How to Save Time, Money and Have a Stress

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Remodeling your home can be a stressful process, but the end results are worth it.

We want to share with you some tips to help you save money and more important, time, because the value of having more time has a bigger positive impact on happiness than having more money. Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice (MCC) understands that Time is The Most Valuable Commodity, and because of that reason we have created a One-Stop Shop for all your remodeling needs.

Before you start your remodeling project:

  1. Have a clear goal to be able to establish a project plan.
  2. Find a home remodeler with experience; make sure the remodeler knows how to listen, care and understand your needs. Ask the remodeler, if he will be able to answer your calls promptly and let you know if problems arise, and work with you to solve them. Communication with your contractor is essential.
  3. The home remodeler and you should set a schedule to avoid problems in the future. What times of day will they be working? Establish a daily work start and end time.
  4. Request a writing proposal that includes all details and reflects your wishes.
  5. How and who will access the property? When and how the cleanup be handled?
  6. Ask the contractor to make sure your property is properly covered, (furniture, walls and any area or property close to the job area.
  7. Flexibility is important from you and your contractor to be able to handle unexpected issues and move forward.
  8. Execute an agreement that covers all the bases. The agreement should include a timetable for the project, price, and payment schedule, detailed specs for all products and materials, insurance information, lien releases provisions for conflict resolutions, notice of your right under the Federal Trade Commission’s Cooling Off Rule (your right to cancel the contract within three days if it was signed someplace other than the remodeler’s place of business), and add details of issues such access to your home, cleanup and trash removal.
  9. Identify everyone who will have access to your property
  10. Upon completion of the work, ask for a lien waiver from the remodeler. If the remodeler hires subcontractors, it is their responsibility to see the subcontractors compensated. In order to protect yourself, ask for a written lien waiver when the work is finished.

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