When searching for the perfect cabinetry for your kitchen in Minnesota, research is essential in order to make the right choice for your home.

Each material comes with different pros and cons, including costs, finishes, styles, durability, ect. We’ve broken down four trendy kitchen cabinet materials popular today.

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1. Maple

Distinguished by its straight, tight grain, it is one of the leading materials for cabinetry in Minneapolis and across the States. It can be infused into both a traditional and contemporary residential design, and its durability makes it perfect for a household with children. Our famous MCC custom cabinets offer maple is a variety of options.

Our custom cabinetry will give your kitchen a whole new personality!

2. Oak

Relatively less expensive than maple, Oak cabinetry is still strong and durable. It offers a more coarse and natural texture, therefore typically preferred by homeowners looking for a more relaxed-looking alternative to other design styles.

3. Cherry

The classy material from your cabinetry options, Cherry is popular for its smooth, elegant appearance. It ages well just like wine, and is still durable for the wear-and-tear that comes from daily use. It will polish off your kitchen with a more serious tone.

4. Alder

A more affordable choice for remodeling on a tighter budget, Alder has gained popularity. Though lesser quality than previous options, it can be stained to resemble cherry, mahogany or walnut. It’s an excellent choice to keep cost lower but still sustain enough quality for daily use.