If only the fall season could last forever.

Sweater weather. Walks in the park. Halloween and Thanksgiving. Family and friends. Need we say more?

Now with fall approaching, it’s also time to start thinking about fun ways to decorate your home. We’ve put together some fun fall decor ideas that are effective and inexpensive!

1. Porch

Welcome the new fall breeze by personalizing your porch for the new season! Your entrance is likely to be viewed multiple times a day compared to decorating inside the house, so if you’re going to spend time and dedicating on any area, we advice starting with the porch first.

A lovely renovated porch ready to be beautifully decorated for fall! Check out how you can upgrade yours for the new season, here!
  • Instead of carving a pumpkin (that will eventually rot ), you can purchase decorative fixtures that you can reuse and save money on the next season!
  • Re-pot those brightly colored mums into a hollowed out pumpkin.
  • You can create fall into a fun family activity by using fallen leaves and other materials found around the house to create a “Happy Fall” sign.

2. Think Longterm

Invest in decor that can be easily mix n’ matched for the winter holiday. By avoiding being specific with every item to, say, Halloween or Thanksgiving, you can reuse it for the next holiday and just make it new by adding or subtracting.

3. Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, it is a great central area to decorate inside the house. Revitalize your usual accents with autumnal items like acorns, twine, dried branches, candles, leaves or wood pieces. Paired with candles, small pumpkins/gourds, and frames or signs, these items will give your home the perfect accessories for this season. (Don’t forget a warm blanket and some hot chocolate!)

4. Throw Pillows

An easy and effective way to celebrate the holidays without doing too much is switching out your throw pillows with more festive ones! Some of the most popular fall accents include burnt orange and wicker pieces.

5. Plants

Plants just make everything better. Celebrate the holidays by adding accessorizing your plants or adding some festively colored ones! Your home will liven with the air of nature.

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