When you think about remodeling, you think about summer, right?

Who wants construction people coming and going from your house in the dead of winter, hauling in all the slush and salt from outdoors, making messy, dirty puddles everywhere, and leaving you with the mess when each work-day is done? Who wants your door propped open when the outdoor temperatures are barely out of the teens? Who wants the pets slipping outside when the snow drifts are taller than your retriever? Who wants the energy bills that will inevitably come on top of the construction bills in the end – nobody, that’s who!

But winter can be an excellent time to do some indoor projects. Three great projects come to mind:

Upgrade your closet!

To accomplish this, much of the work will be YOURS not the contractor’s but it can be so great to trim down your cumbersome wardrobe to a closet full of things you love to touch and wear. Start by emptying the space entirely. Vacuum and dust thoroughly. Then go through the enormous pile of clothing, shoes, belts and accessories you’ve dumped onto the center of the bed.
Ask yourself three questions as you handle each piece:
a. Does it fit me?
b. Do I wear it?
c. Do I love it (or how it makes me feel)?

If it doesn’t fit DON’T give it closet space. If you wear it regularly, ask yourself where it should “live” – where should it be placed so you can grab it and go whenever you like – no searching, no wondering if it
is deep in the laundry-pile. Finally, if you love it, it gets premier real-estate in the closet – if you don’t love it, it doesn’t deserve to simply take up space among the clothing you do love! Have bags or bins for you “toss” or “give” items. There may also need to be a bin for “storage” when it is a beloved item you just can’t wear now.

Then, look at all you’ve saved – that will tell you what kind of closet storage space you need. How many long pieces – if there aren’t many, your full-length closet may only be a foot or two wide. How many jackets, shirts, blouses? That will determine the “half-length” space which can permit you to have both a top and a lower rod to double the hanging space. How many “foldables” like sweaters or sweatshirts – these things may keep better on shelves than on hangers. Once you’ve got an assessment of each kind of space you need, a closet-designer can help you map out your available closet space and set you up for the installation of your dreams.
Who wouldn’t want to launch the New Year (and yes, in the dead of winter) with a fabulous new closet design, the ability to find everything you love to wear and see all the beautiful combinations you can create because your closet is organized and designed to serve your needs!

This is a GREAT winter make-over project!