The satisfaction of our clients has always come first at Minneapolis Contractor’s Choice. With the current Coronavirus pandemic already affecting Minnesota, the protection and safety of our clients comes before all else.

We already have taken all the government precautions to fight against the spread of the virus, but this is to outline five measures all our employees and contractors are following to best protect you and your family, and vise versa.

Complete Sanitation Before and After Installation

With any kitchen or household remodeling project, MCC will make sure to sanitize the space before and after the project is completed. This will reduce the spread of germs and protect the homeowner and the contractor.

Taking Precautions with Our Employees and Clients

Any employee or contractor exhibiting the mildest of symptoms will be asked to stay home for an incubation period. Though we understand the coronavirus can show no symptoms in many of those afflicted, this will reduce the spread of germs, which are more easily spread when someone is visibly sick. Monitoring body temperature is also important.

Virtual Consultations

Not only are we offering free home consultations for those that want to avoid public places, we are offering virtual consultations to give you the leisure of feeling safe, especially for those with family members more vulnerable to the virus.

Flexible Installation Dates

If you want to take advantage of our sales but want to postpone installation date for the foreseeable future, You may place the order without specifying exact date. We ask for at least a one week installation notice when you decide to move forward with the project. MCC will be offer FREE expedited delivery to make this possible without adding another financial burden on our clients.

Staying Informed

The most important part is to be prepared but not to panic. Our staff is being updated daily and will keep our clients properly informed as the situation changes. It’s important to continue following Government protocol and take precaution without igniting unnecessary panic.

Read more information and find out what else you can do to protect yourself and reduce the spread, here!