Hosting the turkey-day dinner this year? Wanting to spruce-up your home for the holiday? Here are five fabulous and festive ways to add the look of luxury to any home and, without much fuss or bother!

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Guilding A Grand Entryway

 Door decorations are wonderful but, consider the door itself – could a fresh coat of paint, some new hardware and a toe-kick make your aging entryway look suddenly shiny and new? Today’s freshest paint colors include many autumnal favorites: deep burgundy, an almost-orange ochre,
or even a deep sage green.
 Top off your newly painted door with a fresh wreath or spray of colorful leaves (real or artificial) and a bow that beacons your guest to enter and imagine the culinary gifts that await them!
 And, don’t forget the doormat – something as simple as a fresh and seasonal mat can let your guest know that you’ve anticipated their arrival and you’re eager for them to come in!

Making the Mantle Magnificent

 This might be your safest place for candles if you want to include them – placing them within glass chimneys or vases, even canning jars, can add illumination without the dripping mess to clean up later! If your fireplace is of the gas variety, consider adding sparkling embers or fire glass (not just any glass, this is a special material that will not melt or emit toxic chemicals) for eye-catching beauty. Be sure to check your owner’s manual before adding fireplace accessories such as these.

Tempting Your Guests to the Table

 Layer your table linens with both the tablecloth and place mats for a contrast of colors and textures (this can both protect an heirloom tablecloth and cover-up unsightly stains from holidays gone-by). Use napkin rings and place napkins on the plates when setting the table to give the illusion of more space at each place at the table. Napkin rings can double as place-cards if you add a tiny tag (perhaps in the shape and color of a leaf?) with each person’s name to indicate where you’d like them to sit. Rather than candles, that can drip and add both danger and grief to your clean-up efforts, consider the tiny and sparkly lights of mini-LED strings. They
can brighten any table décor and reduce the concerns that candles create.