When remodeling your home, you will have to put your trust in a contractor or contracting company.

They will be responsible for the outcome of your dream kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closet, ect. Its a costly investment but worth it when done properly. Avoid unexpected costs and a huge headache by making sure to ask prospective contractors these important questions.

Are you insured and licensed?

Every state/cities has different requirements that contractors must go through to be able to work legally. Additionally, its essential to make sure that your contract has workers’ compensation and liability insurance specifically for the type of job they perform. This will protect you and the contractor.

What is the projected timeline for completion?

Delays are common in construction, but it’s important to work with a contractor who can provide an accurate estimate of how long they will require to finish the project. A few days and a few weeks are a big difference!

Is this the final cost?

Unexpected costs is what often breaks the budget and puts homeowners in more debt than they were prepared for. It’s important to clarify the final cost before making payment / officially hiring someone.

Will you handle the permits and inspection?

This varies depending on the project, if required at all. But larger projects require certain steps. Save yourself a headache by working with someone willing to handle the paperwork for you. It will also help you avoid being fined later!

Do you have examples of previous work?

Don’t enter a project blindly and put the outcome of your home at risk. Make sure to view examples of previous work in order to ensure their skills matches your desired outcome. This is not an industry where you want to be someone’s first!