Cabinetry is often thought of for the kitchen, but it can easily enhance and upgrade different rooms throughout the household.

From creating more storage space to style, there are plenty of benefits that come from finding the perfect set of cabinetry for each room. We’ve put together a list of tips to keep in mind when designing what cabinetry will work best for each room.

1. The Kitchen

The most obvious and popular place for cabinets, it would be difficult to imagine a kitchen without cabinetry. Choose the right quality and style can also increase the property of a home. Remember storage is a big component of any kitchen, so function should be considered before style. Though with our famous line of MCC Semi-Custom cabinetry, you can have it all.

2. The Bathroom

Known as the vanity, this is specialized “cabinets” made perfectly for the bathroom sink. Unlike the kitchen, you typically just have one, so you have to say more with less. We suggest choosing granite or marble tops, which are more durable and will class up the look of any bathroom.

3. The Living Room

Not typically considered when shopping for cabinetry, another word could be the entertainment space. If you plan on having a TV, you can customize open shelves and a base for it, giving you more style and space. You can also consider cabinetry to be shelves or where you keep the dining room china. Enhance this with glass windows to show off your silverware and decorations. While you’re at it, check out some of the beautiful dining products we carry from Lenox.

4. The Closet

The most personal room in the house, your beloved clothing and personal items deserve their own quality housing. Use a mix of drawers and open shelves, plus customize it with bars for all your jackets and longer pieces. We can customize the perfect closet for you.