Have the kids gone off to college and left you with their “stuff”? Did you turn your son’s bedroom into your craft room after stuffing all his belongings into the closet? Did you make your daughter’s room into
a den where you watch football with your buddies, and don’t have to worry about vacuuming up the popcorn until the next game?

We all do that. But then, there’s the son or daughter who comes home looking for that special object of their affections and, of course, we have no idea where it is tucked away!! What to do? Well, not every keep-safe is really worth the high-priced real estate of a shelf in your home
– some things can safely sit in a box, well-labeled and put away until Jill or Johnny comes home to hunt for them. But where to put that box is the question worth asking!

Why not turn your stuffing space into genuine storage space so that it can accommodate the kids’ possessions now and other things once they’ve truly launched and are on their own and in their own space (please, send those possessions with them!!). We all need better organization in our homes. That’s true whether we’re trying to manage a home-office or simply combine two households (A room-mate? A new spouse?). Creating order is particularly beneficial on many levels. It can relieve your stress, relax your mind and of course, make finding your treasures that much easier, when you’re searching for them.

All it takes is a little thought, a tape measure and some ingenuity to imagine those closets and storage areas as freshly organized, orderly spaces where you can put things that matter (but aren’t needed now) away for the time when they are sought-after. This is a gift you can give yourself, and others in your life.

When everything has a “home” you don’t need everything within your sight-range. You can go right to the cupboard and open the door revealing exactly what you’re searching for – Grandma’s vase, perhaps? Storage space that’s well-organized and easy to access is truly the gift that keeps on giving – consider this gift for yourself this year, and make 2020 your happiest year on record!