Whether you need em’ or not, family is always there; for support, to celebrate, to encourage, and, sometimes, to get on our nerves.

Especially during the holidays, it feels almost impossible to escape the anxiety that too much family time can cause. Because they are the people we love the most, it’s only natural that they are the ones we fight with so easily, especially when you add all the obligations and stress holidays can have, especially with so many relatives in one room.

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We’ve put together some of our best tips to help you deal with the relatives that can be a little overbearing during the holidays.

1.Separate Yourself

Though this is not a long-lasting solution, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be present for every moment. It is perfectly acceptable to take a nap, or a walk, or just some time to read or watch a show in your room. Maybe, even, go out for a drive. Alone time can really help decompress and keep an eye on the big picture: you love them!

2. Communicate

If there’s an uncle that is always picking on you, or a Grandmother that expects too much, it’s important to take them aside and express it in a non-combative manner. More often than not, they are not as aware that they are causing you stress.

3. Listen

Just like sometimes family might not be conscious about their annoyances, we don’t even realize we are the problem. If there is a strained relationship or a problem in the family, take time to listen and reflect and ask what you can personally do or change to make the situation better.

4. Have Fun

Don’t let the stress and obligations of the holidays ruin a good time. Let go of the picture-perfect idea in your head and have fun.