Cleaning your MCC Cabinets

Clean with a damp, clean, lint free cloth free of loose fibers.

Do not mix the cloth that you use on dishes or other areas of your home. It could contain detergents, fibers and residue that will harm your cabinets.

If necessary, use Murphy’s oil soap to clean your cabinets. Do not apply the cleaner directly on the cabinet, once you use clean the cabinet dry immediately.

If you need to remove grease, mix a solution with equal parts of white household vinegar and water. use a dampen cleaning cloth with the solution.

Remember that cabinets installed in certain climates will take on or lose moisture, causing swelling or shrinkage of the components. Doors will swell in humid environments, especially, but no limited to slab doors. Having air conditioning mitigate the risk of damage.

In winter where humidity is low use a humidifier to maintain moisture level in the environment. While shrinkage will not generally be a significant as potential swelling. Change due to climate issues are not quality issues and are not covered under our warranty.