As we all get older, we inevitably have decisions to make regarding our living situation. It’s rare that you hear about people looking forward to leaving their homes; rather, you hear how they simply can’t navigate their home, and must move.

If you desire to “age in place,” there are plenty of redecorating and redesign options that could allow you to stay in your home. Obviously, there are some situations that can’t be overcome, whether it be a medical situation or perhaps that a home would simply be too expensive to adapt. In general, however, a good share of current homes can be modified to allow people with changing physical requirements to stay put.

If you choose to stay where you are, and need to adapt your home to ensure comfort and safety, here are some considerations:

-Smart-home technology is available, and can go a long way to easing your anxiety and accessibility. Things available include:

-Sensors to keep track of your movements throughout your home, the security of your home, and of course energy efficiency;

-Everyone knows voice-activation technology these days. There are devices available that will allow you to turn on/off lights, electronics, change climate controls, secure your home, and even water your lawn!

-Safety is obviously a huge consideration. As much as we hate to think about it, falls around the home do happen. In fact, 60% of falls occur at home. As you redesign, think about:

-Installing handrails on both sides of the stairway;

-Conform surfaces: make the levels consistent going from inside to outside. If you have steps, install handrails, again on both sides. But, a gradual incline would be better than steps.

-Be aware of slipping and tripping potential inside the home as well as outside. Talk to us about floor coverings that will allow you to eliminate rugs and floor mats which can be dangerous. We’ll make your floor surfaces slip-resistant and durable as well as fashionable!

-Accessibility is increasingly important as we age. The standard door width is 30″; we might suggest changing them to 36″. Create enough clearance for a wheelchair to fit through a doorway. As you change the doorway, also consider changing door hardware. There are options that are safer than doorknobs, for example.

Bathroom accessibility is key. Tubs and showers tend to be difficult spots. Let us design something with bath safety AND fashionable considerations.

Along with the bathroom, the kitchen is of major importance. We have shelving that will make your life a lot easier, countertops that will be easier to deal with, and updating appliances to minimize risk is important as well.
We’ve got everything you need to update BOTH form AND function!

Aging is not a topic most people like to discuss. Our objective is to give you and your family options to stay in your home for as long as you desire. At Minneapolis Contractors Choice- MCC our design team can help you address your concerns. Let us work with you! And remember: no one beats our pricing, our quality, our design, or our installation!