Halloween in the Twin Cities is anything but boring. There’s plenty to do and see, and a lot of candy to eat!

We don’t believe adults have to refrain from joining in the Halloween fun. We’ve put together some of our favorite celebration ideas to experience this upcoming holiday! Put on your best costume and get ready for sweet fun.

1. Haunted House

Older and wiser doesn’t mean no longer enjoy the thrill of a good scare. Check out one of the many amazing haunted houses throughout the city. One of our favorites is Scream Town.

2. Binge Watch the Classics

If haunted houses are too interactive, enjoy watching all the Halloween classics. Cinemas will be playing the trending horror movies, or you can Netflix and Scare with a loved one.

3. 300 Clifton Candlelight Tour 

Learn the history of Clifton Avenue and possibly meet the ghost of one of the Carpenter family’s chambermaids, Gertrude. The 300 Clifton Candlelight Tour will be an exciting addition to your Halloween festivities.

4. Halloween Party

Halloween is an all-weekend party to be dressed up as your favorite fantasy and real life personalities. Check out all the parties going on this year, here!

5. Trick or Treat

Last but not least, don’t forget to snatch a few (a lot) of treats!