The current situation is difficult for many families, and social distancing has become the new normal due to COVID-19. However, When the day comes that we can gather again, imagine the pleasures of inviting friends over this upcoming summer. 

If you love hosting as much as we do, you might be using all this free time home planning changes and brainstorming home remodeling projects to make the summer parties and events extra special. 

Step into this wonderland outside deck in Wayzatta, Minnesota.

The outdoor area first comes to mind. A spectacular deck will go a long way when hosting during the summer, especially in Minnesota, where we do not take warm weather for granted! 

While the priority should be building an outdoor deck that fits your budget and extends outdoor life throughout the seasons and weather, it will only improve function if the design fits your hosting needs. While late spring to mid-fall is the most comfortable time to build or renovate, most deck builders work year-round. We recommend starting now, which will be perfect for the summer when reunions will be happening throughout the Twin Cities. Doing an outside project will also be beneficial since it will not disturb you working from home.

If you’re planning on inviting friends and family over often this summer, the kitchen cabinetry is another game-changer to consider. The kitchen is the most common space people will venture to, and the cabinetry dictates the style of the room. If you replace old cabinets and kitchen appliances, it will completely modernize the room and impress guests. It also doesn’t require changing plumbing or electrical, which simplifies the entire project. Replacing kitchen cabinetry can typically be finished within a week timeframe, so it will also not be a huge disturbance in your lifestyle. MCC offers a variety of semi-custom and custom styles to perfectly compliment any kitchen design.

Great home remodeling projects to do in your home to prepare for the summer in Minneapolis.
Our client in Bloomington, Minnesota loved the new popular trend of choosing a different cabinetry style for the kitchen island. Our Grey Ash Shaker creates an impressive contrast with our Deluxe White Shaker.

If you’re searching to tackle a project during this free time that doesn’t require outside intrusion, creating a new look from existing home decor is another great option. BY simply rearranging the furniture and items in your house, it can completely alter the look of your home. Just remember how exciting it used to be changing around the items in your room as a kid. This type of project will have the same effect, and can bring a fun and exciting activity for your family without any cost. 

Of course, you can purchase new furniture, home decor and art online if you really want to completely change the style of your home. Our favorite room to redecorate is the living room. The bathroom is great if you want to tackle a smaller space that can be completely revamped with a few changes. 
Another home lifestyle project that can breathe new life into your home is painting the exterior, either adding a fresh coat of paint or creating a new look. Doing the exterior will also keep the labor outside, so it will not intrude in your daily life with your family. 

We use Sherwin Williams paint and have a variety of colors and shades to fit exactly what you’re looking for.

Rearranging furniture and home decorations is a great way of changing the look of your home without any costs!

If you have questions regarding budget, you can read about the costs of popular home remodeling projects, here! Or contact one of our experts at 952-564-9118!