You’re glad the work is finally underway and you’re past the stress of picking out your colors, your finishes and your appliances. You know your home is going to look amazing, and soon, so why are you so stressed out?

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The answer is very simple – construction crews are in your house, there is debris everywhere, you can’t find any of your every-day go-to cooking tools and if you have to take the kids out for fast food one
more time this week you’ll scream! On top of that, you agreed to just “live with it” rather than add the expense of staying somewhere else while the remodeling is underway. Yes, remodeling is stressful!
So what can you do about it? Three things come to mind. . .

  1. Ask for what you need! What would make you feel better about all this work going on in your house? Do you need the construction crew to keep an eye on the dog so he doesn’t slip out when they come and go? Do you need your kids to keep their outdoor clothes in the bins you’ve labeled for them? Do you need the builders to confine their activities to the floor under construction and not use the upstairs bathroom when you are home? What are the rules that will make you more comfortable? Ask for what you need!
  2. Build in some intentional stress relievers like excursions to local parks, play-dates for the kids (at the other family’s home!) time at the dog park. Do what you can to be away from the source of your stress – your house, being turned upside-down – and recognize that time away, doing something you know you (and the family) will enjoy, is a healthy choice to make.
  3. Breathe! Whether it is late at night and you’re stewing about whether your crew will meet the deadline or stressing about whether the wallpaper, when it arrives, will really match the paint color you picked for the crown molding – BREATHE! And do so in an intentional way – deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth and slightly longer on the exhale than the inhale. We don’t breathe like this often enough, but it is particularly effective when we need to

You can get through this. You’ll need a plan, a lot of patience, and a few relaxation tools that can go a
long way toward helping you see the end result as a goal worth waiting for!