When you look at your home’s furnishings, are you failing to see the designer look you’ve longed for? Most of us find ourselves with a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs, a collection of favorite family pieces, a few bad mistakes we made in our twenties and couch that’s both so comfortable and so outdated, we just don’t know what to do with it!

So, how do you make your furnishings compliment your home, work with the character of the house and create a sense of “wholeness” in the finished product you call home? Here are three strategies you can use to pull a finished look together that reflects the look you love and the treasures you possess.

 Consider One Consistent Color – even if your older furniture is of different woods (like oak, teak, walnut), and perhaps of various styles (like French Provincial, Early American, Mid-century Modern), painting mis-matched pieces a consistent color can make them more compatible
when they have to share a space. Your eye will be drawn to the (new) similarity they share – their color – rather than to the differences that set each piece apart!

 Gather some Groupings – as you look around your rooms, see how your furnishings can be set up in small, but conversational, groupings. Two chairs and a well-selected table, a hall-console and a big ornate mirror, two loveseats separated by an area rug – while not everything in the
room needs to “match” the items in the grouping can complement each other. Your eye will notice each grouping as its own little “whole” and feel the welcoming that the larger space provides because of it!

 Find a Theme You Love – this can be as simple as selecting a favorite fabric that pulls your room together! You might reupholster a favorite old sofa and buy enough extra fabric to make matching throw-pillows for the chairs in the corner, or enough yardage for a runner on the dining table – creating a sense of cohesiveness without making things to “matchy-matchy”!

And when you look around your home, you’ll want to notice the cabinetry and finishes that give the house its warmth and character. What makes YOUR home stand out? Maybe it is crown molding or cabinets with original glass doors. Perhaps it is open shelving where you can display your special collection or the wall of built-in cabinets that not only make your big TV the perfect centerpiece but also conceal all the toys your kids want to play with every day. Capitalize on exactly what makes YOUR home special and, when you can, carry that theme throughout the space.

Maybe you can recreate that crown molding you love in the bedroom in the living room as well. Or, enlarge the look of plain windows with richer, wider woodwork that accentuates the whole wall. And finally, consider matching all the built-in cabinets throughout the home, in kitchen and baths, for that finished, pulled-together and well-planned space of your dreams!