Building or remodeling your deck is an innovative and enjoyable way to expand your living room outdoors. Like all home remodeling projects, it’s important to do some research and source your contractor with informed questions and expectations.

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Here are four different factors to keep in mind when remodeling your deck in Minneapolis:

1. Know what options are available for decking material

From pressure-treated cedar and redwood to hardwoods, there is a variety of decking material choices to meet every client’s taste. Composite decking and other synthetic materials such as vinyl are also innovating the industry and coming into style. The type of material you choose will influence ambiance, cost, and maintenance. Check out different options with our friends at HGTV, here.

2. Need more space? Add Levels

Instead of building a larger deck, consider adding different levels. This will provide more a more stylish, cozier look than just a flat space or serve as a welcomed interruption to a long flight of stairs. This will multiply your outdoor living room space, and it will be more visually pleasing when hosting parties or setting up space for a smaller group.

3. Don’t forget to surround your deck with railing

Speaking of levels, take your deck to the next design level with gorgeous railings. You can choose to keep it traditional with wooden railings, but alternative materials include glass, metal, vinyl, composites, and cabling, Using an alternative to wood will modernize the space and completely enhance the visual appeal.

4. Consider different color options than brown

Along with the variety of materials, there is a diversity of colors to choose from for your deck, other than brown. There’s a selection of stains to choose from to perfectly complement your home. Choosing the right palette will make the difference between a deck that looks like it was a foreign space attached to your home and one that looks like it is a natural extension of it.