Do you have mystery spaces? Rooms or closets, bins or whole areas of your home where you have no idea what may be hidden there? Do you, like most people, put things away hoping to “deal with” them on another, more convenient day, only to discover them lurking in a hidden space when you least expect to find them?

A closet isn’t just for clothes or storage. One of the most helpful tips to organization and home cleanliness is having a closet for stuff that you use occasionally, or doesn’t quite have a designated space.

Maybe it is sports equipment that just doesn’t have a “home” unless it is in constant use. Maybe it is a project you really want to finish, if you ever get the time. Maybe it is a scrapbook or another family-memory-making endeavor that just got tucked away for another day. . .well maybe that day is now!?

What if your nooks and crannies where “stuff” gets tucked away could be organized and orderly? What if a closet system or even some shelving could make hidden space more visible? What if you could see what your hiding now and recognize it readily, making it easy to retrieve and pick up when you have time? Projects shouldn’t turn into problems; ambitions shouldn’t burden us with the conflict of “someday” hanging over our heads! If you can see it, find it, allocate some time to it, you can get it done!

That’s the real trick – to make your “tuck-away” space into visible, useful space that serves your needs and let’s you spot your intentions so that they don’t become forgotten wishes. You can do this! A modest renovation, adding some cabinets or organizing a closet or that void under the stairs, can be all that it takes to put you on the road to real productivity this year.

Consider where you’re hiding those projects you’d love to finish, those old treasures you’d really like to honor with a “home” of their own – then talk to your contractor and find a way to turn lost space (and lost opportunities) into new, safe, secure storage for the things you treasure and the plans you have for their best use!