If you’re doing a bigger renovation, it’s important to consider how all the rooms will fit together in the end. Do give some thought to making the cabinetry throughout the house cohesive in design and function.  

Your cabinets, which are essentially the core furniture of several key spaces in your home, need to compliment, or at least work with, the other furnishings you intend to position in the home.  Not all of us can discard our furniture as we renovate our home. So, before you pick that perfectly mid-century modern back-splash with the white-shaker cabinet doors as the mainstay of your look, imagine what your curved and footed, French-legged dining set will look like amid a household built to mimic an episode of Mad Men. 

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Consider what furnishings your keeping, including Grandma’s crazy quilt and that afghan made of crocheted squares, and ask yourself, “If these belongings comfort me, would I really want to live with the minimalist design I’m contemplating?”  Perhaps a clean-modern country look is really more your style? And, it is perfectly acceptable to mix styles and be eclectic in your decision making, just do it with planning and intention, not the lack of it.

Cabinetry can have a broad reach of styles if you keep it simple.  Fewer flourishes, simpler knobs or handles, minimal grain if wood fits your design and clean edges can make your design reach to almost any sort of furnishings you choose for your surroundings.  Let your statement pieces be in the colors you choose, the counter-top surfaces and the light-fixtures, all of which are much easier to change-out over time than your wall-to-wall furniture we call cabinetry.

Internal decisions about your cabinets may be the most important choices you make. What do you need INSIDE your cabinets?  In the kitchen, is it all about reach (for those of us who are vertically challenged, this is always the case!) or convenience?  Is it about not having to nest the pots or hunt for their lids? Is it about a place to keep the crystal you love but seldom use without giving it the best real estate in the room by finding it a safe but out-of-your-way space at the top of a cabinet?  Only you know those distinctively-personal needs that you bring to your design. Don’t minimize their importance as you choose what will, and won’t, work for you!

In the bathrooms, does storage matter? Do you have lots of other places to keep your linens? If so, that’s great! But if the bathroom cabinetry has to hold everything you could possibly need to prepare for the day, then making the most of those spaces is critical.  Laying out all the items that might matter to you in the finished space may help you determine where it can all go, once the design is in play. Your space has to be your own. Personalizing the details can make living with the final choices so much more enjoyable!