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Why Choose MCC?

No membership fees, Wholesale Prices on Best Brands, First Class Service.

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Lowest Prices Guaranteed on Services & Products

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Free Design with the Purchase of our Products or Services

Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice is a one stop shop- full-service company of Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare Remodeling and Custom Building Homes.

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To begin with our full remodeling or custom building service  we will send a representative to sit down with you for an initial design consultation so we can better understand your needs and expectations according to your space and budget. 

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Free Estimates

Our initial consultation has no cost. After our initial visit we will provide you with an assessment and recommendation for your approval. Once approved, we will assign a project manager who will oversee your project from beginning to end. The project manager will be your point of contact for any of your questions or concern.
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Loyalty Program

Ask for our loyalty program and promotional codes.
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Custom Building Products & Services

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Referral Program
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