island, do more than just create a storage space or a sitting area. Consider a microwave, a cook top or a sink, or both if, your island is big enough. Think of how the space around the island could be freed-up by utilizing the island for some of your daily activities! Think of the improved traffic flow around the kitchen, and how much more you could utilize the counter tops and cabinets around the perimeter of the kitchen. A good island can make the whole kitchen better! (We do not recommend to install a cooktop on the island if you have small children for safety reasons.)

As you think of additional uses for your island, like a place for the kids to do homework or to get the kids to help you cook dinner, we can help you maximize its storage space too. Talk to our design team and we’ll create Form and Function! Our custom cabinets can really do it all for you. Minneapolis Contractors Choice-MCC  will give you the option of additional pull out shelves, drawers, and cabinets for recycling bins.

Some other ideas and trends happening with kitchen islands:

1. Waterfall countertops. These are as they sound: where the countertop flows along the sides of the island. You can accomplish this with a variety of countertop materials: natural stone, quartz, wood, concrete…just about anything!

2. More and more people are seeing their kitchen island as a piece of furniture. You can have something custom built, or you can now find pre-crafted pieces. You can match other pieces of furniture from your surrounding kitchen or even dining room things. You can create any look you’d like, and still be able to accomplish functionality and storage. And don’t forget electrical outlets, charging stations, and accommodations for trash and recycling.

3. Fashion. Make your kitchen island an attention-grabber! Utilize colors, contrast, and feel free to use multiple materials too! The world of remodeling and redecorating has changed, and at Minneapolis Contractors Choice- MCC we are leading the change. Talk to our design and product teams; we’ll create what you want, and we’ll do it affordably!