What’s to love in a bathroom? It’s a bathroom after all. We wash-up, shower, shave, dry-off and stare into the mirror – what’s to love?
Lots of things! There are dozens of things that can make the bathroom a delightful place and make your bathroom chores a more fun experience.

And it all starts with style!

Once you’ve got your lay-out (and this may not be changing much) be sure to visualize not only how things will look, but how you’ll work in that space.

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Consider these questions:
 Will there be enough room to kneel by the tub and bathe the twins?
 Can three kids brush their teeth at that sink?
 Is everything I will need within reach? (think linen cabinet, medicine cabinet and storage)
 Will everyone have a place to hang their towel (so they’re not just in a heap on the floor)?
 Can I luxuriate in this space, and have a spa experience?
 Is there room for all my “stuff” or will the counter always look cluttered?

Combine style with function, and choose the layout that works best for you!

How you use this bathroom is crucial to making good decisions so you like the outcome and love the experience you’re creating for yourself and your family. Color also comes to mind. There are no rules, and even wallpaper is sturdy enough these days to have its place in your new-and-improved bathroom. Pick your wall color and then remember you’ll want complementary towels and accessories to make your bathroom shine!

Also, consider the floor. There are so many options to choose from – marble, granite, porcelain tile, hardwood, tile that looks like wood, bamboo, and even vinyl floors that aren’t like your mother’s linoleum anymore! Do you want that antique look with tiny-hexagonal tiles or big wide marble pieces
that feel extra-luxurious? Do you want patterned tiles that make your floor look like it’s sporting a European imported rug? Do you want the whole room to be a “wet-room” with a drain in the floor that accommodates wet places everywhere? That can be a fabulous option if you want your shower to essentially fill the whole space!

These tips can be applied to commercial bathroom remodeling. Think about the needs of your clientele and the style of the venue.

What’s important to you for function and what speaks to you for fabulous? A combination of these two things will ensure that you get not only the bathroom you need but a special retreat that meets the needs of everyone you care for and who use this special space in your home!