The design of the kitchen is the most important preliminary step prior to starting your kitchen cabinetry remodel. The cabinetry will set the layout for the entire room, and, ultimately, the design will provide the foundation for the successful execution of every aspect of the project, from cabinetry and countertop to hardware and decorative details.

The first factor to keep in mind when approving a design is that bigger isn’t always better. A larger kitchen typically will mean more materials and labor, therefore, more expensive. You don’t want to embark on an ambitious project only to suffer the expenses in other areas of your life, or be forced to finish mediocrely.

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And, after all, planning your kitchen space for a remodel requires vision. It’s important to make sure style doesn’t trump functionality, but that they work hand-in-hand to facilitate your life while impressing guests. Is the dishwasher next to the sink? Do you have a trash base? If you have kids, perhaps, the stove should be so accessible on the island. If you don’t desire a lot of storage, modern kitchen layouts are designed without wall cabinetry to make space appear larger.

Considering details like this is the difference between a design created to sell and a design created for you to live. Planning your cabinetry layout should be a partnership and involve equal parts listening and speaking between the client and cabinetry provider/designer.

The installer will be an essential part of the team, but his job should not be to invent but to follow an expertly craft design. The design will only improve the quality of his work, and there will be no room for doubt, which is typically what leads to minor mistakes.

After your cabinetry is finished, do not shy away from using that same design with other providers (countertop, flooring, etc.) to help illustrate what you are looking for, but it is helpful for them to always provide some sort of design or plan of their own. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice is committed to providing a concierge approach to kitchen remodeling, and we will assign a project manager to handle every aspect of creating your beautiful dream kitchen.

Don’t forget that a permit is required for interior remodeling projects that change the interior structure of a single-family dwelling.

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