Remodeling a space provides a hight re- sale return on investment.

Restoration, Remodel and Renovate are words used switchable when it comes to interior design, contracting and real estate. 

Understanding the meaning of each term is important to ensure you choose the professional for your residential or commercial project which will ensure your standards are met.

The difference between restoration and renovation are clear when you think about restoring a 1930s house or building vs renovating it. If you want to restore the space you will use period materials, because restoration will always means you will restore back to the time when the house was first constructed or you will choose an important period in the house history and you will restore your space back to that time period.

Renovating a home will include new things.

If you request a remodel means that you will modify the structure of the space and your project will need different permits and professionals, most likely you will need an architect, general contractor, electrician, plumber, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning.) Normally a general contractor will manage your project, and it will take part of the stress and costly mistakes related with remodeling a home or business.

Kitchen and Bath remodel provides a high re- sale return on investment. MCC offers tailored services, floor to ceiling and start to finish project management services and products to renovate, remodel or build your space according to your needs and lifestyle.

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