Recently named the Who’s Who in Construction cover star in the Twin Cities, CEO of MCC Leena Heiman shares her top five tips for homeowners seeking to remodel or renovate their home. Home remodeling is an extensive and costly process, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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  1. Choose your installer before buying your cabinetry. This is essential to ensure the success of the project and who better to advice you on the project than the person who will executing it? (Not to mention has extensive experience. You can find both with MCC!
  2. Don’t start construction until you have all the materials required. Some like to get a head start, but this is where clients sometimes run into trouble. Sometimes there are delays with delivery, ect. and you can end up living in a construction site for a few days (or weeks), which can be avoided by properly preparing.
  3. Outline the sequence of tasks with your contractor, and understand it. This includes flooring, plumbing, electrical, cabinet install, countertops. We will work with you step-by-step throughout the whole process, in order to make sure the outcome matches your vision.
  4. Make sure all related parts and pieces are the correct measurement and fit together before gluing, cutting or screwing anything! This imperative to avoid wasting material or having to purchase more.
  5. Communicate with your contractor! Though they usually mean well, contractors don’t read minds. If you are unhappy with the speed of the project or the process, or the painting, ect. Let them know. This is not like buying clothes or ordering food. Remodeling is costly, and you will be living in it. Do not be afraid to speak up, because usually it is a simple misunderstanding that can be easily fixed.

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