Besides investing in cabinetry and storage space, maintaining your home organize with a peaceful ambiance requires actively practicing some productive techniques.

These tips will ensure that your home is always ready for a surprise guests.

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1. Eliminate It

Do you really need this? One of the most difficult questions to answer, because we don’t always like the answer. Truth is, it’s easy to form sentimental attachments to belongings that only take up space. A clean home will bring you more peace of mind than that decorative moose gifted by an ex.

2. Management

So you have only kept what you need or can’t imagine / refuse to live without. Now it’s time to sustain it. Categorizing spaces and allocating appropriate spaces to store what you don’t necessarily use often is key. Put what you use everyday in lower shelves and, maybe, the more decorative or miscellaneous objects on the ones higher to reach, for example.

3. Practicing Organization

Practice makes perfect. It might be instinct now to throw the keys on wherever they land or clothes on the floor. “I will pick it up later,” mentality should be changed to “Let me put it away now, so I don’t have to see it later.”