You finally have that gorgeous kitchen that you have always dreamed of, solid wood cabinetry, perhaps, in Maple or Alder, or that perfect Cherry that you saw in Architectural Digest once; however, the work doesn’t stop here.

In order to maintain your fabulous new kitchen cabinetry looking, well, fabulous, it’s important to keep a couple everyday and longterm practices in mind. We’ve put together some tips on how to best take care for your kitchen cabinetry.

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1. Immediately Wipe Spills and Watermarks

Excessive and prolonged moisture is the kryptonite to any wood and finish. Though MCC cabinetry is resistant to moisture and durable for the entire family, unlike Superman, it isn’t bulletproof. Properly taking care of liquid accidents as they occur is the best way to maintain your beautiful cabinetry looking new.

2. Avoid Cleaning with Harsh Chemicals

Our natural, solid wood deserves organic cleaning products. Scouring pads, harsh chemicals, powdered and ammonia-based can harm your cabinetry and wear down its finish. Do some research Sometimes all that’s needed is a cloth dampened with warm water.

3. Control Humidity and Moisture

Just like humans, wood has a natural reaction to changes in temperature. Just like people sweat or get goosebumps, wood expands and and shrinks depending on the change. In low humidity it can shrink, while in high humidity it can expand. Keeping your cabinetry in a controlled environment will refrain this phenomenon from happening. Other side effects include: white lining of panels, warping, open joints and paint cracking / lifting.

4. Invest in Quality

There are different types of cabinetry out there, so it’s important to make sure that you’re purchasing a product made to last. Our luxury lines of custom and semi-custom, solid wood cabinetry have been expertly crafted to combine function with style, and made durable for the years to come. Who says quality has to be expensive?